Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Introduction to Me.

I thought I would give you a little introduction to myself and others of similar beliefs you see on my page.
I am a Druid.
I am classified as a witch because I am capable of a variety of paranormal feats.
As a Druid, I neither embrace nor worship any God, god, Goddess or goddess or anything else. You may assume I am not subjugated to any supernatural being. I believe in a unifying principle or energy that exists in all matter throughout the universe. You could say Druids originated the Unified Field Theory.
This differs from Wicca and other pagan beliefs in that they embrace Gods and Goddesses as beings capable of independent thought and action. However, these beliefs do not subjugate the believers but rather place them in a relationship with a being they recognize as being more powerful than they currently are, perhaps more wiser and capable of being petitioned for a favor. Favors are always repaid.
I believe that these “beings” are energetic aggregates or 'thought forms' or archetypes that have been created through the centuries by people believing and hence putting energy into them. They behave in predictable manners and have predictable energetic capabilities that have been imbued in their structure through the centuries. They are like energy banks that deposits (belief and honor) are placed in and energies are withdrawn for specific actions. Or you could say they are like computer programs.
However the one thing all of us have in common is a ban on proselytizing. We do not seek members. We do not convert people. And we really do not ever allow anyone under 18 and in most cases 21 to join us unless their parents are members.
Ours is not a religion/philosophy that you can preform some ritual dunking, swear undying loyalty, accept any deity, get saved and join. You must study, in most Wiccan traditions for a year and day and in Druidic Traditions; years, before you gain admission. We have no use for blind followers. We have no ritual to save souls or take them. Your salvation is up to you and what occurs after death varies with tradition but you are guaranteed in all of them to reap what you have sown rather quickly. No one can help you and no deity is really interested.
In my tradition, you will be drawn to the energetic level of existence you have accumulated during your life and that can be a place you don't even want to visit. You will remain there until you master it and move to the next level or sink to the next level.
In most pagan traditions there are specific afterlives most mirroring the present world.
All traditions tend have a strong belief in reincarnation.
All traditions involve work and study. We also have to do the wash, cook, make enough to survive and take out the trash. Hence we aren't really interested in playing or debating with you. Your beliefs are your problem.
We also discipline our own and for the most part, we are tolerant of most things. Intolerance tends to be the one thing none of our traditions are comfortable with and we weed out people who are not open to new things and new ideas.

We have survived since the beginning of time and we will be there to see the transition to another world. We are not a new religion or belief system. We predate all others. We have one thing that allows us to survive. We adapt. We embrace new technology, science, cultures and ideas. We are constantly evolving and in that vein, we have no single Holy Book, set in stone laws except one. That which you do will be returned to you at least threefold, eventually. Our reward is in this world for we are part of everything in this Universe and it is part of us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moving On Takes Courage

Moving ON......

That is the hardest thing in the world to do. You have ties to the place you are living in and to the people around you but ties are not etched in stone. Always remember that. Humans are herd animals.

People are shook to their foundations about the highly discriminatory law passed in Indiana under the guise of religious freedom. First off, no major religion has ever passed or supported a law to give “religious freedom” to any minority religion as that cuts into their profits. I have several messages from my friends in the Gay and Alternative Religious Communities asking if I think they should move.

YES... run as fast as you can. It is only going down hill from here. This is just one piece of legislation that is going to be the beginning of an avalanche of laws that will take all your freedoms and will then move on to the infamous Right to Work laws if they didn't start there. When this one law (Right to Work) started in Florida, my only regret is we didn't move up north when we could. It is my only regret in this life. BUT we both had parents here that were elderly. Just so you know, the only thing we have is what we personally worked our lower posteriors off for 40 years. Someone else is enjoying everything both sets of parents had and even what we gave them. We bought the house for my parents and couldn't get a house of our own for years because the mortgage was in our name but hey, they were our parents.

What we didn't know in our young and naive raised to take care of our family minds was the laws quickly changed to favor not just any employer, but the government and the good old individual, no matter how senile they were as long as they could manage a grunt and to hold a pen. When people go senile and get Alzheimer's disease, they turn against their family and they have the right (hey all that good old FREEDOM) to refuse treatment and thus diagnosis until eventually they, against even legal warnings, turn everything over to the first company person sent out to “take care of” them. In the psychiatric office, I saw people turn over their homes and bank accounts to people the “government” sent out to do housekeeping and even give the payments that should have gone for their doctors' services and medications to the local Pastor, i.e. Man of God, leaving them without even food for the month and evicted from the trailer park the next month.... And because of “Religious Freedom”, small government (which just gets bigger under the GOP) and that “rugged individualism” and personal freedom, there is not going to be a danged thing YOU, the family, can do. You are also going to see your wages go down and your insurance disappear if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the states suing to NOT allow their citizens to collect their supplements so they can afford insurance. Do you have any idea how many small businesses have sprung up supporting this “new” medical community and its hundreds of thousands of new 'customers'? All of them will now go belly up and when the money from the government disappears and the only ones left standing will be the huge medical corporations. Do you know what happens when your independent doctor goes to work for the big guy because that insurance check doesn't come in to pay his rent and staff? The big medical corporation hiding as a hospital, HMO or clinic now cuts a deal with the insurance company and the drug companies to give you the least amount of care for the most amount of money and prescribe the most expensive medications made by that drug company, because they get them free to give you in the hospital while charging you an arm and a leg for that freebie. As long as you have a penny to spend on that drug, they are going to take it and when you run out of money, they will take your house. (did you read that consent for treatment and responsibility clause? In a homestead state, they can take your house.) Now you know who the real Death Panels are and the criteria is how much money you have they can get.

Run as fast as you can if you are smart enough to see the beginning of this trend and you are in a Red State. Do it NOW. This is because let's face it, Liberals are smarter than Conservatives and my cat is smarter than the average Tea Party member or Libertarian. That means the rest of your friends are packing as I write this because they have seen the hand writing on the wall. With the Red States draining all the tax dollars from the Blues states, they are not going to have the dollars to maintain their standard of living. It will get harder and harder to find housing and work in Blue states that take care of their current people who live there.

This is what we have seen in Blue South Florida. Our tax money goes to Red North and Central Florida and is nicely invested in bridges to nowhere and huge 8 lane highways with a couple of cars on them. Meanwhile in an area riddled with canals, our bridges are falling into the water and our roads are way too small for the traffic and in total disrepair. When you consider the average tax bill in my neighborhood is over 10,000.00 for which we get NOTHING, it is hard to live in a Blue South Florida. Not only that, but we have watch our jobs move to Red Texas and overseas, workers imported from Red States at their level of wages throwing them on OUR welfare rolls and in OUR low income housing so not only do we lose OUR jobs to the Red States but we now pay to subsidize the low income workers Walmart and the rest imported from these Red States. This has stretched our economy to the breaking point. Put simply, Red North and Central Florida are bankrupting Blue South Florida. The Red States are going to bankrupt the Blue States unless someone puts the brakes on the money train they are riding and since the GOP is in charge, they busy oiling those brakes. So don't move to South Florida unless you really want to live on welfare while working 12 hours a day cleaning toilets for the 1% in their homes and hotels. Domestic workers are not covered under minimum wages laws but fall under agriculture. Not only that, Red Florida makes it easy for any company to put you into the no benefit, pay all your own taxes plus a self employment tax, “Independent Contractor” status even though they are breaking FEDERAL LAW by having you work a specific schedule on their premises. You, the rugged individual, have NO rights. You, the corporation or church, have ALL the rights. And if you want to complain, just remember, those staunchly anti-immigrant GOP'ers can easily replace you with an undocumented alien down here and soon, in your state. They know “those little brown ones” won't give them any trouble if raped, beaten or killed because they are undocumented and will be not tossed out of this country and returned to their country any more, but put in a for profit prison where they can be real slave labor until they die.

Yes, RUN!

You might be saying that no group of people in their right minds would allow such a thing to happen. Friends, it has already happened in South Florida. A government official is on undetermined “medical” leave because he put the forbidden word, “climate change” in his report on a conference he attended which was discussing the rising sea level and water management challenges to South Florida and may face criminal charges for “misrepresenting” the conference as you aren't allowed to say climate change or attend any meeting where those words might be used. Good old individual freedom means you no longer have a right to attend the opposing party's meetings or to mention words on the “forbidden” list or you will get leave without pay. If they fire you, you could sue but leave without pay while you get a “medical assessment” by THEIR doctors... now that could take, well, years.

I don't know who managed to convince a bunch of zealots that they have to suffer, work their lower posteriors off and give all their money to the Representatives of God to hold for Jesus so they can die and get their reward, but either they are a special kind of stupid or it is one heck of a sales job. This is what these laws are. They are designed to take every penny away from everyone to redirect it to these “Representatives of God” who just happen to be the heads of banks, corporations and are solely owned by the 1%, to hold for Jesus. Yes, it is insane, but they have the majority due mostly to gerrymandering and probably due to some rigged voting machines and they are going to bring their mandate to YOUR Red State and the Federal Government (part of it is already in place by transferring Taxes from Blue States to Red States) because the rich ALWAYS get richer and the poor have to get poorer in that equation. You have a fixed amount of money. If it goes into the Church's pocket, it has to come out of Your pocket.

Let me explain this tax thing. The federal tax money that is taken from the Blue states and given to the Red states in the form of welfare, infrastructure repairs, food stamps and Medicaid actually stays in these states because it spent on medical care, food and housing. BUT only big companies and big box stores have the capability to set up to take the State Assistance debit cards because first you have to have a merchant account and that takes at least a thousand dollars in set up after you pay for both the terminal and the programming. Not only that but you have to be set up to take Debit Cards, not just credit cards. Not only that but to even bid on the state contracts for construction, you have to meet a minimum financial requirement which is so far above a small business is it residing the outer reaches of the solar system and if you manage the front money, you won't be paid for at least 90 days but you have to pay your workers and suppliers immediately. Only the rich need apply for these contracts. So the tax money from the Blue State goes directly to the 1% Corporations in the Red States in not an endless cycle because it doesn't return but in an out of control leaking hose. When is the last time one of these giant corporations or the 1% paid taxes? A very few people in the Red states are getting more rich off the Blue states that are trying to provide for their people and facing higher and higher taxes with less and less return for their dollar.

When I say run, have you considered another country? Spanish is easy to learn and I'm thinking about Venezuela, Ecuador or Chile. Odd I should have begun my life in the dirty world of politics, the 1% and the ugly vice/sex trade business in Latin America fighting for the poor and may end my life there with them taking care of me having learned and created a better world for their people while the people who helped create that world for them from this country are now going to live in third world slavery to the Christian Corporations we had tossed out of Latin America 50 some years ago who are now doing the same thing to our country. Everything really does come full circle, doesn't it? Excuse me, I think I'll throw up now.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Letting Go

I started my morning reading a very inspirational article on letting go right up until the point that the author tripped and fell into the god and ego abyss. You see, if the ego is part of your consciousness and innate makeup, then so must god be part of your consciousness and innate makeup and not something external to you. Once you know that, you realize the goal is to integrate the two that were one when you were born.
But on to today's lesson since no one really wants to read a long metaphysical essay on Monday. Knowing this, I also was aware that the psychic or sixth sense isn't a sixth sense, but your five senses working better that average. Hence, if you just crank up the senses you come into alignment with the ego and god which are all you. So many get to the part where you do this then suffer a massive fail as they separate god into some external being that controls things. You control things, one way or the other, mostly the other. This morning the other gave me a lesson in the one way.
Before the wonderful metaphysical article start to my morning, I was awakened by Napoleon screaming to go out. Now Napoleon seldom meows so when he wants out of the bedroom, he wants out: now, for some reason understood only by cats. I was in no shape to be wandering the house and apparently neither was one of the cats because I stepped in the most godawful mess you can imagine but at my age, you hop to the bathroom or face another mess.
I cleaned my shoe and foot, was dizzy as a spinning top and found my way back to the bed before I fell leaving the mess for when the universe decided to put the brakes on and return to normal visual levels. About fifteen minutes later I had my phone in hand reading the wonderful almost made it article and once again wondered why people don't see it is all them.
For example, I am typing on a laptop and focused on the screen and what I am writing, but my physical eyes actually see everything in the room within my visual range. I am seeing EVERYTHING. My brain filters most of it out to where only the screen is visible and then only what I am typing down to the single letter appearing on the screen not the pillow on my left. It only takes a moment to expand my focus and if I allow the focus to continue to expand, the part of me which is way smarter than little me, the ego, will be drawn to focus on the single thing I need to know about rather than the thing I think I need to know about which is the single letter appearing on the screen in front of my nose.
With that thought wandering around my brain, I decided I had to get the hallway cleaned up before George wandered out, blurry eyed and made a worse mess of things than I already had. So out I went and reached for the paper towels.
I buy those BJ's towels that divide into half sheets and George has jury-rigged the paper towel holder which was too small to handle the large newer rolls of towels because it is old and hence I was getting a half a sheet at a time which was pushing my temper to the limit when it began to roll and give me as much as I wanted. Okay, that was weird because it never does that. It loves to torture me.
Step two was grab the bottle of vinegar and water to clean up the mess. I squeezed the trigger and nothing happened. The trigger had been broken for ages and you have to slowly keep pulling it to get anything out with a emphasis on slowly, which requires patience and I had used that up with the paper towels. Off came the sprayer and I poured the vinegar and water onto the floor and cleaned things up.
Then I dumped the vinegar and water mix in the kitchen sink and threw the whole bottle and trigger out.
That was not the end of the lesson. A few minutes later I went to make coffee and the filter holder had once again been rinsed and not washed... GEORGE! So I got out the gallon bottle of vinegar and poured some into it with a liberal amount of water when the entire lesson came dancing across my brain using golf shoes.
How many things do we have in our lives that just don't work? There may be nothing completely wrong with them. In my case, the bottle of vinegar and water had nothing wrong with it, it was the trigger that was bad and needed to be replaced. If I had kept the bottle of vinegar and water and disposed of the trigger, I wouldn't have had to lift the heavy gallon jug of vinegar a few minutes later to pour it into the the coffee filter but I dumped it because I was afraid it would make the cats upchuck if they got near and smelled it.
WOW... what a lesson my Self decided to lay out in front of my nose!
We need to get rid of the parts of things that don't work (the trigger; that has a whole second meaning) and keep what does (the vinegar and water cleaning solution: there are two more meanings). And where I messed up was worrying about how the cats were going to react rather than getting the job done. Now we have even more meanings.
All I had to do was stop and think about what my attention was being drawn to and pay attention.
I, me and no one else or nothing else, was doing this. As with everyone, the question in my mind constantly is what do I need to do and I have been providing myself with the answer constantly and I simply didn't pay attention. Now you might say GOD made the cat sick all over the hallway and you would be really wrong.
You see, there are two kitty pans in the hallway and invariably every morning someone misses because I have old cats. They don't make it there in time. It really is normal. That is why there is a bottle of vinegar and water and a paper towel holder mounted in the hallway. It has been there for years.
I could have continued on my merry way, cussing at the paper towels and the sprayer while cleaning up the mess just like I have done for almost a year or I could ask myself why I haven't bothered to fix the situation. Today I decided to fix the situation and the answer to the original question became crystal clear.
The things that don't work aren't all bad but they don't work for you. George's blood pressure is perfectly normal using that trigger bottle; mine isn't. Let them go. Someone else can use them. Don't condemn the process or the situation or the person or the thing. It is doing the best it can and it has its uses somewhere else. It is just time for you to let it go.

And as to the mysterious cat things that demand Napoleon leave the bedroom that very instance, they proved to not be at all mysterious. Napoleon takes a sun bath in the living room window every afternoon. He sensed a huge front moving south across Palm Beach County (he can probably hear the thunder) which will cause us to get a rainy afternoon and block his sun bath so he decided to get it early while the sun was shining. He is in the window right making vitamin D. You see, cats know they are God.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Autism, the Crime Against Humanity

What I am about to suggest may severely impact my life expectancy. If it makes sense to you, share it. Otherwise, attribute it to the ramblings of a mad woman in the wee hours of the morning and forget you read it.

It is suggested that the herbicide now being used is actually causing the genetic defect called autism by causing the genes to be more susceptible to mutagens already present in the environment. What that means is the natural substances that your body and genes normally would simply repair the damage from, your body and genes can no longer make the repairs and they are actually more sensitive to them. It would be like giving a normal person hearing aides set on high. Eventually their hearing would be damaged. Without the hearing aids, their hearing would only suffer a normal aging process.

The most damning piece of information is the direct correlation between the widespread use of this herbicide and the explosion of autism. The herbicide makes you more sensitive to carcinogens, poisons and mutagens. Prior to the use of this herbicide, autism was virtually unknown.

Some have claimed we just have better diagnostic techniques, but if you ask anyone over 50, they are going to tell you they might have seen a single autistic individual prior to this time window. The diagnostic techniques may have improved but the number of autistic children born has exploded and by 2025 may reach one in two. That will create a population that is 50% or more autistic.

BUT what does that mean? What kind of society are we looking at?

Let's take a walk in the future. What exactly does autism do?

Autistic people are antisocial. They do not like to around other people, do not like to interact with other people and they do not form strong bonds with other people. You aren't going to find autistic people joining a union, political party or social organization. They are easily over stimulated and need a quiet environment so they aren't going to be attending the opera, concert, sporting event or movies. They tend to eat the same thing in the same way making it easy to tailor a single food choice and removing the need for a varied menu or fancy food. They are capable of complete focus on one thing and doing repetitive tasks for long periods of time without getting bored. They are capable of incredibly detailed work as long as they interact with no one else. Since they are antisocial, they do not even talk to their fellow workers. They also tend to work for work and not for reward. Doing the work is their reward. They have no interest in moving up a corporate ladder, having a title, or even a pay check as long as they have a place to sleep, eat and maintain their schedule of activity.

In other words, they are the perfect workers.

And that should scare the crap out of you.

Is an entire work force being genetically engineered for the menial labor needed in the future where only a few people with initiative, creativity and ambition are needed and a lot of drudge workers are needed?

And then you might ask who is doing this. You are not going to like the answer.

From the beginning of the Evangelic Christian movement, the leaders have been in bed with Corporate America. The movement was formed to prevent Unions from forming and to gut the WPA. Guess when autism began to show up in greater quantities? That would be the generation after that one when the good old herbicide was invented and it would begin to spike at an unnatural rate.

Now we have a new movement forming on top of the old one called the Dominionists. They believe that all money should be collected by a few people to be held by the representatives of the Church for Jesus. Isn't that the perfect system for handling a 50% autistic population.

Meanwhile in distraction land, the news points you everywhere but there.