Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day: 10/01/10

I pulled two cards together so here goes: Temperance and the Eight of Swords Reversed. React in moderation when the truth comes out.
This is one of my favorite little pendants and of course, we won't mention his name out loud but the Baron is always around.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today (09-30-10) Tarot Card is....

The Ten of Wands Reversed: Burdens are lifted and you can finally relax a bit.
We have Polish made Witches' Balls. The strands inside the globe are said to capture negative energy. All I know is I put one just like this in my garden and everything has grown like weeds, even the weeds....We have even more colors...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 09/29/10

The Queen of Pentacles. Money is in your hands. Now it is time to do something fair with it.
We have those "evil eye" earring in brown, blue and green. Their purpose is to ward off the "evil eye" or negative energy. One school of thought says you need wear the color that matches your eye color. Another says it should match the color of the eyes of the person hexing you. Me? I just color coordinate to my wardrobe.
They are ss and 19.98 plus postage.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day: 09/28/10

Ten of Pentacles; Money is all around you but you can't seem to get your hands on it. This is sure turning into a frustrating week....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

When thing don't make sence...research...

It seems the small banks in Florida do not want the stimulus loans for small businesses. There are too many regulations and anyway, their small businesses don't want loans....
Any idiot can tell you that doesn't make sense. When is the last time your bank turned down guaranteed money that all they had to do was loan it out and make a profit? Yeah; NEVER. When was the last time a small business didn't need money? Yeah: NEVER.
I decided to take a look at the rules and regulations that make it soooooo hard to loan that money. It seems the interest rate the bank can charge is tied to the Federal Interest Rate they are loaned money at and that is tied to inflation. So, if they loan you money at a profit over the 5% the government is charging them and the government rate goes to 4%, they have to ....SHUTTER....adjust your loan interest rate DOWN! Did you hear that....DOWN!
No wonder they needed a shipment of Depends. Anyway, why would they loan us small businesses money at a paltry 7 or 8% when they have forced most of us to borrow on our credit cards at 29+%?
Bet you didn't know these small banks issue credits all their own?
Let me explain how this works for those of you without a business.
A small business gets an order for say 250 printed T-Shirts. The business used to have a "line of credit" with the bank that allowed them to borrow money to buy the 250 blank T-shirts and then pay the bank back at a minimal interest rate in 90 days when they got paid for the T-shirts they printed. However, around 6 - 8 months ago, the banks yanked all lines of credit from small businesses and even demanded immediate payment of some of the loans putting the businesses out of business. So, if you were going to make it, you had no choice but to put the 250 blank T-shirts on your credit card and really, really hope you had no balance and could get your payment in less than 25 days. Otherwise you were now paying 29% or more interest on the money you charged on your credit card and very few small business make that much profit on what they are manufacturing.....
So, why would the banks want to give up that CASH COW they created. Anyway, there is always the Payday Check Stores they can loan money to and make a whopping profit....

Tarot Card of the Day: 09/27/10

Three of Pentacles Reversed: The week starts on a note making it difficult to build for your future. Time to stick to basics.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you for the healing

Bitwit is back to her old self. Thank you for your help.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 09/25/10

The Three of Wands reversed. Old friends return to visit and you find you are happy right where you are now.
My cards are in the Vanwitch nestled in their private pentagram box.
My readings' table is stowed in the back with my chair.
Can CUUP's Pagan Pride Day be far away??

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 09/24/10

Three of Pentacles Reversed; Money you had earmarked for building for your future goes for day to day expenses. The time wasn't right anyway.

Cat Snicker Alert

It's a darned good thing I took my blood pressure medicine this morning.
I was hard at work in my "reading" room, not really paying attention and suddenly from under the chair, little furry arms grabbed my ankle.
Ra the Sun Goddess claims I squealed like a little girl. I think I had a minor heart attack.

Healing Energy Needed

Our Bitwit is under the weather with the sniffles. She is drinking but refusing even tuna as her nose is stopped up. She needs some healing energy bad!
Her human servants are doing the best they can but she is a very uncooperative little patient.

Stampers and Crafters

I accidentally discovered something great last night. Actually, I think all these stories, like fables that begin with 'once upon a time', should start with "and I forgot to put my glasses on......"
Anyway, George was having one of his Virgo fits that demand I get the stamps into the box and stamp one on the outside. Unfortunately, I forgot to explain the fine points of stamping which involve a light touch on the stamp pad. Thus, I was covered in black ink from his previous efforts and to top it off, he hands me the best piece of chocolate in the universe. I had to get clean to eat it.
Off I trek to the bathroom where I think he has put my new bottle of antibacterial handwash. One pump and I know I was wrong but the ink, that is usually pretty indelible once it hits skin, was washing right off. So, I got my glasses to see what I washing with and it was hand sanitizer. My only conclusion is plain old alcohol will remove the ink from your hands.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where did the money go?

The Republican Party in Florida wants us to believe that they have no idea who charged what and how much on their credit card. Did Charlie Crist charge his Disney vacation on the Republican AMEX?
I have a small business AMEX card. One of the selling points of the card (because it really has no other one) is the ability to track your expenses. I can tell you everything that was charged on my AMEX for the last 5 years. Is there some reason the Republicans can't? Is the accountant blind or just really stupid?
I spent part of my accounting career as an expense account clerk. I knew where every penny of every salesman's expense account was spent. I knew where every penny of petty cash in 14 branch offices went AND THIS WAS BEFORE COMPUTERS LIKE WE HAVE TODAY. I did it BY HAND.
I suggest the Republicans find someone else to swallow this crappola, because this lady isn't buying it for one nano second.

Tarot Card of the Day for 09/23/10

The Chariot. When I do personal readings, this card brings another car to people. In an impersonal reading it means things are moving forward and business success is on the horizon. Do not remain still. Be active.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tarot Card of the Day for 09/22/10

Page of Wands: Sagittarius energy abounds. You feel young at heart and energetic. An excellent day to resolve legal matters in a fair manner.

Pagan Pride Day 2010

Don't forget to join us at CUUPS for Pagan Pride Day this Saturday. The Link will take you to the article and even a map option.
The Cosmic Salamander will be in the All Purpose Room, down the hallway on your right as you enter. Janice will be doing Tarot Readings at the reduced price of $20.00.
Come visit with us.
Blessed Be!

You Win: Jewelry with Intent is Here

A while back, someone discovered I make jewelry, in particularly, mine. So, I explained that I make jewelry for myself with intent or for a specific magick. Then with a pout she said, "Well, why don't you do that for us?"
Truthfully, I never considered it. Yes, I make Mojo Bags, mix powders and blend oils but I never thought of marketing my jewelry. You see, one of the problems is the jewelry has to be packaged in its own little box so it can be recharged after each wearing. The box also has to be made and charged, so you are not only getting jewelry but the charging station. Now everyone knows why I travel with all these little boxes with one piece of jewelry in each of them.
Anyway, I finally decided: WHY NOT? Not only that, but the whining was hurting my ears.
Today I made the first four pieces and let me tell you, jewelry making even with plastic pieces is a lot harder than you think. For one thing, the holes are never big enough and the jump rings are always the wrong size so you wind up making them. Anyway, the first four earring sets are:
2 are harvest pumpkins to increase your wealth, fertility and/or abundance.
1 is for protection against negative thoughts and spells.
1 is a more active protection as it throws the energy back at the person and disorients them. They are best used against someone who is "unbalanced" or just plain nuts and refuses to leave you alone.
All are made during the proper planetary hour on the proper day and using copper and antique copper finish as the conduit that touches you at least for these intentions.
Now, for those of you saying where on earth did you get the copper connective pieces....there is this large roll of copper wire, tools and someone who learned to make them from scratch, which also makes them more powerful. Pictures will follow when they are completely ready for sale. Right now, a few pieces are drying.....and charging.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tarot Card for 09/21/10

The Cosmic Deck of Initiation
The Hanged Man: Major decisions loom. You can only be "hung up" if you allow it. Make the decision and stick to it.

The Beginning

Yes, today marks the beginning of a new cycle in my life. George bought me a bicycle. I really wanted the 24 inch girls bike as alas I have really short legs. But, the salesman talked George into the 26 inch bike and then I discovered he (the salesman) had considered none of my arguments because like an idiot, I had tucked my sunglassed into the low neck on my T-shirt. He doesn't know what color my eyes are either....Last time I pulled that stunt, I almost had a mammogram instead of a chest X-ray.
Anyway, I am the proud owner of a light green and brown Husky, one speed, brakes on the pedal, girl's bike. Hey, if one just like it got me 2 miles to elementary school for 3 years, this one can get me around the block!


The final verdict on the waterpik nasal machine is in. The doctor said my nose was internally looking great. It doesn't hurt as much as the bottle did. I heartily recommend you abandon your neti pots and go high tech on this one. I really thought the bottle was working. According to the instructions it was working but when the doctor checked up my nose, it was doing nothing but torturing me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tarot Card for 09/19/10

The Five of Pentacles Reversed: You finally get into a job or investment you have been trying to get into for some time. Money is on the way.

Birds Signs is lovely deck exploring the oracle meanings of various species of birds.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


If you listen the right wing nutcases, President Obama has personally taken over the entire healthcare system and plans on shipping grandma off to a death camp. I'm trying to find out WHERE!
The Public Option was removed from the bill by the Republicans and Chicken Dems. That option would have provided a government funded health insurance for people like Medicare is for seniors and Citizen's is for Floridians that can't get insurance on their houses.
The Public Option DOES NOT EXIST.
What does exist is not Obamacare but health insurance reform.
Insurance companies can no longer drop parents for the fatal sin of having a sick child. Yes folks, that was a common practice. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for preexisting conditions some of which were as silly as varicose veins. Everyone will have to have health insurance which is no different from requiring you to have car insurance or your friendly mortgage company demanding you insure your home or have it repossessed. You will get a tax credit for part of the bill if your income is low enough.
So are you wondering yet who is screaming.
Aside from the Sheeple who swallow anything the Becks and Palins say, the big bucks are coming from the insurance companies. Suddenly, they actually have to compete in the marketplace. The insurance companies have to compete, not your doctor. Oddly enough, I always thought that was Capitalism but apparently I was wrong. Entitlement is now Capitalism.
Insurance companies will find it harder and harder to deny claims. They don't seem to be very happy about losing the right to decide whether you live or die within their system. You really will have the right to tell them where to go and be able to actually go over to another company that will okay your claim or that life saving procedure. Once again, competition according to the insurance companies and Republicans is Socialism. Try not to forget that because I am getting really, really confused about who is on what side lately.....must be old age. 

Tarot Card of the Day: 09/19/10

The Seven of Swords: Beware of theft when you aren't looking. Others covet what you have.
This tends to be one of the most accurate cards in my deck so be careful out there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

09/18/10 tarot card of the day

09/18/10 Tarot card: 8 of Cups reversed...You are now able to make money with little work..multiply your capital while you can.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

09/17/10 Tarot card of the day.

Tarot card for the 17th: 10 of Wands reversed...Burdens are lifted. Time to reap the rewards of your hard work! Pictured Deck: Talismen of Success.

What a DAY!

My first stop was the doctor's office. It seems I just can't get the antibiotic solution up my nose adequately. Apparently a near drowning experience doesn't count. So, due to my inefficiency, I have been elevated to mechanical drowning. I had to go buy the new Waterpic nasal irrigater. Yup, 35 more bucks up my nose plus 33 for the solution. Thus, I am going home to voluntarily waterboard myself.
After the pharmacist telling me to not warm the solution, the doc tells me to get it up to 99 degrees because cold water doesn't soften scabs well and if he starts removing them from inside my nose I will start bleeding and reform them. Now, if everyone would just get together on my instructions, this whole thing would have gone a lot better! Yup, I am getting a little snippy.
Not wanting to fight with the pharmacy parking lot at lunch time, we spent a little time at the shop, used both breakfast and lunch coupons at Burger King and visited Target to get my 10.00 gift card on an 8.00 prescription. Target is not winning with me. That'll teach them to donate the big bucks to Tea Party candidates.
Then we called in and discovered it was going to take an hour to fill so we had a late, late lunch at BK. I found a lovely parking space with no one near the Vanwitch and in we went. Out we came and cars had snuggled up next to her.
So, we visited the party store next door and I got some great stuff and finally one of the cars moved so I could get out of the parking space.
PEOPLE...a commercial van doesn't turn on a dime. Stay away from us. We have limited visibility which means if you are a car and behind me, I can't see you. Don't cut us off because if we slam on brakes, everything in the van lurches forward and then I have to pick it up later and I know a really good flat tire spell. Don't annoy us. We are bigger and 4 times heavier than you. AND I know a really good flat tire spell.....
By the way, I am putting pictures of products we have for sale as the opening photo.....

Old Habits Aren't Broken

The Obama administration actually thought they could break the old habit of sticking your hand in 'the least of us able to afford its' pocket with incentives and general positive energy means. Me, I think an old fashioned caning, horse whipping or may be just take them out and shoot them is the right approach.
Who am I talking about? Why your friends the Bank Executives that just don't seem to be able to live without their million dollar bonuses in addition to the millions in salary they collect every year for coming up with better ways to screw us over.
"HUH?" you say.
Well, do you remember all that incentive money to make loans to needy home owners, low income home buyers and small businesses? Seems it is still sitting there. Our friends at Wells Fargo Chase, BOA and several others would prefer to loan money to the friendly payday loan store on the corner.
You know...the people who charge you 50% interest, keep your car title and make promises that aren't in writing to the illiterate....yes, those people. We used to call them loan sharks until they gave loan sharks a bad name. Although, in all fairness I must report that BOA claims they try really hard (would love to see their definition of that) to make certain they only loan money to ethical loan sharks, I mean pay day loan stores.
Now, let me tell you something else before you choose your punishment.
When we were scammed out of 23,000.00 by an illegally licensed by Broward County roofer, Mr. Humphrey and company, I did a little research on the Payday Loan and Check cashing stores to find out what idiot would cash a check made out to a company with no proof of ownership of the company. I'm not the only one doing a little research. The current administration might want to talk to the Secret Service. I discovered something really disturbing. These stores are not American owned. They are mostly owned down here by Brazilian nationals and the blood money is being shipped back to Latin America. So, the money they cheat you out of isn't even staying in the good old USA.
Now, shall we
(a) horse whip them
(b) cane them
(c) shoot them
(d) force them to live at the economic level of their customers for the rest of their lives at the mercy of people just like them????
Personally, I prefer torture and I can be very creative.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have no idea how this ad got on my page or how to remove it, but I wouldn't elect him dog catcher....or pooper scooper....


Another busy day in the world of low finance. I've been trying to mentally work out the old budget but I still have all the medical bills to work on and little idea as to whether COBRA is in effect yet. Oh one said poverty was easy.
In addition to that I was trying to get out some pushes for my favorite candidates. I am looking at the universe through the eyes of a small, really small, business this election period.
So far I have not grabbed a Republican and shook them. I think I deserve a medal for that one. You see, I, and a lot of small businesses, really, really need that stimulus package that is being held up in Congress by Guess Who. In the past years, i.e. Bush, small business loans, tax cuts and incentives have gone to....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....businesses doing over a million dollars. Now, I don't know about you, but that is no small business in my book. Large corporations divested themselves into small divisions and applied for small business loans. Having a cadre of accountants and lawyers, their papers sailed through the loan process and the rest of us are in resubmittal land or just plain..."we are laughing so hard we rolled under our desks" land. This stimulus package allows us, among other things, to make capital investment in equipment and take it off our taxes right now rather than depreciating it over 3 - 5 years. Doing that will allow us to do one other thing since we are not trying to recoup our investment: HIRE SOMEONE! In my case, I have the equipment picked out and it could mean a holiday job for someone with little to no skills. BUT...I don't dare risk the money.
I am also backing Alex Sink because she is offering tax cuts to small, small like me, businesses and reductions or rebates on property taxes. Property taxes on business property do not enjoy either the homestead exemption or the Save Our Homes cap. Our taxes have been increasing faster than rabbits on viagra. That is why you see so much abandoned business properties. The owners can't pay the taxes.
So that is the election from the point of a small business owner. I am going with the people I know will give me the break I need to stay in business.



This is the latest scare email going out to people. Anyone I know really think they are going to make $250,000.00 PROFIT selling their home? Have you taken your meds today?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Things We Do....

At 3 in the morning I stumbled out of the bedroom and got Napoleon a snack tray: a bowl of kibble and a bowl of water. This morning I fixed him a permanent snack tray.....
Celebrating George's laid off status, we bought whoppers. Fionna got the entire edge of mine.....
Fionna came in and laid on my lap demanding, with the little chin stuck out, I stop reading the paper and scratch. If I fail to act within a minute, the claw will come out and hook my hand. I have to use just the right sized finger to get between the bones in her tiny chin.
Napoleon immediately curls up on my right, never my left. I must scratch between the bones in his chin, the area right before the whiskers and then end with a circular massage of the top of his head.
To think, someone actually suggested my cats are spoiled. How dare they! I am just well trained.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 - where were you?

I remember that day like it was yesterday, because I saw things that I knew were totally impossible. I was on my way to Martha's house when I heard that a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. Oddly enough, suddenly every light went green and I arrived within minutes to run in and find Martha glued to the TV watching the whole thing unfold.
I sat for a minute or two looking at the planes hanging out of the Twin Towers waiting to hear they were pulling people out through the cockpit windows and wondering how on earth they were going to remove those planes.
Now, I want you to understand something. I have spent my life on airports. My father was both a pilot and an aircraft mechanic. I have figured the loads and how to balance them for cargo aircraft and never had a plane tip in any direction. I am good at my job.  I also have a more dubious area of training starting on the farm with my uncle and ending in a few wars. I know how to blow things up. I am really good at that job.
When the towers collapsed, my exact words were: NO F'N WAY!
Martha turned and in horror asked why.
Number one, the Towers should have had no trouble supporting the weight of the planes lodged in them.
Number two, if the Towers had collapsed from the weight of the aircraft, they would have collapsed in the direction of the aircraft, not straight down. There would have been a disaster of mammoth proportions taking out a good deal of the city if the weight of the airplane had caused the collapse.
Number three, the planes should not have exploded. If a plane does not explode on impact, the fire suppression mechanisms should prevent it from exploding a few minutes later. Jet fuel is kerosene. It is not the most explosive of compounds. You have to light it and give it plenty of air.
Number four, if the plane by some miracle did explode, the force of the explosion should have pushed the building in the opposite direction once again, creating a huge disaster.
That is why the poor responders felt perfectly safe ordering their crews into the Towers and the crews felt safe entering the Towers. They were probably trying to reach the people on the aircraft. The pilots would have been killed on impact. I, and everyone else in the air craft field, have seen planes hanging out of buildings and literally, out of mountains. I have seen a plane smack the side of a mountain and only the pilots were killed, the rest of the plane was fine. They were pancakes. I saw a crop duster go into the side of a barn (not the sturdiest of buildings) and get stuck there two stories up. The pilot was fine. All that hay makes a good cushion and the fuel small planes use is very explosive not to mention chemicals for killing insects that are petroleum based. It didn't explode. It took a crane to remove it.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to demolish a building by imploding it so it collapses straight down? Just watch tapes of the pros doing it for renovations. They charge through the nose. They spend at least a week or two studying every support in the building. You have to blow the building from the middle out to cause the collapse to be internal. One misfire and the building next door is a pancake.  Now you know why I could not take my eyes off the screen. I was watching the impossible.
I lost friends on those two air craft. I also know that the Towers were chock full of asbestos and anyone at ground zero or within a couple of miles that took a breath is probably under a death sentence. I would love to get my hands on the person who engineered that collapse and I am pretty darn certain he is not in a cave in an Arabic country. He is one darned good engineer. I would say he is the cream of crop in demolitions.
Now, as I said, my father was a pilot and I can fly an airplane if need be. I just never got my pilot's license because it is very expensive and very time consuming. You don't just hop over to flight school for 8 weeks, scoot out with your license and fly a commercial jet. You don't do it in a year. You might manage to fly a little puddle jumper that seats two, but not a jet. Those things are like trying to drive a battle ship through down town. They are cumbersome and do not respond rapidly. They maneuver worse than Vanwitch trying to make a U-Turn in a crowded parking lot.  Heck, I even hated taxiing the things on the runway. I felt like my ass was responding 5 minutes after I pointed the nose somewhere. Man, want to talk a HUGE turning radius??? A commercial passenger plane is a whole 'nother kettle of fish from a fighter jet. BUT, and you might want to remember this, they can be remotely flown by someone with a laptop, a gps and a joystick with pin point accuracy that cannot be achieved by a human in the cockpit. It has been done. The techniques were being researched when I was teenager so that a passenger plane could be landed without a crew if something went wrong. Well, that was the cover story and since they were using small fighter aircraft I am not inclined to believe the truth of it. I am sure that considering dinosaurs were roaming the earth back then, they have perfected the technique by now.

Friday, September 10, 2010


This vision came to me when I was wide awake this morning. A woman, about 35 - 45, pale wearing light blue shorts was quickly walking across several lawns. I couldn't tell if she was "power walking" or what.
The danger is a man wearing aviator sunglasses with blue reflective lenses was watching her and his intent is not good. So, if you recognize this person, please tell her to be careful.

The Salamander is Progressing

It has been a hard day of work. We are really rearranging everything in hopes of getting open some time this weekend or next week for readings, at least. As of now, we are doing email readings. For more information email us at
As soon, and dear Goddess this will be a trial, we get George set up in the middle room with some room to work and I can finally do a little crafting the showroom will be open for business. It may be a little hot, but it is livable. Hey, if she who hates all heat is surviving, you can.
The trial part is what has to be moved. George has had over a month to nest and he nested with cables. I crawled under his table to see if I could find his phone charger and I am certain there was an electronic web spider under there, perhaps even an electronic rat. I barely escaped with all my appendages. He has been packing most of the evening and I am afraid to look over the counter as the crashes have been numerous and swearing has turned Isis's little furry ears pink. An engineer in full move mode is not a pretty thing.
I am feeling much better and the biggest shock you are going to encounter in my world is that I am up in the mornings. It is wonderful what an actual night's sleep will do for you.
Have a wonderful evening and profitable day.
Blessed Be!
Janice the Druidess

Things a Cat Owner Finds

When we arrived home last night, we found the screw on lid off one of the large plastic containers in the floor. It took a few minutes to find the container still sitting on the shelf: lidless.
We decided we really didn't want to know how they did that. We are better off never knowing how they did that. Ignorance is bliss in catdom.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Neti Pot or Notty Pot

That was a BAD pun!
Perhaps I should have said: Adventures in Voluntarily Drowning Yourself.
To start, I am not using an actual Netipot. I simply am not that coordinated. I would break it and my head and probably my neck trying to get in the right position.
The company that makes Netipots also makes a squeeze bottle. Don't ask me how it works, but it works like a champ. Sneeze near it and water spurts up and out of it. You do have to replace it every 90 days. It and a few packages of solution are under $5.00. So it is cost effective.
The big question everyone has is: DOES IT HURT??? There was no way you were convincing me it wouldn't hurt. I've been a diver and a swimmer all my life and water up the nose HURTS.
Here's the deal. Anything other than the proper isotonic solution at a warm temperature will hurt. The little packages they sell of special salt and the instructions on heating the bottle in the microwave create a solution that doesn't hurt. The ice cold antibiotic solution I have to use is a whole different kettle of fish. It hurts like the daylights on the side I wasn't operated on. Go figure that one out. It doesn't hurt as much as getting chlorinated pool water up your nose by a long shot.
Your next question should be: Why would I want to do this?
I discovered last year that the way Swine Flu infects you is pretty pat. It must get up your nose. It takes it almost 8 hours to establish itself in your nose and infect you. It is easily killed by - drum roll - salt water. Just waving salt water at that bug will cause it to roll and over and die! Most flu viruses are killed by good old salt water. So even if you elect to not do a complete wash a couple of times a day, using a spray bottle of Ocean will significantly reduce your odds of catching anything. When I was on the ocean, diving and fishing, I seldom even had the sniffles. Now I know why.
Why hasn't anyone ever told you that? The Flu and colds are big business. Just drop over to the pharmacy and see how many square feet of space is dedicated to cold remedies. Those stores do not leave those products on the shelf unless they turn over every COUPLE of days.
The last flu shot I got, I had a knot on my arm the size of a small orange. I am sticking with good old saline solution up my nose.

And you thought it was just "Obamacare"

I just got this in an email from
People, the Republicans are not just talking about repealing the new insurance laws but they are talking about gutting Social Security. Do you have any idea how many Americans, including George and I, need those benefits that we spent our lives paying into? If they raise the retirement age, that raises the age for Medicare and I will be uninsured for over 12 years. For me, that is a death sentence. There is no way I can afford the medications that keep me alive or the doctor visits. As it is, my medication pretty much equals George's potential SS check now, WITH INSURANCE.

"We're just 54 days away from Election Day. And as scary as it sounds, this election could determine the future of Social Security.

Congress could vote on cuts to Social Security benefits as soon as December. And with conservatives from both parties lining up to support cuts, we need to get representatives who oppose cuts on the record. If Congress hears from voters who want a commitment to protect Social Security, they'll see that benefit cuts have to be off the table.

Several representatives, led by Reps. Raúl Grijalva and John Conyers, have put together a "Dear Colleague" letter, firmly opposing any benefit cuts—including raising the retirement age. They're asking other members of Congress to co-sign a letter to the president."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


That is what we calling our world as we recognize and accept that we are cat slaves. They are our masters. We will obey.
Trying to navigate the hallway, I accidentally almost stepped down on one of Napoleon's sproings. He was there faster than a speeding bullet, eye glowing and paws around my leg. I didn't even know the thing made a noise.
Being forcibly retired, George has spoiled these cats beyond recognition. I told him this morning I am dying first because there is no way I can remember who gets what treat in which special dish. I would come out some morning and get beat up.
Fiona is still playing the kitten though she is a miniature cat. Last night I found 2 white hairs on her. She appears to be aging faster than her siblings. She was not happy about it.
Boogaboo has continued to demonstrate his evilness by stealing anything in sight even a sproing. He will be punished as soon as Napoleon gets around to it. I even caught him visiting turtle. One of these days a cat is going to be missing a toe because Turtle is capable of taking one off.

The Truth Can Make You Sick

I was kind of sick when I awoke this morning but after reading the newspaper, I was sicker.
For you youngsters, the newspaper is something that is printed on large pieces of paper and arrives in the morning in little plastic bags to your house. You have to unwrap it and actually hold it up and turn the pages to read it. It has one advantage over all the internet and cable news, the reporters tend to be real reporters who provide the unvarnished news. That may be why the newspaper is so unpopular.
The first thing I love to read is the TRUTHMETER. This takes statements by politicians and rates just how true they are. Is Rick Scott's new running mate an "outsider"? Well.....she wasn't in politics the first half of her life because she was in the military, but she has been in politics the last half. CONCLUSION: It is half true. Love that TRUTHMETER!
That was not what made me sick. Down here in Florida, and with a husband out seeking a job after almost 30 years service to a corporation, I am watching the job market. Here in Florida, it doesn't exist. So where are all the jobs the great stimulus money was supposed to create?
Well, don't bother calling the President. Instead, you might want to call the Republicans that control the Florida State Legislature. Yes, we are a Republican controlled state in Florida from the governor down!
It seems over 60% of the stimulus money that Governor Chris accepted from the Feds has NOT BEEN SPENT. YES you read that right. It is just sitting in the pipe line.
What has been spent is the money that helped retain jobs in the schools, law enforcement and other industries that have strong UNIONS! So to shut the UNIONS up, the Legislature happily released the stimulus money and the rest of us can starve under a bridge somewhere. Do you really want to elect these Republicans in November? Their only goal has been to sabotage President Obama and with him, US! He has a job; they have a job; we are suffering because of their partisan politics! They are nothing more than nasty little bullies who don't care who they hurt and don't want to admit they LOST the election.
I will not vote for him, but I would like to pat Charlie Chris on the back for having the guts to stand up to the Republican Congress in Florida. He has some things they lack: guts, a heart and integrity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Carrots: Think Again

Yup, I was taken in and used to buy them. They are so convenient, crisp and sweet. Little did I know, they are imposters.
There are naturally small carrots called miniature carrots and that is what I thought I was buying in those packages. Never, ever trust big business.
What they really are is carrots that have been left in the field so long they are fit only for animal feed. These huge carrots (yes the carrot like the radish will grow to enormous proportions if left in the ground.) are then taken to a factory where the center of the carrot is cut out forming that nice little "baby" you see. The center of the carrot is nothing more than cellulous. It is a series of "straws" that allow water and nutrients to travel up the root to the leaves of the plant sort of like our intestines. They then take those "babies" and soak them in sugar. Now you know why they are so tasty and you aren't losing any weight. Since the center of the carrot is a pale yellow, they dye them orange. Have you lost your appetite yet?
For a cheap alternative, you can buy a box of paper drinking straws, soak them in sugar and color them orange with food coloring and you have the same thing but cheaper.

UPDATE on Myself

I know some people have been wondering what is going on and others really couldn't care less, so they can stop reading. I'll take no offense.
There are several good things that have come out of my misery. First off, due to the fact that I keep tripping over the floor, my regular doctor sent me to a neurologist. It turns that my MRI actually proves I have a working brain! I have a CD with pictures! I also have no brain damage and my cognitive functioning is excellent for someone of my age even though I did forget to pay a bill. The doctor also talked me into taking Mirapex for RLS (restless leg syndrome). In the old days, they used to call that growing pains. At 59, I think I have stopped growing and started shrinking, in fact I know I have. I am only 5' 4.5" now. What I did not know is this condition is inherited. My father could never keep his foot still. The moment he relaxed, the foot started shaking. It never occurred to me that his symptoms were just another manifestation of my "growing pains". Now that I have medication, I am sleeping for the first time in my life. I actually fall asleep in a few minutes rather than a few hours like before. This has really improved my functioning as I am not longer permanently half asleep and completely exhausted. Rested is wonderful.
I had to have my right sinus operated on and drained. The bad news is it had a "cocktail of bacteria" in it that is only killed with a combination of two antibiotics. One of the meaner bugs is also something you only pick in hospitals so this infection is actually from my previous sinus surgery over 15 years ago! I have learned that it is next to impossible for a doctor to pin point a sinus infection until it is so bad you are sicker than a dog. Then, the only way to make certain of it is a CAT Scan. So I have been sick for almost 20 years. This also explains how after 3 days of antibiotics and I feel great and then even though I continue taking them, I start to go back down hill until I end the regime as sick as I started. It takes two antibiotics. The bad news is the only one that really smacks this stuff I am allergic to and hence, twice day, for Goddess knows how long, I have to put 2 ounces ice cold antibiotic solution up each nostril and yes, it hurts. I can't warm the solution because it will destroy the antibiotic.
But this pain and suffering is not without its comic relief. Huge pieces of (well, I'll be delicate and not say what) come out of my nose upon washing. The first time, the doctor took the longest pair of tweezers you have ever seen, reached up my nose and pulled out a blood scab that had me wondering if I had just lost part of my frontal lobe. This thing would have been the envy of any small boy and talked about way into high school. Not having the tweezers or the expertise and the $20,000.00 endoscope to see what I am doing, I have to depend on the wash pushing the stuff out. Unfortunately, it breaks and with every breath, I not only make interesting whistling noises but it flaps back and forth and tickles me. This has caused George to coin a new medical term for this condition called a "dangling tickler".
Moving on, my dermatologist has concluded that I will encounter something I am allergic to if I seal myself in a cocoon and hence, twice a week, I smear myself from head to toe with cortisone lotion. This leaves me a sticky mess but I have really soft skin.
My orthopedic doctor has convinced me to just come to terms with the fact I have osteoarthritis. It is going to hurt. Get used to it. I cannot remain still for long or I seize up. I am now getting way more exercise.
I have invested in a couple of nice wigs as my hair is not returning from the cancer operation and I am finally "owning my scar". There is no point in hiding it. I have survived cancer twice now because I insisted the doctors look further and not brush me off. Cancer has taught me persistence and to not take no for an answer when my gut says otherwise.
My gastroentrologist has given me nice meds for the stomach and I am doing well on them.
I finally met Dr. Rand of the Rand Eye Institute as my other doctor is a patient of his. You have to remember, I spent 10 years working in medicine so I know a few doctors. I discovered my eyesight is fine for my age and for the first time, I was not dispatched with a prescription for expensive glasses that never work. He told me to get a pair of 1.00 glasses for the computer work and my eye sight is great and no headaches. He also told me that the things I thought I was hallucinating swimming in front of me are actually protozoa on my lens and yes, they are swimming. Exactly why I manage to see them, no one knows but it probably has something to do with my ability to see a refractive index of .005 or less.
So, going to all these doctors has been exhausting and a full time job, but I know exactly where I am and as soon as we kill the bugs in my nose, I am going to be in GREAT SHAPE! DEATH TO ALL NASAL BACTERIA!

The Classic Con

I must admit, there are days when my head just spins, ala Linda Blair. So I thought I would explain how the classic con job works.
First, the con artist gets you in for enough money or effort that you can't back out. You simply have too much invested. Then he/she needs just a little more money to get you that big return until you are bled dry.Why did I point that out? Well, the Republicans took us from one of the most prosperous administrations with not only a balanced budget but an overage to the largest deficit in history and the brink of another Great Depression. Now, they want just a few more votes and they will get us out of it....yeah....sure. I've heard that one before and I'm not falling for it. It is the classic con job.
I have been looking at the issues and not the attack ads and here is what I have learned in our Florida governors' race. Rick Scott is going to cut everything (problem: that means jobs) and after he cuts everything thousands of jobs will mysteriously show up (through equally mysterious stimuli) and the economy will magically recover. Uh....we are under a Republican Administration with both houses of Florida Government controlled by Republicans and now they want more votes to do....what? More of the same which got us in this mess??????
Alex Sink on the other hand is showing exactly where she is going to cut and exactly how she is going offer stimulus packages to small businesses to get Florida back on its feet. As an accountant, her platform makes sense. His looks like, well, it doesn't look like anything but rhetoric.
Let's go for the bottom line, folks. Before Earl got near a shore, several states declared themselves disaster areas to get Federal Funds. Where do you think those funds come from?
Record floods have caused one disaster after another and the Federal Flood Insurance program is paying out billions. Where do you think that money comes from? Who do think underwrites it?
How many towns have been wiped out via tornado or fire this year? Where do you think money comes from to rebuild them?
Everyone thinks the reaction to the Gulf Crisis was too slow. Where do you think the money to react to the Gulf Crisis would come from?
The bank bailout may have looked big, but compare it to all the disaster bail outs, insurance bail outs and Bush's price tag for two wars and suddenly it isn't so big. It was Bush who started borrowing from China to fund his wars and it is President Obama who is stuck paying the bill and the interest, ie...US!
We have got to stop thinking of Federal Funds as an allowance and start looking at it as OUR MONEY WE EARNED! Now which do you want: A war against terrorism or rebuilding after a natural disaster? It is that simple. Do you have any idea how much the war on terrorism that mostly funded Bush's cronies companies has cost us since 9/11? So far we have no rights and some guy's shoes, another idiot that set his underwear on fire and the worst air travel in the world for convenience.
Screaming STOP THE SPENDING is a moot point. Most of the spending is paying off Bush's debts. They compound daily, just like your credit card interest. At least one good thing has come out of this. China doesn't dare start a war with us as their economy is dependent on us repaying Bush's loans. The bad news is all our money is headed to them.
You can't bury your head in American soil and scream to get everything back American. Your lovely American Corporations have outsourced our jobs to India, China, Mexico and anywhere there are no laws protecting laborers. Now they want a tax cut via the Republicans with the implication it will create more jobs in the USA. Try "create more jobs in India and China" for the truth. We gave big business 8 years of tax cuts and they sent our jobs overseas. Do you really want to give them another 4 years.....THINK. You can not trust these people with your future. They have already proven that. They are all about the bottom line and a highly skilled engineer in India makes $6,000.00 American a YEAR! A clerk at a fast food restaurant over here makes more money than that. Who do think they are going to hire? THINK!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Night Weaver

This link will take you to a description of what she is.

Every night, she weaves her web, sometimes 15 feet in diameter and every morning she takes it down. This week, she is trying to take over my parking space at home. See my facebook page for an album of pictures of her.

Fixing an Oil

Many people are confused about what fixing an oil means. It doesn't mean mixing it. It means attaching intent to it.
The easiest way to attach intent is via an object. Let's take money oil for an example. I know some practitioners that totally believe you have to add real money to oil to get the vibration. However, I am Scottish and cutting my money up would produce more anxiety for me than intent. So, I normally use dollar sign confetti. I usually keep both green and gold around for that very purpose. I also have some little dice confetti I use for gambling oil. Every time I shake the bottle, I am reminded of money pouring over me.