Saturday, August 28, 2010

Helpful Hint

Do you remember those things that were supposed to save you space in your closet? They were a plastic rack with a hook on each end and you put your hangers through the holes in the middle. They worked, but they were pricey. about a cheap alternative? Well, I take the plastic rings that your drink cans come in, hang one ring over the hanger or thing on the back of my door and then insert the hangers through the holes. More than one hanger can fit in a hole and these things are amazingly strong. I've had the same one on the bathroom door for a year without a single tear! You can color organize your closet or group entire outfits together with them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

CBC News - Technology & Science - Black rice beats blueberry antioxidants

CBC News - Technology & Science - Black rice beats blueberry antioxidants

The Sproing Wars

The Sproing Wars, not to be confused with the late Spring Wars or the 100 Year War (though it may last that long), are occuring in my bedroom. For those of you without cats, a Sproing is a colored plastic spring. They come in thick and thin, are light as a feather and the preferred cat toy because they are easily carried.
Napoleon considers all Sproings to be his exclusive property. Some days, he will bring a Sproing out and let his sister, Purdy von Sweets, or Fionna, the Ninjalator, look it. Touching is not allowed.
I foolishly assumed that if the Sproing population reached a critical mass, he would share. I forgot share is not in the cat vocabulary. I bought a package of the long, thin Sproings. Fionna thought they were perfect and for about an hour of Napoleonless bedroom time, she played with them. However, the bedroom is seldom without Napoleon for long and up on returning, he claimed the new Sproings for himself and hid most of them.
That night, I was vaguely aware that there was alot of sneaky movement on the bedroom floor. The next morning I almost stepped into the hall only be bowled over by Fionna in a panic. It seems all night she had ferreted out the thin Sproings and pushed them quietly under the door to be grabbed the next morning. She didn't make it. I threw one into the living room and kicked the rest back into the bedroom. I have seen a mad Napoleon and it is not a pretty picture.
However, one question has remained. Where do all the Sproings go?
As I am sitting on the bed reading, three cats attacked the suitcase in the hallway. Now, dogs will attack inanimate objects because, let's face it, most dogs are not that bright. Cats do not attack suitcases. Three of them were really beating on this suitcase when Napoleon boiled out of the top of it, knocking it and everything else four ways to Sunday.
Knowing I was forbidden to bend over after the sinus surgery, I had to call George to clear the hallway. I was trapped. In clearing the hallway, George discovered the suitcase was one of Napoleon's hidey holes for Sproings but, obviously not the only one. Napoleon is not dumb enough to put all his Sproings in one basket. I just hope I don't find one of the others by putting it on.

Neti Pot notes

As you all know, I was very scared of putting the antibiotic wash up my nose. I did not buy the neti pot as it was a little pricey but I did get its next evolution which is a very efficient squirt bottle that totally empties itself.

Did it hurt? I did the first one under the influence of less than 100 mg of endocet. It didn't hurt much. It felt more like you do a while after you get water up your nose. What really surprised me was that I needed no nose spray to breathe all night.

The next application was without drugs because I have to function in the daytime. Did it hurt? Heck yeah! It felt like someone was pouring water up my nose and several hours later, I still feel like I have water up my nose and I had to use nasal spray to breathe.

Will I continue? I have no choice in the matter if I want to kill this bug in my sinuses.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yes, George is the Technodruid and I am the garden variety Druid, so imagine my surprise yesterday when he asked me to bless the new roll of phone wire.
The Great Goddess of technology does not like me and the God of Electricity really has it in for me. I never stand out in a thunderstorm! So, why me?
I mean, the gods had already expressed their displeasure with my existence. The three spotlights were out and either they all burned out at once or there was an electrical problem. Both required money we don't have.
However, I will always do my best. Just as I finished the blessing on the note of "Allow the electrons, or whatever, to flow through this wire like greased lightning" the lights and the fan came on at once. I think I levitated out of the chair with a not so dignified squeak. They have stayed working and the wire is installed. The internet is moving really fast, so I guess I did it!

What we learned yesterday....

When the polls closed and votes were counted, the celebation finished and the candidates on the road again, we learned two things.
Number 1. You can buy a Republican primary but not a Democratic one. I am soooooo PROUD of my fellow Democrates!
Number 2. Rubio is now officially the Tea part candidate for governor even though he is running as a Republican. Me thinks a couple of friends are a little sick this morning....
What we didn't learn but would love to is what scared Charley so badly he bailed on the Republican party and no, I do not believe for one minute it was just to win.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How I got my black eye

I will blame no one if they simply refuse to believe this.
The doctor left written (so they must be important) instructions that I was to sleep propped up on 3 pillows.
I have a bed wedge so I propped two pillows it. That was not comfortable so I fished the little red heart microbead pillow out. You do know that pillow belongs to Fionna, also known as the Ninjalator! Have you seen the commercial for nicotine gum? Well, substitute the Ninjalator for the shark and the pain in my sinuses for the cigarette. I didn't even notice she sneaked under the covers to my feet and imbedded her teeth in my big toe as punishment for touching the sacred pillow. However, her revenge was much, much more arcane.
A few hours later I awoke in excruciating pain. I "fell" off the bed wedge and the pillows landing on my recovering sinus on the bed sideways. (I am trying to sleep on my back and I always sleep on my right side...the offending side.) My eye was swollen shut and when I managed to see half way straight, I had one shiner. Yup, you can be beat up by a mattress.

The Rescue Fish

Yesterday I rescued 10 little gold fish from the feeder tank and I said I thought they didn't both to feed the babies since they are under a death sentence anyway.
I had placed a few tabs of algae in the tank for the sucker fish and they had turned their noses up at them last week so they were forming a really sick looking grey film on the bottom of the tank. This afternoon when I came in, even though I fed them last night, there was not a spec of anything to eat in the aquarium.
I am certain they know they were rescued because they are super happy and super hungry. They can swallow a whole flake in one mouth full!

Dr. Ox was right!

Down here, the special was on communicating with men. The specialist today explained that men hear women's voices as complex things to be deciphered whereas they hear other men's voices as simple communications. OH YES!
Last night I tried to explain to George that the big N had not directly transferred his last pay check into our account the way they are supposed to just out of sheer meanness. They are "mailing it" and then they will mail the letter so he can agree not to sue them and then and only then will they part with the serverance pay. Now, do keep in mind that should they desire to get the money back, they will transfer it out of my account with the speed of greased electrons the low level demons that they are. It is just the part about putting it in the account that has them slower than frozen molassis.
Well, I finally gave up. Today, a male friend of his emailed to say he had not gotten his check via direct transfer and George is all: DID YOU KNOW?????
Yup, they hear men better than they hear us. Oh, and you might want to try both talking into their right ears and writing down what you want them to remember. Seems, men have trouble processing verbal information. think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are the inmates running the place???

I had three doctors appointments, one of which was my preop for Thursday. I am not an irresponsible patient. I stopped into the doctor's office on Friday last week to make certain everything was ready for Thursday. I was assured it was.
When I arrived today, they wanted to know where the release was from my doctor and the bloodwork. HUH?????
My main doc is very consciencious about sending such things in BUT no one said anything about BLOOD WORK, ever. So I asked; What kind. Well, blood work was the answer. That makes about as much sense as asking what kind of car you drive and you answering, you know, an automobile.
They finally gave George a copy of the letter they seny my doctor as I was moving into melt down. I have had a sinus headache since Saturday and I am getting a little snippy.
While I am driving home, the hospital calls and wants the dates of my doctor visits and blood I have that in the car in front of me while driving down the street. So then the nurse rattles off a phone number to call her at...I write really well at 45 mph. So finally she tells me she will call me in 30 minutes and SHE GOES HOME. I found that out when I called back. I have exactly one day to figure what they want and get it to them or the surgery is off, insurance ends Friday and I am left with a sinus totally blocked with infection.
So, I dig the letter out that was FAXed to my doc. It makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever, but they want a pregnancy test. I am 59! Menopause was 16 years ago.
George is going to have handle this as I am beyond snippy and moving into homicidal. Do we have to do everyone's job for them??? Hey, maybe I can operate on myself.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Back!

I have sinus surgery on Thursday and then I am back in the saddle, or at least I hope to be.
Most of my medical problems were due to the Micardis I was taking for BP. Now there is a lawsuit being gathered saying it also causes cancer! Oh happy days!
Now I am on Diovan and feeling way better.
I finally went to a neurologist and he put me on Miraplex for my RLS. I am sleeping well for the first time in my life, though I am in bed by 10 now, but I can actually get up in the morning! The RLS is not completely gone but it is under the radar so to speak. Yes, it has side effects and I have experienced most of them but compared to the RLS, I will take them. Anyway, the nausea is helping with the dieting!
I have been through 3 regimes of physical therapy and folks, it WORKS! I have osteoarthristis is every joint in my body and the PT really, really helps. Unfortunately, George was laid off June 21st and our insurance runs out on Friday. There will be a gap until COBRA kicks in of at least 2 weeks so I have to stay healthy for 2 weeks. Then, depending on whether the nutcase Republicans get their way or not, I should be alright until the end of the year. Between George and I, all the SS is going into medication. Welcome to old age in the USA where you get to choose between medicine and food.
As to the cats, you would not believe how gorgeous Napoleon, Fiona and the rest of them are and how much trouble they can get into...