Sunday, December 20, 2015

Forecast for Dec 2015

I am not posting this on my web page because it is the end of December my new page starts in 2016 but here is everything you need to know about the end of December Astrologically.

Dec. 20. Between 5:01 PM and 7:13 PM, be very careful of anything that could start a fire. Aries will finds himself feeling confused and suffers from brain fog. Aries, you might want to avoid operating heavy equipment. Virgo and Scorpio are easily irritated and very irritating. Temper tantrums will occur if you try to push either sign to do anything fast in this period. Libra is annoyed at everything and everyone and the usual stomping tantrum may cause an accident.

Dec. 21. The Winter Solstice is at 11:48 PM when the Sun enters Capricorn. An elder can succeed in hurting everyone's feelings. By nightfall, change is on the wind.

Dec. 22. Between 9:26 AM and 9:31 PM EST, Taurus is having trouble balancing the budget and there is a possibility of a lost purse or wallet. Keep your possessions close today. Sagittarius and Libra are very irritating and will encourage you to give more than you can afford. Scorpio is sneaky and whatever you do, don't regift something belonging to them. You may not live to regret it.

Dec. 24. If your shopping isn't done by 3:04 PM EST, throw in the towel. I mean it. Anything bought after that time is a bad idea, particularly communications products. Gemini is totally scatter brained, even more than usual. Capricorn is depressed and Scorpio is aggravating. Sagittarius is in a foul mood. So, settle down and enjoy a movie with the headphones on. Apply eggnog liberally.

Dec. 25. Fortunately the short tempers and bad feelings end at 12:27 AM. The Moon is Full at 3CANCER20, 6:12 AM. People will be family orientated, weepy and crabby. Everyone is walking on egg shells and austerity prevails. When they say you shouldn't have don't be surprised if they return the gift tomorrow. Uranus, the planet of sudden upsets and surprises, goes direct at 10:53 PM and starts picking up speed to bring surprises, usually not of the nice variety.

Dec. 26. Kwanza begins. At 10:36 PM things with home, hearth and family can start to go wrong. Cancer is miffed because no one is complimenting their decorations, food and helpfulness. Probably because everyone is feeling smothered. Aquarius and Sagittarius have pretty much had it with the whole peace on earth and goodwill thing so don't push them. Capricorn is really in a foul mood and probably won't speak to anyone until after 5:31 AM tomorrow when the void of course ends.

Dec. 29. Leo is really having a tantrum between 12:38 PM and 1:58 PM. Anything you say will insult them. Everyone will feel a little out of sorts and confused. Headaches abound so if you suffer from migraines, do not ignore the first symptoms. Pisces and Capricorn are confused, irritating and best left alone until this passes. Aquarius is trying to figure out what is going on, as usual. Aquarius doesn't have clue about others' feelings. Electrical fires start under this aspect.

Dec. 30. Venus enters Sagittarius at 2:16 AM. After all the drama, you wake up to a clean, clear slate and maybe snow. Things lighten up and become more playful. This period makes you feel more young at heart but if you are trapped indoors you are going be chomping at the bit to get out and do something. Take it slow and easy or wear a cast later.

Dec. 31. New Years Eve finds people cautiously optimistic. Parties are a little subdued. Everyone is remembering those they have lost this year.

And so ends 2015, not with a bang but a whimper.