Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I had quite a scare today and it, unfortunately, is something more and more people are going to experience. After George was laid off, we lost all insurance. He was able to go onto Medicare, but I remain uninsured because our Teapotty Governor is refusing to participate in the Federal Program.

Well, after a particular difficult BM due to excessive cramping....I have enough sense not to strain after almost needing surgery for hemorrhoids, I suddenly experienced pain to the nth degree in my chest and down both arms. I could barely function and I have a high pain tolerance.

At this point, you might say, “Dial 911!” All I could think of was the $10,000.00 or more a visit to the ER costs for 'chest pains”.

As I was lying on the bed in too much pain to do anything but whimper with both arms going numb, I burped a tiny bit. Okay, I am going to chance this as I do not have $10,000.00, so I lie there as the pain gets more and more intense and my left hand goes completely numb.

Finally I manage to almost crawl out to the kitchen and get George to give me an aspirin, just in case and right now it is looking like a bad outcome. I cannot afford $20,000.00 for a heart attack. Cremation is much cheaper. George fixed me an Alka Seltzer to go with the aspirin and a little more gas came up.

I am now approaching ten minutes and the pain is worsening but a little more gas comes up which might be due to fizz portion of the plop, plop commercial. I decide to lie down before I fall down.

By fifteen minutes, both arms are numb, the pain about 6 inches below my neck in my back is excruciating and George fixes me a glass of baking soda and water. After that, a huge burp occurs and I think I might live but at twenty minutes the pain is not one bit less, it is actually getting worse. Curiously enough, I still have not manifested $10,000.00 for chest pains and am too weak to find the Blood Pressure Monitor.

Now at thirty minutes, I have to make a major decision as George is trying to comfort me and it doesn't involve the10 grand I don't have but what to do about the pain. I know that if I am dealing with gas, the hospital will give be a morphine derivative drip and keep me in the ER for 23 hours and 59 minutes until they decide on admission which would not happen because I have no insurance, unless their accounting department discovered I had a paid off home to take in 90 days. I know because back in Insurance Days, I was admitted for gas and a possible infection and that was the procedure. So, I decided to take the one Oxycontin I had squirreled away from my cancer days. Believe it or not, if it relieved the pain it was to a level of not screaming.

An hour later, my left hand is numb, my back is still hurting to where I cannot lie down or sit or stand (irrelevant I'm too weak to stand) but I am fuzzy and miserable.

Four hours later, the pain is still below my neck at my back, my hand is a little numb but useable and I am semi-functional, but I have scrubbed plans for dinner and George is fixing me a nice bowl of fresh flaked organic oatmeal but I am not in debt. I wouldn't give me anything to lift that weighed over a half a pound. I am even drinking my water out of the dreaded plastic cup I bought something in at Costco.

So, here I sit thinking that most of you are one paycheck away from poverty if you aren't one paycheck into poverty. If you are laid off tomorrow, the odds are you will not be able to afford the COBRA to continue your insurance. What are you going to do if a loved one is screaming in agony with chest pains and you know a trip to the ER is going to cost you everything you have spent your life working for and put your entire family into poverty from which you may never emerge?

I know, you are going to dial 911, you think. You really think that, but as I learned today, you are instead going to weigh the possible loss of your life against how everyone is going to survive without a home, in debt to the medical system, no credit and possibly without even a car to get around. A hospital can take all of that for medical debts. Bankruptcy will take all but your home and car in Florida unless you sign papers waiving that right and guess what friends, that clause is in the papers you sign for admission to the hospital. Yes, who reads that super fine print when you think your loved is dying. My friend whose mother was dying didn't and 3 months later, she and her wheelchair were removed from the house she had shared with her mother by the Sheriff, joining her possessions on the front lawn and a possible $500.00 fine for having them there by the city and no possible way to move them with nowhere to go. Your house is auctioned for pennies and all debt is discharged before you collect the nickle that is left....The fact that you are disabled is not excuse in the new Christian Corporate States of America because put simply, you are a useless parasite, anyway.

I hope you never face what I did today and particularly with a child, but the odds are, you will. You will face it with a mother, father or spouse. You will make the choice I did for better or worse. This is what your Congress has given you. What will you give them next year? I really hope for your sake it is an eviction notice. Mortgaging your child's future is irrelevant if you have to bury that child because you just don't have the money to save their life and what kind of future will your children have without you? These are the real questions buried in the cute MEMES and propaganda. Do we all or a select 1% possibly pay a little more in taxes so some of us can survive or do we buy that LOTTO ticket and hope we aren't in the some of us? Which brings me to ask, did you win the state LOTTO? The odds aren't much better in the survival LOTTO.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Who are the REAL Christians?

In recent times, political pundits have asked the question many centrist to left wing Christians have asked and that is how the Tea Party/GOP can be so far from the what they consider to be the basic tenets of Christianity and actually believe they are fundamentally Christians. Caring for your fellow man, feeding the poor, loving your neighbors and generally being a 'good” person is not in the current Tea Party/GOP lexicon and yet if you corner old Ly'n Ryan or even the Orange Man as they cut money from programs for children, the poor, the disabled and the elderly, they both claim they are the TRUE Christians.

What you don't know is; they are right.

First, let me ask you what you really know about Jesus. No, really, what do you know? You have a general idea of the first 5 years of his life and the last 3 to 4 and no idea what happened in between. The general line is he worked as a carpenter. That's what Emperor Constantine I wants you to believe because it was the basis of his new law making professions hereditary. So, let me fill you in on the missing years based on some books that were taken out of the Bible mostly for political reasons that are why the above two men will claim to be the REAL Christians and win the argument.

First off, what do you know about Mary, his mother? Virgin birth in a stable is about all anyone knows. What you don't know is the gospel of Mary was removed from the Bible. Yup, she had her own chapter that covered her life up to the infamous pregnancy.

Mary's parents were Joachim and Anna, two very respectable members of Hebrew society. Joachim was a priest in the temple. However, both of them were getting a little long in the tooth and had so far produced no children. In that era, having a son was the most important thing. As Joachim was working in the fields one day when an angel appeared to him and told him to fret no more, the angel would make Anna conceive. Now, a smart man would have asked a few whose kid is this going to be, particularly when the terms of this agreement was the baby girl would be surrendered to the Temple at the age of three in Jerusalem to be raised by the priests and angels.

Now you have to know something here. Joachim and Anna were Essenes, a Hebrew sect. They believed the angels lived among the priests in the temples. Angels were real creatures that taught and wandered around and were seen. They seemed to have some hangups with sex, strongly believing that the act of sex and conception condemned the pure soul of the child to be born in sin and only children born of virgins were worthy of spiritual consideration. They were also an austerity cult though the austerity seems to have been reserved for those below the leadership rung.

Mary was a very beautiful child and at three she was given over to the Temple. At this point you have to question the intelligence of Joachim and Anna. They get a female child when only male children are considered to have worth and they have to give her up to the priests and angels. This doesn't sound like a good deal. Anna is basically an incubator for a half or whole angelic being named Mary and three would have been the time at which a baby was weaned during those days.

Mary was raised in the Temple until she was 12 to 14 years of age. That was the normal time girls were married off and she was no exception. But she did not get to choose her own husband. None of them did as the Essenes and Angels controlled the breeding of their humans. It's called eugenics. This is when the angel comes to her and informs her she will give birth and she questions how. Mary was a bit smarter than her parents, but once finding out she is giving birth to the “son of god”, agrees. After all, a woman has no power or economic status. This guarantees her survival.

Meanwhile the angels are finding old Joseph a hard sell. For one thing he is old and has already had a family which is grown and he is not of a mind to start over with a screaming baby and demanding wife. Finally he agrees to the marriage and goes to Bethlehem to prepare his home. He already owns a home and is somewhat wealthy. When he returns 7 months later, and I think you guess he wasn't rushing things, either that he was the first modern day contractor, he finds Mary 7 months pregnant. Now the Angel really has to do a hard sell to get him to take Mary home with him and it takes almost 2 more months. Joseph was no dumb bunny.

Finally he agrees and they set off but don't make it to Bethlehem proper before Mary goes into labor. They take refuge in a cave, not a stable. Whether the child was ever taken to a stable is really unknown and thus you might ask what the big deal was.

Here is the big deal. There was a Jewish prophesy that in the end of times a Messiah would be born to lead the Jews to the promised land after the apocalypse and bring 1,000 years of peace, happiness and fertility to the chosen ones. The problem with the prophecy was the Messiah would come from the line of King David who was a dark skinned, black haired, brown eyed, short Jew. Now Jesus was said to be tall, fair, blue eyed and red haired as all Essenes were. Essenes always took refuge in caves and even built hospices in caves. So if Jesus was born in a cave and was a tall, fair skinned red head, he was not from David's line and the prophecy was not fulfilled. They had the wrong baby, but they had too much invested in the prophecy because politically things were getting dicey for them. Although the Essenes were outwardly Hebrew, they actually studied the Zend Avesta of the Zoroastrian religion and practiced Aryanism. Being Aryan was a prerequisite to becoming an Essene. In other words, they were racists. They lived in closed communities. They practiced initiation rituals that involved such odd things as dunking you in water and wearing an apron and were sworn to secrecy about their rituals. Now if that doesn't sound familiar, you don't know anything about the Masons. It was the Dead Sea Scrolls that shone a spotlight on their teachings.

The reason you know nothing about Jesus, whose real name was most likely Issa, Jesus means son of Null, after 5 years of age is not because he was working as a carpenter but because that was the normal age boys were surrendered to the Temple for schooling and they only returned home occasionally for visits of at all.

We know Issa/Jesus was turned over to the Temple and was a very beautiful and precocious young man. He studied at the Temple and only returned to Jerusalem to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah the next year at age 12. It was then he had the debate with the Hebrew scholars and then...he disappears again.

Curiously enough Jesus disappears and Issa appears. Issa traveled to Asia (India) where he studied with the Brahmin. They taught him the Vedas but the relationship went south rather quickly. You see, the Brahmin were Aryan like Issa. They had already convinced the people to accept a caste system guaranteeing them slaves and all the wealth. The holy texts were constantly sung and read to the Brahmin by a hereditary caste of singers much like the Cantors in the Hebrew temples. Only the Brahmin were allowed to constantly hear these songs and study the Vedas. The next few castes were allowed to hear them on Festival Days and the lower castes were never allowed to hear them as the lower castes existed solely to serve as slaves to the upper castes and grant their every whim. They had been created from the God's lower body which was impure. These holy scriptures are a series of songs whose tonal intonations actually alter your cellular vibration, heal you, heal relationships...there are holy songs for just about every purpose. I have experienced them being sung by a hereditary singer and I can attest I have never experienced anything quite so powerful. I felt it on a cellular level and there was no music..just his voice. I will suggest you have never heard OM but I have.

However, Issa associated with the lower castes and had the audacity to suggest all men were equal in god's eyes. For that he garnered a death sentence, was warned by some friends and managed to escape in the middle of the night into a Buddhist country. Once there, Issa studied with the Buddhists and learned all the Sutras after mastering Pali, their language. In 6 years, he had memorized them which is quite a feat. About 15 years later he returned to Heliopolis in Egypt and was initiated into the higher ranks of the Essenes. He then returned to Palestine where the Hebrew hierarchy awaited his creation as the Messiah.

Well, you might ask how that worked out for the kid the Brahmins and military caste had decided needed to die. The answer is not so well. He immediately began saying the beloved rituals of the Essenes were not necessary for spiritual salvation or growth and even their way of life was way too restrictive. Issa/Jesus was not a happy camper Messiah. He even forbade his followers to call him the Messiah and refused to adhere to the party line that he was descended from Kind David. The Romans, who came into frequent conflict with the Hebrews, were not happy with his politics and the Hebrews were not happy with his philosophy or economics and there was only one solution: arrest him, try him and kill him.

So why didn't he just run....well....maybe he did. There is some evidence to suggest someone took his place and perhaps the biggest tell (as in gambling) is the story that his body was placed in a cave (once again) from which he arose and ascended into Heaven...though no one actually saw that. This whole story may be one of his escape being abetted by some of his renegade Essene friends and since Asia (India) was still of a mood to kill him, he would have headed west into Europe to hide. That is just good strategy.

Still a few of his friends gathered small bands of people of like mind and wandered the countryside preaching his doctrine. They were doing well as a religion and gaining followers. Pretty much, as in accordance Issa/Jesus' teaching the worst punishment in their religion was excommunication and only after the elders had a discussion with you and only if you had committed a major Crime. Not believing was not a crime and though excommunication might have some economic and social consequences it really was no biggie. By and large, the early Christians were pretty harmless, until another infamous angel appears to the Roman Constantine 1 the Great.

Constantine converts to Christianity, but he was greedy little so and so. It was he who convened the Council of Nicea in 325 AD to create the Holey Bible but removing references and entire books that did not work for the establishment of a wealthy church and hence papacy and a wealthy ruling class. He is the one who deified (made a god) of Issa/Jesus much to the dismay of most Christians of that day. He created the philosophical and economic basis of the Middle Ages using the Indian model of a caste system. This connects him to the Essenes and the Aryans. The model was one of serfdom, where a whole class of farmers were attached to land they lived on and could never leave it, though it was actually owned by an upper class. He also made professions hereditary, so if your daddy was a were a carpenter. Do you see how the myth was created that Issa/Jesus was a carpenter and the big eraser came out about his little problem in Asia (India) with the Brahmins (whose societal model Constantine was using) and his study of the Buddhist doctrines? The Sermon on the Mount contains multiple Buddhist tenets.
Now new rules were attached and you could not commit “heresy” by speaking out against the new and improved version of of Christianity after those pesky contradictory books and histories were removed from the new and improved Holey Bible. The first pesky thing he had removed was all references to reincarnation as you can't have people thinking they are coming back when you want to convince them of eternal damnation if they don't tow the party line. The other real baddie was “paganism”, defined as not believing at all. You were going to hell without the hand basket for that one and no longer was just excommunication your punishment. Now you had economic and physical sanctions which is a nice way of saying they beat you to death.
The original Christians were pretty upset about the way things were going as now you had a ruling class calling the shots and altering the religion as they saw fit and a poor class with no rights to anything.

Come the 4th century AD, the Roman emperor Theodosis I issued a series of edicts designed to place the Holey Bible of the Nicene Counsel as the only approved doctrine of Christianity, declared it the State Religion and issued at least 18 new laws or punishments for not believing. Does this sound like South Carolina? He closed most of the pagan temples and burned the library at Alexandra just to make certain there would be no information to contradict his new state religion.

By the middle of the 6th century AD the penalty for not believing was death and burning pagans at the stake came into vogue. Love thy neighbor and not killing went out the door, the Church got richer and richer and the rules multiplied with the punishments as the poor no longer had any power and were left to fend for themselves, pitted against each other in a world of survival of the fittest. The ruling class quite literally held the power of life or death over anyone below them, the King was ordained by GOD to be the King and the poor were mere playthings and slaves to the wealthy, landed overseers.

Now do you understand why to the great Orange Man, Ryan and the rest think they ARE THE TRUE CHRISTIANS? They are simply reinstating the original blue print of the original Christian doctrine of the original Christian church created by Constantine I and now promoted by the Dominionists.

Friends, you had better wake up....and let me give you a few words...from good old Mittens...the foreclosures should be speedup as it is better for people to rent homes than own them....(Remember those surfs that were tied to the land, they had to pay rent in the form of most of the crops and animals they raised and their good looking daughters.).....

Now take a real good look at what is happening in South Carolina and other states trying to make Christianity the state religion. Did they mention which Christianity was going to be the state religion: Catholic, Baptist or most likely Dominionism?

Social programs are being cut because the peasants are expendable, they exist for the amusement of the upper classes, to serve them and grant their every whim....(India).

The middle class is systematically being destroyed because it is not necessary in a Feudal society. In India, the only “middle class” was the military and merchants. They took their orders from the Brahmin or they died.

Wealth is totally being redistributed to the upper 1% with the next 1% being the ones that will sacrificed as scapegoats...just like in the days of Constantine....Yup, they are definitely the REAL CHRISTIANS and you are HERETICS.

You do know what they do with heretics, don't you?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shadow People and Creatures

At some point almost everyone has heard of the Shadow People or seen one. No one is at all certain what they are. My experience yesterday was very, very strange.
I took a nap and awoke at dusk with Napoleon next to me. The change in my breathing must awaken him as he always awakens with me. About a foot from me was a three dimensional shadow being that looked like 2 foot tall reptilian or Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Napoleon sprang out of bed towards the air conditioner where a second one about six inches tall was. He saw it! He attacked it. Then he hit the window and there was a lizard on the window, its shadow showing through the window film. They were all in straight line to the lizard on the window. He kept one paw on the window where the lizard was until I turned the lights on and all the shadows disappeared.
That was weird, even for me.....