Sunday, May 24, 2015

"You have a very narrow definition of what constitutes life" the Spirit said to me.

There are those people who have AHA moments. I tend to have Oh Shit moments. Those are when I realize what has been staring me in the face for years just kicked me in the shins.

Tesla said everything is vibration, frequency and energy. Scientists tell us that all matter is really vibrating energy moving in and out of the dimension we experience as being solid. They aren't sure where it goes when it disappears for those nanoseconds.

And the spirit said to me: “You have a very narrow definition of what constitutes life.”

Oh Shit, that poor monk they found and were going to cut up that all the Buddhists were saying was alive and had attained a very high state of meditation. He sure looked like a dead mummy to everyone but WE HAVE A VERY NARROW DEFINITION OF CONSTITUTES LIFE. He was alive at least until someone started cutting on him. He might have awoke. If you manage to transition in states once, you should be able to do it twice.

We have been so blind.

The Spirits have been telling us for thousands of years that death is nothing more than a transition in states. Anyone want to guess where all your energy goes during that nanoseond you blink out of this narrow definition of life? And when you die, you stop blinking out for that nanosecond and start blinking in for that nanosecond. You transition in states.

But far more than that revelation, are crystals really just dead matter or are they simply energy vibrating at a frequency lower than we consider life to exist, happily living their lives the way they exist in this dimension. Who knows what they really are in other dimensions.

What is mediation but slowing your mind down? It is in that state where you make contact with what seems to be a higher being or is it just the beings around you that you consider to be inanimate objects or even the earth itself.

What are sigils, symbols, sacred drawings and patterns but the physical representations of energy and thus are they the physical representations of beings not in this dimension but in the one we phase out to every few nanoseconds? Do I exist as a sigil in the other dimension? The Native Americans thought that a photograph stole their souls. Did it in fact contain pattern of their energy? Is that how radionics really works?

Perhaps the secret to communicating with what we think are gods, goddesses, higher beings, demons, djin, Faeries, elves, the deceased is just to become aware of where we are the moment we phase out of this dimension. This may well be what all the ghost apps and tape recorders left running are actually picking up. After all, is the computer actually a living creature? Many of us communicate and influence what are supposed to be machines with our minds, by becoming in synch with them and communicating what we want them to do. Is this more talking to a different kind of life form than telekinesis. Do my crystals work for me because I treat them like the living creatures they are?

We are energy. The entire Universe is energy. Everything is alive. Wow!