Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art Happens

Today I was making and refining some wall charms to hang on the wall behind my bed. I had a bunch of odds and ends at the shop that somehow never managed to find their intended place in sale merchandise and they came home a couple of days ago in my effort to unclutter. I knew as well as I know my name, that if I didn't do something with them quickly, they would become bedroom clutter and the cat dropped a book upon the bed. It was about making charms, amulets and so forth so I took it as a sign, that and the simple fact that one thing that crawled home with me was a large ceramic Celtic clover and it needed to be hung up. I was not willing to sacrifice it to the raccoon hoodlums as it is breakable.
On the other hand it was really green and even with the Celtic knots, it just wasn't me so now it sports a purple (bright purple) ribbon with a silver key and a pyramid and sphinx in fake turquoise that belonged to a friend...mounted on a ring. Given enough ribbon, anything can work. So may the key to knowledge bring me good luck.
On the other hand I had an ornamental mirror which by itself was quite pretty with its silver bow but it had a second hole in the bottom that was taunting me. It got a skull bracelet hung over the top and a pink and green ribbon off the little organic cookies I buy at
Bedners, plus a strange moon and a broken sun pendant someone gave me. People are always giving me broken jewelry or single earrings and whatnot. They eventually wind up in something. I carefully photographed then and put them up on Facebook when I noticed to my dismay the torn wallpaper.
The new cats seem to feel that wallpaper is a giant form of scratching post that provides small toys to be carried around in their mouth and batted for hours at a time. I could have a fit but the truth is the wall paper never really adhered to the wall and started peeling from the top down within days. I got really tired of grabbing the ladder and gluing it back fast. So when I moved my bed to the opposite wall and that cats began their reign of terror on it, I simply decided to let them take it off the wall.
As usual, that plan sucked like a Hoover as the wallpaper separated and left the ecru backing on the wall. As they tear a strip down, I pull it off the wall and have discovered it is creating a sort of an ancient boho chic artistic look that is random and something I REALLY like more than the wallpaper or the painted wall.
So many people tell me that they have no artistic talent and I always say to just let things happen. Sometime you create art, sometimes art creates you and sometimes art just happens.......I tend to be in the latter class. I start with a formal plan and then somewhere along the journey the cats get involved and the outcome doesn't even resemble my intention. It is always better. Let nature take her course and things just work out for the best. As I wrote this, a little pocket moon goddess fell out of somewhere and she has printed on the back: “May you always see the light of the Goddess on the path ahead.” Happy Beltaine!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Sky is Falling, the Grand Cross is Coming.

The Grand Cross of the 23rd is all over the astrological net and the sky is falling or so you would think. I have to admit, the aspects are alarming but every astrologer should know that every aspect, every position has two nice and one not so nice. So let's look at the Grand Cross.
I borrowed this from another astrologer who uses the same software I do for equal comparison's sake. Yes Mars is squaring old Pluto and normally that is an explosive combination. In a human chart, that would make for a really bad temper except for two things:
1. Mars (the god of war) is at his weakest in wishy washy Libra.
2. Pluto (the transformer) is not that happy in Capricorn (let's not change anything, I like my mountain cave. Please go home and leave me alone.).
The rest of Cross is very interesting
3. Uranus is very happy in explosive Aries who loves to start things and has no plan to finish them, but
4. Good old Jupiter (happy giving Liberal camper) is in home and family Cancer the crab (which always sidesteps every issue).
Oh dear this doesn't bode well for the end of the world.

This pretty much is the firecracker with no explosive dropped in a bucket of water and no one really cares.

Ah, but there are a few things this chart that is going around the internet left out:

This is the entire chart and it includes a Grand Trine. The Trine is exact to the Midheaven of the chart and that brings some strong cosmic energies into the mix which happen to be home and family Cancer which is trining Venus in Pisces, the most beautiful of lovers and the highest element of  metaphysical love and Saturn the teacher in Scorpio the sneaky and controlling. Saturn is lessons, karma and that you have learned. Nothing has ever won against Saturn.

The old guard expects everyone to rush into war and gets a shrug and maybe a kiss for his efforts or perhaps more likely, a kiss off. Sorry Merchants of War, no one is buying your product. The Truth is shining and you aren't controlling it. You have awakened the sleeping giant, womankind. We are sneaky and cunning and you are about to feel our wrath. Oh, and you aren't getting any until you change your ways but thanks for the chocolate.

Now these energies don't completely protect you from destruction because the Grand Cross occurs on the Ring of Fire, and that can and historically does bring earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Because of the Grand Trine in water signs, these may occur underwater and you should take to higher ground because we are talking tsunamis. I'd plan a 3 day vacation on a mountain top if I was in the line of fire, just to be safe.

I propose we spend every moment we can on April 23rd, thinking peaceful thoughts, refusing to listen to the propaganda (which will probably be in high gear), doing artistic things and communing with nature. This is a day we can spin the wheel of war out of our reality and simply refuse to participate. Let it grind the arms merchants into the ground. We have no need of them. They are obsolete.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is there coffee in the afterlife and are you getting a cup?

I have to laugh some times as I wonder what people expect is going to happen after life. Do you really expect to meet some supreme being who will offer you a comfy chair, a cup of tea or coffee and sit down with you, quill and parchment pad in hand and say, “Now, tell me all about what all those awful people did to you.”
Time to start laughing and I know you are giggling because you can see people you know actually expecting that and a massive planning session on how to get even with those who wronged you.
It doesn't work like that.
The most famous Chopra quote is, “You are a spiritual being having a human experience.”
You are energy, existing in a sea of energy with other energetic beings. Try to visualize living in an ocean. You are a jellyfish. You exist with other jellyfish (they are a colony of beings not one single being). There are currents you can go with or swim/push against. Whatever one jellyfish does affects all the other jellyfish because you are part of this huge bladder and none of you can really see the whole. The bladder may look like god to the limited perspective of a single creature living within but in reality, it has no brain, no will, or intelligence. It grows and exists simply to protect the little beings within it and here is the real kicker, the little beings actually create the bladder/god to protect themselves. It is nothing more than a shield against predators and the harsh conditions of the ocean. It is their city.
I think you can see that when one individual jellyfish dies, it doesn't meet the Supreme Bladder, have a cup of plankton and discuss its neighbors and all their failings.
Neither do you. The question will be simple. What did you do?
This is why I say the Law of Attraction is so much bunk. You do not attract, you emit energy. By your emissions or more accurately, omissions you bring a certain reality to you.
A simple law of nature tells us that nature abhors a vacuum, which in physics states that all things seek stasis or equilibrium. Water will flow from a higher level to a lower level until it is one level. A drop of ink placed in a glass of water will eventually disperse until the water is no longer completely clear. Substitute energy for water and ink and you understand the universe. You are the drop of ink that came into this life nice and compact. You are going to send your energy particles out into the glass of water you were dropped into (your family and community) until all the little drops blend together and create an energetic pool that then interacts with all the other energy pools in the huge Universe of energy. These energetic interactions follow the same rules as all do in physics and Particle Physics is just now realizing that the particles are just globs of energy constantly exchanging not particles but energy with all the energy around them.
The question you as a conscious energetic being will have to answer is what you did in this area of the quantum universe. What YOU did, not what others did to you.
So, I would suggest taking a few minutes to consider what you are really doing. You are the change. You are the center of your energy pool. What is happening because of you? Things are happening to you based on what others are doing and sending out. It is how you react and what you do with the energy that hits you, that will define your afterlives. There are no rewards. There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is a sum total of the energy you have created that you will now be subject to because in the soul state, you are it. You are the sum total of the energy you have emitted and you now get to become that energy.
Do you remember the Hindu concept that all souls returning to the one and some them return to this experience while, other having learned their lesson and becoming as the one is, become part of the one. If your energy is not compatible with the one, you return here or rather are bounced away from what you think is a god energy over and over until you become like it. Since you are a conscious energy, you are aware of this. You long for the one, the connectedness and the energy that is called love. The one could not exist if all its parts were trying to kill each other. You couldn't exist if you right hand decided to strangle you because it didn't like the perfume your nose decided to tell your brain to spray on your shoulders that morning.
You are a part of the One and until your energy is like that of the One, you keep being bounced away from the One and the further you are bounced, the more lonely you are and the greater the longing for the One that you seek its reflection in others in this area of existence. That is why really nasty people seek out good, gentle people and the energy seeking equilibrium tend to use up the gentle ones. Only in existing in a positive way with the others in this world, can you ever hope to return to that which you seek because what you seek is not a soul mate, but a soul energy that is so much greater than you. That is the meaning of the quote, “no man is an island.” We are all the sea and each and everyone of us affects the sea. It is all energy and vibration.
Seek to transform the world into the beautiful, loving god you want to believe exists and you will join with that energy. Seek to dominate, discriminate and destroy and that is “god” you will meet up with and back into the old energy soup you bounce.
Yes, we have entered a time where “evil” seems to outnumber “good”, but that does not take into account the power of good verses the force of evil. Eventually good will swamp what you think of as evil simply because power always trumps force. Force is isolated and fearful. Power is universal and fears nothing. Force exists for the benefit of the few trying to isolate themselves with ritual, sameness and walls of protection. Power is everything and exists simply to exist and grow for the benefit of everything. As the Aborigines say, Spirituality cannot exist until there is equality of gender and species. That is what true power seeks to do; celebrate the differences and unify them. Force seeks to isolate and accentuate the differences and pit them against each other. I think you can see which one is going to wear itself out.
It really is that simple. What did you do with the time you allotted yourself on this earth? Did you make people laugh or cry? Did you create beauty for all to enjoy or destroy beauty by forcing sameness? Did you try make the world a reflection of your fears by force or did you use your power to make the world a loving place?

We're all in this together and none of us is getting out of this alive.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apologies never work

True Growth

Ever since I was first exposed to Taoism, I have loved one parable in particular. It goes like this.
The old Monk is sitting by a stream. A scorpion falls into the water and is going to drown. Every time he reaches down and almost gets the scorpion to shore, it stings him and he drops it. Along comes his student and watches him for a moment. By now, the Monk's hand is swollen almost double but finally he manages to flip the scorpion onto shore and it runs off.
The student asks the old Monk why he kept lifting the scorpion out of the water when it was just going to sting him. The Monk answers that scorpion doesn't know any better but to sting the person helping it. The student ponders that and asks the old Monk if he jumped in the stream, would the old Monk continue trying to save him if he kept biting his hand. The old Monk answered: no.
The student was appalled. His Master would let him drown and he cried out, “Why?”
“Because you know better,” the old Monk answered.
I understood part of that parable for many years but only recently have come to completely understand it. It has to do with forgiveness and apology. People are quick to apologize and the general habit is that you have to accept the apology no matter how insincere. Every 12 step program has people going around apologizing to the people they hurt and if you don't accept that apology, well you are lower than a worm. The problem is that it has become ritual with no meaning.
On one of my many trips to the afterlife, I ran into someone who lived a long life; immature, selfish and just plain mean. They may have directly contributed to their own child's death by just being greedy. So when I ran into this person, they were wringing their hands and running around the hall begging everyone, including me to find out if the child had forgiven them.
I went into the hospital room where the child, now a man, was working. He asked me if his father was still accosting people in the hallway trying to find out if he was forgiven. I just rolled my eyes and he shook his head and went back to writing. It was then I totally understood.
No one can forgive you. No God can forgive what you have done to another. No priest or preacher can absolve your sins against others. No number of apologies are going to win any awards, unless you can truly be sorry for what you have done and have learned never to do it again, you are not forgiven and the scale is tipped against you. You must be sorry for what you did, learned from it and moved on to a higher state of consciousness where this will not happen again. Otherwise, you are on the hamster Karma wheel for eternity and you will be begging for a spit on the roasting fire.....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why are they lying?

Why on earth are they lying?
That is really the premise of my research. There is too much evidence proving that all of “recorded” history a lie written by a small group of individuals for money. Yes, written for money and with money came power. But there is a secondary question or perhaps primary question that no one addresses. Money is an invention and power is an invention. Ask yourself, once out of the box, if either are actually necessary. The answer if you really stay out of the box is no. So both excuses for the lying to and subjugation (mental and/or physical slavery) of humans is an invention and where there is an invention, there has to be an inventor. Why did something invent this?
As I study all the various solid evidence that has been gathered and can no longer be suppressed in the “information age”, one has to ask why so much is invested in keeping, particularly religious people, ignorant of their own heritage. You may say to maintain the religious status quo, but it would be just as easy to claim new information “proving” the religious beliefs and not open yourself to ridicule. The same theory exists for science which for ages has just been ignoring anything that didn't agree with the religious time line as just not there. You must remember that all science/technology began and followed the orders of religion. It still does. Archeologists seek in the Turkish mountains something that cannot exist: Noah's Ark. Why can't it exist? It cannot exist because to repopulate any area, it takes at least 23/29 adults of differing genetic heritages otherwise you inbreed so severely that the line dies out in a few generations. There is no ark that big. And while we are talking about size, try to calculate how much 2 of every animal would weigh and biggest payload of any cruise ship, then factor in some really big waves and you can stop looking for a boat on a mountain and start looking for small pieces in the ocean. So why are so-called men of science on a fool's mission?
Why are the Rockefellers maintaining a “museum” in Israel to keep the Dead Sea Scrolls in? It would seem the Rothchildes would be more than capable of that, except the word museum indicates something on display and all but 2 of the scrolls are locked up in a climate controlled vault where they can never be touched or translated and the other two are not available to anyone who would actually publicize their content as they are deemed too controversial to be released. These scrolls are written in Sumerian and proto Sumerian, all of which are easily translated today, and are documents from the time that “Jesus” lived. They are not the original “Bible”, just documents of life in that era that so contradict the current version of the “Bible” that they can not be released to the general public because you are apparently so immature, stupid and worthless that you cannot have the history of your own kind written by your own ancestors. I find that insulting and I am not even of the belief systems spawned by Abraham.
However, you might want to follow this little piece of logic. If they can't translate this Sumerian ( lie), then how did they manage to translate the documents that became the Bible which would have originated at the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls? Interesting, my dear Watson....someone has to be lying big time. Either someone made up the Bible hundreds to thousands of years later or they knew what was in the Dead Sea Scrolls to begin with and lied about it. Ah, but it cannot be the later because they translated two of them before they realized this was “dangerous information”. Here is another thing people do not seem to catch on to. Churchward and a whole cadre of amateur archeologists managed to get their hands on bunches of these scrolls by simply buying them in bazaars in the Middle East. They aren't very large and the holders make nice jewelry. You would be hard pressed to find one after the two founding families managed to get two of them translated. Doesn't it make you a little angry that the details of your savior's (Jesus) life is locked in a vault in Israel, untranslated (yeah, sure) and YOU will never be allowed to know one word of it? Let me repeat the important words: NEVER BE ALLOWED. I would be red haze, spitting mad, but that is just me.
What is needed for research of the variety I have done? Books, a yellow lined pad and a computer are the main tools, however the computer is last tool. Why? Simply because you love GOOGLE and Wikipedia but you don't know both are manipulated to give you the information that someone, somewhere wants you to have. GOOGLE works on a public algorithm placing the most used links first. So all you have to do is go out to a site multiple times, which can be done with several computers using various servers and not a human in sight, and you push the listing toward the top of the list or you can just pay to have it done. What the private algorithms are, no one knows but you can be pretty sure they refine the manipulation of what you see. Wikipedia relies on contributions by you and me but what you don't know is every subject has a committee that controls which of those submissions are allowed on the site and those committees have been proven to be more corrupt than Congress, furthering private monetary agendas (selling their books) and character assassination not to mention trying to wipe out entire bodies of information.
That is why I tend to rely on good old hard copy books and magazines whose words cannot be changed in the blink of an eye next time you log onto the net. In my favorite magazine I came upon a simple reference and picture...yes....there is a well defined black and white glossy made up of billions of megapixels because it is film, sitting in my hand. You may be aware that the Sumerians originated in the Middle East. What you may not know is the Middle East once had large portions of Africa included in it. Anyway, the Sumerians happily were involved in the occupation if not building of the pyramids, megalithic (huge stone) cities and things we have no idea what they were used for....however, the question of how you build a temple city by digging down into the ground so that the top of the temple is level with the surrounding area bears some thought and why the heck you would do it.
But the bigger question here, is how a bowl with Sumerian writing on it found its way into the Metallurgical Museum in Bolivia which is located in South America to the east of the joining point of Chile and Peru on the west coast of the continent. It originated there. One might also like to consider that Titicaca, the favorite word of all little boys learning the geography of South America has no roots in the language of the Mayans, Olmecs, Toltecs, Inca and definitely not the Aztecs. It does translate from Sumerian to tin vessel and the lake itself seems to be the site of extensive mining. While we are talking about Inca, you might want to consider that is also Sumerian: Enka. I always wondered about that word because it would seem the Spanish writing it down would have written Enca as the pronunciation of I and E are reversed in Spanish. On the other hand it seems they didn't make a mistake after all.
Into the fray of who is lying and why comes a new science that the Fundamentalist and Dominionist Christians want destroyed. It is the science of genetics which was doing really well flying under the radar until it discovered mitochondrial DNA or the DNA you inherit from your mother. It allowed a brand new type of archeologist to now join in human evolution war and suddenly new papers you were taught were LAW in college turn out to be just so much paper. Did you know that the two scientists that originated the Out of Africa theory of human evolution withdrew the theory and declared it WRONG a few years after publishing it? No, you didn't. That theory is still in text books and it is wrong. The math was wrong. Math never lies unless it is statistics and then it lies like a dirty dog. Statistics should not be permitted to be called math.
It seems mankind didn't originate in Africa at all. We originated somewhere around Australia. Aboriginal Mitochondrial DNA is contained in almost all of us. Remember Fringe and the watchers? Well, you are going to find this interesting as it isn't science fiction. It is the legend of the origin of mankind and a few metaphysical concepts from our ancestors, the Aboriginies.
“Whether the African strand of Homo sapiens emerged 40,000 years ago is of no account, our focus is on the much earlier Australian genes, journeys and heritage. We have examined a few of the locations reached, but as for the religious legacy of the Dreaming as evidenced through the nine shared mystical principles, underpinned by equality of gender and species, that is yet another chapter of an ancient story that spans eons and geography. Their intimate awareness of the divine, along with the lesser gifts of sailing, astronomy, brain surgery, penicillin, burial/cremation/embalming, amputations, axe-making, democracy, bows and arrows, and so much more, is part of a forgotten origin that deserves to be heard once more” Steven Strong.
The Aborigines are by their own admission, watchers. They record the progress of humankind without interference or judgment and from new mitochondrial evidence, remained in contact with the Dravidians of India until around 8,000 years ago when flooding isolated them.
Did they go to South America? Yes, their DNA is found in the indigenous peoples. Evidence of their migration into the Americas is found in areas like South Carolina. I firmly expect that if we do some digs in every heavily, anti-science state, we will find evidence of the Aborigine. Religion, the new way to suppress science when the colleges and universities fail to do so, should be the title of today's world.
But, why? Money and power are the tools. But, these are tools of something that wants to suppress knowledge that is exploding all over the world. What is the something?
That may be hinted at in Aborigine religion or metaphysics. Stated simply, they are the keepers of the spiritual and the ones who moved offshore and became the watchers of science and technology. Science and technology are the destroyers of the world in their “mythology” and only their metaphysics can prevent that or restore the world. This is what “something” doesn't want you to even get wind of and why it works tirelessly to suppress your real history.
You see, you have missed the most important question of all. Who did Abel and Cain marry? Who did the Aboriginal watchers leave Australia to watch and, as we know from studying DNA and an even more important little cell part; the part that contains the antigens, or little critters that the cell makes to protect you from local diseases, interbreed with to create what we are now, modern man. The Aborigines claim they are the first race, not the first men or humans, but the first race. The rest of are their descendants created from all the other known races and one UNKNOWN race. That is what they don't want you to know.
Those little Aboriginal DNA strands, depending on their concentration, connect you to the web of this planet and the Universe. They give you the spiritual longing and unfortunately the weakness to be manipulated by religion and its controllers as long as those controllers can promise you a spiritual experience you cannot seem to reach alone. It may just be the reason you can't reach it alone is you have no idea what it is and as long as technology can separate you from the matrix of earth, you cannot connect to the Aboriginal mind and DNA and hence can never reach the spiritual thing you seek. It's like having the biggest, fastest, best computer in the world and not being able to get on the Internet because you forgot to pay the DSL bill.
Have you ever wondered why churches are so technologically backwards? Most of them don't even want to give up natural lighting from those stained glass window or those big honking organs. Smaller ones don't even want simple microphone set-ups. Less technology and science is very much the road to more connection to spirituality until some smart person learns to use technology to connect to nature instead of to disconnect from nature. As long as the Church and its manipulator can be the sole provider of the experience, they have a good game going. It really explains how spiritual people are in church throwing good money into the plate for the poor and voting to cut food stamps as soon as they exit the door and seeing nothing contradictory about that.
But as long as religion and politics can convince you to deny the first two principles of Aboriginal metaphysics which is the equality of gender and species, you are doomed to ignorance, spiritual abandonment and exile from the Dreamtime which may well be the real world. So, do you want the red pill of separatism, power and money or the blue pill of equality, generosity, peace and spirituality? You have been convinced that blue pill is weakness but take a second look my friends. Number one is transient, it cannot last and feels really bad. Number two lasts forever, even through death.
That is really the question facing every person on this planet and I think you can see the stakes are really high for those in power. Power only exists if someone, somewhere gives up their power to you.
I heard something interesting I had forgot. Originally the peasants were too poor to have a really good piece of clothing to be buried in as functional clothing required pockets and pockets cost money in extra fabric. So the death suit was made to look good but had no pockets. Hence, you can't take it with you as you have nothing to carry it in....
When what you are carrying is imprinted on your soul, in your DNA or is your soul, you don't need money for pockets.

BUT, we still have no clue as to who manipulates the manipulators.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Support, don't Destroy.

Friends, pagan, Wiccan, HooDoo, Druid, whatever....please listen to an old woman who has 42 years experience as a professional psychic and Druid.

Every 5 – 8 years I see the same thing happen in the metaphysical and even, believe it or not, in the Fundamentalist Christian churches. We go from having open psychics, workshops, meet-ups, businesses and whatever your grouping is: church, grove, coven in every city with a growing audience, clientele and social circle to maybe one business, psychics hiding in the closet, hidden groups of 2 or 5 people meeting in dark corners in less than a year.

The last time this happened was 2008. I know from personal experience that the most popular and successful company hawking their flawed wares knew exactly to the day when the market was going to crash because they timed their last sales push to the minute. They also bankrupted stores across this country, leaving them with merchandise they paid more for wholesale than was now being sold for in mass market bookstores. I tell you this because you should not feel like this is an isolated movement by a couple of psychic condo commandos. It is nationwide and it effectively destroys everything we spend 5 to 8 years building and it is afoot again, right on schedule.

Step one is to break the community apart from within using the oldest trick in the book. We need to police ourselves because there are evil people doing bad things in our community. There are con artists in every single profession. We don't have a disproportionally large number though you would think there was one on every street corner. There must be over a hundred psychics doing legitimate readings in my county and there are two groups of “gypsy fortune tellers”. Newsflash: the cops are on to them. They know they are trafficking in humans. They are slowly and carefully creating a case against them and just like the Marks in Miami, they will meet a jail cell and be forced to give millions back to the people they cheated.
These people fire bomb each other. Do you really want to go up against them? Maybe I should ask if you want your home and business burned down and to wind up dead. Let the police do the job of policing. That's what they train for and get paid to do. It's not what you do and the old excuse of the poor mundanes can't take care of themselves, insults you and them.

Trying to play Psychic Condo Commander, does nothing for our community. If you want to get rid of the non-psychics, those poor deluded people who had one experience that seemed psychic and set up shop, the way you do it is through education and through providing an exceptional service. I have people come to my shop and say, he's a nice guy but not psychic. The “mundanes” as you call them, know real psychics just like they know the difference between playing piano in a bar and being a concert pianist. They also know con artists. Give them some credit. Face it, either your predictions come true or they DON'T. If they don't, people do not return and spend money on you.

Even the people who get conned know they are being conned. No woman looks in the mirror and sees someone marginally attractive and thinks the guy with a Barbie doll on each arm leaning against the Corvette is going to fall madly in love with her and whisk her off to Paris for a life of luxury even if some psychic is telling her that. She may buy the love spell but she knows it isn't going to work. I have women tell me they knew when they spent 25,000.00 on a love spell, it wasn't going to work and they did it any way.

I know one person who scared people into sending him between a few dollars to a few hundred a month. He doesn't know he was recorded, the recording was taken to the cops and the cops in that state reached out the cops here and he is being watching. Someone always goes to the cops and the fraud division sets their sights on them. They don't need you playing cop. You just bungle it up for them.

So, instead of trying to set everyone in the community at everyone else's throat, let's try something new. Don't try the old 'if you have nothing to fear' crap on me. It gets to the point in a couple of months that even when your best friend takes you out for coffee, you afraid you will be the next victim of the psychic police mafia and you are walking on egg shells watching every word. That is very stressful and psychics don't preform well under stress. What we need to do is support each other, not tear them down and particularly not on Facebook, people. I constantly say if you want to know what I am doing, ask me. And if I know, I will tell you. Some days, your guess is as good as mine.

Not every person wears the same style clothes. Not every person likes the same food. Not every psychic is going to click with every client. You like some people. You don't like other people. It is simple. Often the client tells tales just because they didn't like or click with the psychic. Some times the psychic has already discovered the client is delusional and it may take you a few weeks to make the same discovery. So, take most of what you hear with a grain of sand and a wait and see attitude. You never know when the person may have issues with the person and not the psychic and be out to ruin their reputation and if you are honest, you will admit it has happened to you.

While we are admitting these things to ourselves, you also have to admit that you are suspicious some people in our field are out to destroy the whole community and I am going to tell you, you are right. That is why this happens every few years on schedule like a bad case of the flu. The people who finance this have deep pockets and they troll the communities for someone respected, personable and needing money or with something to hide. I saw guy go from 2nd hand beat up car living in a trailer park to Cadillac, condo on the intracoastal and TV ministry in ONE WEEK. The guy didn't even believe in any God. It's not just us, that get this treatment.

But if we support each other, we reduce the number of vulnerable people to be picked on and used, because when they (those doing this) get the desired result, you will be living in a camper because it is all you own and you also will have a legal gag order preventing you from warning anyone else. They will throw you away like last year's garbage.

So how do we support each other? When you decide to hold that psychic fair remember you are running things. Bring in the psychics you know are honorable, hard working people and leave the con artists and borderline schizophrenics at home. It's better to have a few good people than several dozen half baked psychics. Use your fair to educate people. Print out handouts explaining your fair is providing a SAMPLE of what a psychic reading is and that is why the price is lower. Then, don't go too low and always set time limits. People like to pay in one location, know when they are going to get their reading and how long it will take. People are busy and their time is as valuable as yours. People hate to stand in line in this country. So have a sign in table, a schedule for every psychic and keep the people out of the reading area because you never know who is listening and who knows who. If you are a store, remember you are making your profit off selling product and the psychics are really advertising.
This doesn't mean several of us can't get together and have little fair or you have an open house. Just about every Saturday, I offer abbreviated readings for 20.00 in the parking lot. They are short and to the point. It lets those who have no experience with me or readings, get to know me and experience a reading. It lets my regular customers drop in and get that one question answered when they don't need a whole hour reading. It doesn't hurt anyone. You can do the same thing as an open house if you don't have a store and work at home. Keep things fun.

Educate.....that should be in capitals. Tell people the one free question or 10.00 card reading is a con to separate the gullible from the skeptics. They can go through a 100 people for free because the con artist is looking for the one they are going to fleece for thousands of dollars. They can pay thousands of dollars in license fees out of petty cash because they fleece people out of a minimum of 15,000.00 each up to millions. How do you think they can afford an office on a main highway in a business district and a big car and several security men on 10.00 readings? Do the math.
Tell people flatly the 200.00, light 7 candles in 7 churches will bring back that lover is a ruse. First off, are there actually 7 churches you can light candles in where you are? I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and there aren't. Actually most churches down here use LED votives because of fire ordinances and heat.
If your money needs cleansing, why not just take it to the bank and have them give you new money? If I thought that dollar, it's been a slow week, in my wallet was cursed I'd just spend it or get it exchanged at the bank.
Be honest. Some times the spirits talk and some times they seem to be on vacation and Uncle Harry isn't any smarter dead than he was alive. Not everyone has a past life as a king or queen. Not everyone will be able to access their past life. Some times the Universe refuses to show us the future. Be honest and tell people that. They need to know we are just people who have a TALENT.....we don't have anything more special than a concert pianist, a baseball pitcher or a surgeon.
It is not a 6th sense. It is an augmentation of the same five senses that everyone has. You see more, hear more, feel more, taste more and smell more. That's all. Everyone has those five senses but only around 18% will have any degree of psychic ability and some people will actually be negatively impacted. They are the clumsy people who don't ever have a clue about other people and are black and blue from running into coffee tables. It is just like singing. Some people can't carry a tune in a bucket but most people can sing. There are only a few that are going to make records, be on stage or sing opera. The distribution of talent is the same across everything: doctors, lawyers, plumbers, singers, musicians, artists, mechanics, engineers, cooks and Indian chiefs.
People need to know that it takes years of study to become an astrologer or a Tarot reader. I started studying the Tarot at 16 when I saved up for my first deck and I studied and practiced every night because it beat homework. I don't think I was truly competent until I was 23. I spent 2 years in class, yes a real class, learning the basics of astrology. Then you interned under an astrologer and maybe after 5 years of study and internship, you got to actually interpret a chart. Admittedly, a lot of that time was spent learning the math and constructing a chart because we didn't have computers but it was long time and a lot of learning to know whether aspect a or b was the most important. People need to know that your psychics have put in as much time as most people spend on a B.A. learning their craft. I know, I have a B.A. and it was easier than Tarot Cards.
People need to know they are paying for the psychics' time. If a plumber fails to unstop your toilet, you are still paying for him trying to do it. If you get a second opinion from another doctor, you are still paying the first doctor for his opinion. You are paying for time and expertise and if you don't like the answer, well, you aren't paying for the answer. You are paying for the process.
Our only defense is an educated consumer and in the end, the more educated the consumer, the easier our job.
So, if you don't like a presenter at a show, don't attend or don't go to their lecture. But, don't smear the event and the presenter all over Facebook, because you aren't winning any points, you are just giving the enemy ammunition to shut everyone down. The same with other psychics. These silly little wars are destroying everyone not just the guilty. I read some of these things and wonder how anyone in the general area makes any money after people read this stuff. After last years VooDoo wars I was beginning to think the qualification for being in that religion was insanity.
Have a little compassion. People fall in with the wrong people. I know more than one psychic who goes from marriage to marriage looking for a man to promote them and what they get is worn out and used up, dropping from exhaustion and then they repeat the cycle until they have no talent left. If a guy pitches 12 hours a day, that arm wears out and it may not recover. I have actually been pushed in a commercial environment to do so many readings my hands could not shuffle cards for a couple of days and I have carpal tunnel syndrome from it. Miss or over use your ability and you will lose it. If you lose it at the top of your career, you are going to try to fake it and you will fail. We all know the failures. Don't be afraid to ask if you can help and don't be afraid to ask for help. Know your limits and know the limits of your profession.
Support rather than tear down. Clients want to feel good. You want to feel good. No one can feel good if they think they are constantly on trial. So let's try to avoid losing everything this cycle, refuse to embrace the holier than thou and get together and have some fun and support. We can do this. This time we CAN change the world for the better.

And please try to remember, at least for now, in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. If someone has not been proven guilty in a court of law, they deserve the same benefit of the doubt you would like to have. If some people were actually guilty of what they accused, they would be in jail by now. The cops aren't stupid and they read the books. The cops are always somewhere and always looking for a nice collar to earn a reputation. Remember that.