Thursday, November 25, 2010

If only....Turkey Coma

If only I could turn my evil cooking talents to diet food. Dear Goddess, I must stop watching America's Test Kitchen unless I can figure some way to hijack that all stainless steel stove....
Anyway, they were cooking mashed potatoes, which I thought was safe because I am not making them until I lose 40 pounds, and then they moved into turkey. They showed how to make an herbed turkey. You lift the skin and place the herbs under the skin after you cut a slice into the breasts and insert more herbs to create sort of a turkey roll when you slice it.
As it so happened, when we stopped at Bedner's after the Jewelry Show in Palm Beach, I bought two beautiful pots of rosemary and thyme. Those pots beat the big box stores hands down. So, I gave them a "hair cut" and also cut some of my dill for butter. The herbs, some poultry seasoning, garlic and oilve oil went into the Ninja and made a nice slurry that I put on the Turkey as directed. Then I inserted it into a cooking bag. Next time, put the herbs on after the cooking bag is in place. I only had a 12 pound turkey but when you make the slits in the breast, you reduce the cooking time by over a half hour. This I did not know. But all turned out just fine.
Then, I Ninjaed an entire garlic in olive oil with several tablespoons of course sea salt and coated about 10 baking potatoes with it. They went in the oven with the Turkey. Then I blended half a stick of butter with the dill. That was the best dinner. I was glad I didn't bother with the greens as I was totally stuffed...hence the turkey coma.
That organic turkey melted in your mouth. Forget the Butterball. Even the legs on this turkey are delicious. The back went to the cats and last I saw, Fionna was trying to drag a piece off that was bigger than her. I think Napoleon crawled into it. I sure hope they manage to wash before crawling into bed with me. Then again, that is assuming either one will be able to jump by the time I get home.....
With nothing else on TV, I got caught up watching Julie Childe and another French chef do a turkey. Next turkey, I do this. You cut the legs off and use them for stock which you make in a frying pan. You then remove the spine and the wing tips. You really need meat scissors for that. This spreads the turkey out. Then you use the stock to make the stuffing which you pile in the pan and place the openned up turkey over it. That is going to make one moist pan of stuffing and should cut the turkey cooking time significantly. Ahhh, if BJ's has discounted turkeys tomorrow...the cats and I are eating like royalty, even if I can only have a spoon full of stuffing. I make mine with whole grain bread and sour dough bread. Gee, I really need a sage plant...
Now I have to plan to do the one thing I swore I would never do. No, it is not wash dishes because I do that all the time. That Dawn for hands with Olay something in it, is really good. I love the lavendar. Anyway, I have to get my prescriptions filled because George got sick last night. So, I have to go to Target before we open in the morning, on Black Friday...Oh dear Goddess I am distraught. Normally, the day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the time I will only shop food. I never enter a mall or a shopping center and tomorrow I have to break my rule. Crappie!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Day!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Those of you with arthritis know how it goes. You lie over 2 hours in one position and you stiffen up and have to wake up and move because you are in pain. It really ruins a good night's sleep. But I was up early and ready for my doctor's appointment. As they say, the proof is in the pudding or in my case, the scale. I lost 4 pounds. I am finally losing weight and I attribute it totally to cutting all processed food out of my diet. Folks, I think someone is trying to kill us with this food. The amount of sodium and sugar in SOUP is outrageous. They have to adding it. How can vegetable soup have 16 grams of sugar????
The really good news is Costco is carrying Annie's soups! I have lentil and vegetable! Yummy and totally organic for those of you who don't know! They also have organic turkeys and you have almost 3 hours to get one.
On the way back, I was joyful until I wound up behind a car with a bumper sticker on it with a hammer and sickle and the wording "tell Obama socialism has never worked". Well, first off Socialism is not Communism and the hammer and sickle are the Soviet Union's symbol representing the revolution of the people against the oligarchy (Czar). On the other hand, it may happen here. Secondly, socialism is working quite well in Europe, Scandinavia China, parts of Africa and a good deal of Latin America. It's democracy that seems to have the problem along with the free market system that almost allowed us to crash the entire world economy. And lastly, President Obama is not a socialist. He would be bounced out of that club, fast.
Here is this uneducated idiot driving a luxury foreign car that costs more than I paid for my house, with the requisite cross hanging from the rear view mirror that I recognize as being made in India and wearing his designer clothes made in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Latin America. I doubt if he had one thing in that car or on his body that was made in America and he has the gall to blame President for the state of the economy. THE IDIOT IN THE CAR IS TO BLAME.
Then by the time my temper is back under control after a lovely Costco shopping experience I had to get on the road, again. People were really in a good mood today. I come up behind a Toyota Tundra, double cab truck plastered with Republican stickers and trashing the Democrats. They rolled the back window down the interior was all leather so you know how much that truck cost and once again....everything in it is made in a foreign country. The same story with the Audi on the other side and the luxury car opposite me. Here in the front of the line is a poor little beat up Ford truck, with a guy obviously out busting his hump to make some money, probably to buy dinner for his family, with a lawn mower and some tools sporting the only Obama sticker in the crowd. Gee, I wonder if those other bumper stickers were printed in China? That would complete the picture. AND DON"T TELL ME AMERICAN CARS DON"T HOLD UP...I wouldn't trade our two Ford Vans for a Toyota on a bet!
And for this, these over 250,000.00 earners (cause you sure don't get a loan on one of those babies making minimum wage - can't afford the insurance!) want a tax break so they can buy more products. It won't be your products will be a condo in Dubai or Costa Rica, a foreign car, designer clothes made over seas and by the way, jewelry made overseas because we have few jewelry manufacturers left in this country. India and Mexico bankrupted them with cheap silver and gemstones. And don't worry, because your job is in India and China, your money might as well go there, too.....
Oh and a few words about that propaganda show called "Out Sourced". Right after we exported all our jobs to India, and Bush gave companies a big bonus for doing it, India gave all foreigners notice to get out of the country. All work being done in India in multinational companies will be done by Indians not their multinational work force! So that really is a fiction show. India wouldn't permit two Americans to run the phone room in India. Do you get the picture yet? It is propaganda, trying to humanize the workers in other countries who took your jobs so you won't feel quite so angry.
Funny, it doesn't work on someone with degrees in psychology who specialized in brain washing.....I AM ANGRY.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The REAL Truth about the current and projected national Debt..

I didn't write this and it is a little dry, but it blows the lid off what the Tea party and the Republicans have been claiming. This is a non-partisan report:

Editor's Note: Below are seven facts you really should know about debt and the budget deficit. The list comes to us from Our Fiscal Security, where this piece first appeared.

1. The deficit is the gap between what the government spends and the revenues it collects each year. We didn't always run deficits. When President Clinton left office, the federal budget was running a surplus of $236 billion, or about 2% of the U.S. economy. And that extra revenue was being used to pay down the national debt. To understand how we moved from big surpluses to a growing deficit, it's helpful to examine each of the major factors driving our nation's current deficits.

2. Every million additional jobs we generate reduces the deficit by $54 billion.

3. It's misleading (and dangerous) to confuse the short-term budget shortfall with the medium-term deficit or the long-term debt. Here's a way of understanding it:

• The Short-Term Recession Shortfall (1-3 years): The Great Recession was responsible for 61 percent of the deficit last year.

• Tax receipts fell as people lost jobs and income and businesses failed; federal tax revenues declined from 18.5% of GDP in 2007 to 14.8%.

• Spending rose with government supports such as unemployment insurance, the Recovery Act, TARP funds, payments to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and discretionary outlays for defense spending, from 19.6% of GDP in 2007 to 24.7%.

• The Medium-Term Bush Deficit (10 years):

• We ran a $236 billion surplus before the Bush tax cuts, but we have run deficits for the past 9 years.

• The ten-year projected deficit is entirely explained by the economic downturn, the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush tax cuts and the wars made up $500 billion of the 2009 deficit and will create $6 trillion in deficits and debt service over the next decade.

• The Long-Term Health Care Costs Debt (30 years +):

• The rapidly rising cost of private health care -- doctor's visits, prescription drugs, procedures -- is the only truly unsustainable part of the long-term budget. If U.S. health care costs were growing at the rate of other wealthy countries, we would have no long-term debt problem.

• Social Security does not significantly contribute to the long-term debt picture. Its total shortfall is projected to be 0.7% of total GDP of the next 75 years, a small effect on the budget compared to the economic downturn and the Bush-era tax cuts, which will, over the next decade, consume 1.5% and 2.6% of GDP respectively.

4. A bi-partisan taskforce has identified over $1 trillion in defense spending that could be saved over ten years to reduce the deficit without jeopardizing national security.

5. The claim that the United States faces over $63 trillion in liabilities, unfunded retirement and health care obligations is based on deceptive and misleading figures-which are based on projections of health care costs over 75 years, and assumes no changes in tax revenues or reductions in health care costs.

• The CBO estimates that between 2012 and 2020, the debt held by the public will only rise by around 1%, far from the rapid ballooning that these claims make.

6. Most economists agree that debt held by the public -- rather than gross debt -- is the proper measure on which to focus because that's what really affects the economy. Studies showing the U.S. near a debt "tipping point" of 90% of GDP make improper comparisons between the U.S and other countries.

7. Contrary to general belief, high debt does not necessarily lead to slow growth, but rather slow growth can lead to growth in debt.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

To the Idiot walking to 77 court at 7 PM

Yes, you are an IDIOT.
You were dressed in all dark colors, with a cell phone attached to your ear walking with traffic instead of against as required by law. Suddenly, you stepped farther into the street and never even noticed the HUGE white commercial van that missed you by about 6 inches nor the two cars behind it that swerved just in time to avoid killing you! Fortunately there was no on-coming traffic or you would have caused a huge accident.
I know because I was driving the commercial van and if my reaction time wasn't close to 5 times faster than the average person, you would be road kill. I looked in my side view mirror and you were yakking away, looking to right as the other two cars tried to avoid you on the left, completely oblivious. No one was going to hit their horn because they were afraid that would cause you to jump into the middle of street.
People if you are walking on the street or in a parking lot, GET OFF THE F'N CELL PHONE! There are muggers out there and you can be smacked in the head, robbed and bleeding to death before you know what hit you. Do you think the cell phone is a deterrent? How fast do you think the other person can hang up, call 911...after they call you back to see if you just dropped the phone...... and the police arrive and then call an ambulance. If you are directly behind my van or some of these SUV's, they can't see you in a parking lot and they are backing out. They can't see your kids either.
Is there anything you have to say on that phone that is more important than your and your children's lives????
And by the way, IDIOT, if I had hit you, it would have been your fault. You were walking on the wrong side of the road.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Tale of Two People

As some of you know, my dearest friend Martha died a few months back. I did a lot of charity events with Martha. When I would bring one up, her first words would always be: How can I help? Even though she was almost in her 90's I never saw her not stop and help someone who was having trouble getting around and she used a walker and two canes. Her memorial service was RSVP it was so well attended.
Contrast this to a previous "friend" I saw in BJ's a month ago. She hobbled up to hug someone and have you ever seen the look on someone's face when they bite into a lemon? Well, the woman she was hugging had it. I watched as she hobbled out of the store, by herself, and people actually unconsciously leaned away from this person. Except for the fake hug of concern, her face would have cracked if she had smiled. I remember whenever I would mention anything I needed help with, her exact words would be: "What's in it for me?" Then if she found some way to benefit from the charity or government agency, the next sentence would be: "You've got to give back." That translates to: "Give to me."
Now maybe I over reacted, but I am going to leave it up to you to judge and maybe tell me. We went out to a buffet with a new friend of hers. I was getting up to get something off the buffet and the "friend of hers" asked me if I would get her something off the buffet. Naturally, I said, "Sure." I mean, isn't that just common courtesy or am I from another planet? Anyway, later that evening this woman had a total meltdown. "How dare she "treat me like a slave" and "ask me to do her running to the buffet." I was already on my way and even think I said something like, "Anyone want something while I am up?" Anyway, that was the end of the friendship or rather, acquaintanceship, as I concluded that having no table manners went with having no manners at all. The only reason anyone is going to attend her funeral is to make sure she is dead.
What do you think?
I think life is too short to waste it with rude, boorish, selfish people.


No, I didn't wake up in an alternative universe where people care about each other, though it is a nice thought.
I, providing the scale is not just messing with me, am losing weight. It is possible I may have finally managed to jump start my metabolism or what was passing for one. I hate to admit it, but it took a pill from BJ's that has Acai berries and hoodia in it. Before you scream, I gave one to George and he turned into Mr. Hyde. I didn't sleep for 24 hours. Then I took out my little pill splitter and quartered it. I discovered I could tolerate a quarter of a pill, early in the morning and no more. Oddly, George, who is totally immune to stimulants since 'Nam, can only tolerate a quarter of a pill, too.
I am taking my super Noni juice. Okay, that is foul stuff, but from Puritan Pride, I bought triple strength so you only have to down one cap full before you run for the toothpaste and mouthwash. It really gives you the morning "alerts" and I think it is boosting my immune system. I just know I feel better.
As to my trip to the ENT....I still have the sinus infection and thus I am continuing the two antibiotics and the antibiotic nose wash. If I stop now, I will build a SUPER BUG the likes of which sinuses have never seen. I have to kill it. Do I need to tell you I am sick at my stomach and dizzy? I have to exercise very carefully because these antibiotics increase your probability of busting a tendon and the doctor has assured me that if I do that, surgery will be the only option and a really bad one. At the first hint of strain, I stop.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you when Bush got us into 2 unnecessary wars, allowed Wall Street to go on a Greed Binge, mortgaged the entire country with China to finance his wars, let our jobs go overseas and even gave tax cuts to companies for doing just that, removed most of our civil rights and rights to privacy with Homeland Security because his daddy, ex head of the CIA, had a rivalry with the FBI, and lastly, engineered TARP, the huge bank bailout and the final nail in Middle Class America's financial coffin?
Then one man tries to get us affordable health care and you are ready to burn Washington! What part of this do you not understand? Every uninsured person walking into an ER - BECAUSE NO DOCTOR WILL SEE THEM WITHOUT CASH OR INSURANCE - is paid for by YOU at FULL RETAIL through your taxes both state and federal! My insurance company negotiated my $12,000.00 hospital bill down to $2,500.00 before they paid it. If I didn't have insurance you would be paying my $12,000.00 bill for the same care I received for $2,500.00. Obamacare, as it is termed, will save all of us money simply by forcing everyone into the insurance system. The doctors that are screaming and refusing to see patients have been slurping at the public trough for years. Wouldn't you rather get $250.00 for an office visit rather than the $70.00 you agreed to with the insurance company? So would they and they do it by using our tax dollars to pay for the treatment of the uninsured. Hey kids...I spent 10 years working for a doctor. I know how this works. We loved our share of indigent and "workman's comp" patients. You can write off an indigent patient on your income taxes but you can't write off the difference between 250.00 and 70.00 when you have a contract with an insurance company.
Now, the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are sitting in Washington happily dismantling Social Security, our military's benefits and Medicare. They have already dismantled part of Medicare and reduced payments to doctors enough that cancer clinics are closing all over the country. Where are you? Screaming to stop Obama.
Strange, no one ever screamed Stop Bush or if they did, no one heard them. Ever wonder why? Why were there no books criticizing Bush during his administration? I can count the number of books published criticizing him on my hands even after he is out of office and declared the worst president we ever had. Do you ever wonder why? Where were the demonstrations? You think you are losing your rights. Where were you when you really did lose your rights...10 years ago???????

WARNING BUSINESSES: new Telephone Scam

Some guy in India or Pakistan calls and says he is verifying my FREE listing in the Super Yellow Pages. He has all my information so I ask twice if this is free and he assures me it is FREE. Then he transfers me to his supervisor to verify he verified the information correctly. Now they want me to repeat my name and title for them and go into the same script the previous man used until the very end when really FAST he says: and you give permission for us to bill your telephone account 29.95 a month. So much for free. I yelled NO into the phone and said: I certainly DO NOT and hung up. They did not call back. I will be watching my phone bill like a hawk!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Insurance Alert

Have you scraped and saved to pay that COBRA payment? Ready to file a health insurance claim? Well, you ought to learn the latest Insurance Game!
The insurance company denies your claiming you have NO INSURANCE. Then the doctor, hospital or lab is ticked off at you because they think you are trying to defraud them. When you finally get the claim resubmitted (be careful you only have a limited amount of time), they then deny it because of (a) coverage or (b) incorrect billing code.
So, you correct that and lo and behold, you may have exceeded your filing time limit and it gets denied again. You challenge the coverage and lo and behold, you HAVE exceeded the time to file a protest because that period is WAY shorter than the time you have to file the original claim.
This new game started the beginning of October when they were sure who would win the election.
Oh, and just wondering. Why does my health insurance cost 845.00 and month and my house insurance only 1,200.00 a year? The house is valued at 125,000.00 to rebuild. If I die, they win.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Not much tonight

Hi friends.
I am on 2 of the most powerful antibiotics around trying to kill this stuff in my sinuses. The good news is I am immune to anthrax while taking this stuff. I feel like brown sticky stuff. More tomorrow when I hope I will have developed some tolerance to the side effects.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Social Consciousness Has Left the Room

My social consciousness just left the room. Actually, it ran out on Tuesday night and vowed never to return. Let me tell you why.

Here I was at the voting poll in a heavily Republican area with the signs screaming to cut taxes because those demon Democrats are mortgaging our children’s future. Well, I finished voting way before George did so I had to sit out in recreation center hallway that my taxes helped to build. Up come all these Yuppie moms in their SUV’s that cost more than my house did dropping their little darlings off for the $5.00 after school programs and running in to vote for a 100.00 decrease in their tax bills, if that.

It was only until this morning that I realized the humor of this election. Those after school programs, if they exist next year, will cost at least $10.00 or more, so in 10 drop off’s Mom is in the hole. Who attends school sports? It sure wasn’t me. My family was too poor to buy ticket even if I had been athletic. Nope, that parking lot is full of Lexus, SUV’s and Caddys. Guess who will be screaming when the sports programs are cut? I just can’t wait to see the teeth gnashing and yelling when all these yuppie piggies that have been feeding at the public trough we Democrats have been funding discover their Republican buddies just folded up the welcome mat.

Oh, yes, seniors depending on that free lunch as their only meal, poor kids without after school care and the disabled are going to suffer but they are used to it. They have been suffering even with the programs. However, let’s see what happens when yuppie mom actually has to give up her yoga class and take care of her little privileged brat. This is going to be hilarious.

We used to know a lot of guys that spent every hour they could on the phone on the company’s dime trying to get discounts and rebates they did not deserve and these guys were making over 100,000.00 a year. I wonder what is going to happen when those rebates, discounts and tax breaks dry up? Do you think they actually might have to pay, shudder, full price like the rest of us with a boss looking over our shoulders 8 hours a day had to all these years?

Yes, the majority of American voted yesterday to deny health care to people, eliminate all those social programs and raise the retirement age to 70. What they failed to notice was that they were people who weren’t going to have health care, be able to visit that nice park for free for the next brat’s birthday party or retire until they are 70. Boy, you really were stupid, weren’t you? You just shot yourself in the foot. Without these programs, I predict the upper and lower middle class will disappear within 6 years. They will be the new poor and they don’t even know how to clip coupons. Oh, I have seen you sneering at me in the grocery line with my old envelop full of coupons.

As for me, I raised my prices for the basic readings from $35.00 to $50.00. Why should I give anyone a break who is making sure I don’t get one? I predict the first scream will be from my Republican customers. Keep on screaming. I took my hearing aids out and as I said at the beginning, my social consciousness has taken a hike. I used to figure out how to save people money and still help them. Hence I have remained barely making it for years. Yup, Janice was always there for advice, showing you how to save a buck on ritual supplies without buying those expensive kits, giving free advice on spells and generally listening to everyone’s pain and suffering. Do not expect the new Janice to be there. I just changed my party affiliation. Out of job? Not my problem. Can’t afford your medication? If you can find an open library, look it up on the net like I did. Need help with a spell? The price is $125.00 and you will be taking notes because I am not writing anything down for you. No one ever wrote anything down for me. I will sell you an e-book with the spell in it or a pamphlet. What color candle do you need to find a new job? That’s also in the book. Do you have a bad taste in your mouth yet? Well, you voted for it, now stop your griping and get out on the street corner with sign that says “Will work for food”. If you are good looking enough and not particular you might get $20.00 from one of the politicians you elected for…..well, the same job you gave the rest of us yesterday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tarot Card for 11/04/10 is

Nine of pentacles reversed: Opulence and comfort are off the table. You will survive but times are going to be lean.

You Might Want to Unfriend Me

If you wish to unfriend, I will not hold it against you (I really never would) but just consider it nothing personal to me but a strong sense of personal survival on your part. You see, I have always been out of the broom closet. There is no going back for me. George is unemployed and at his age has no hope of getting a job. I am too disabled to work but not enough to draw disability and too young for Social Security or Medicare, if they are actually still around in 2 years and not because they went broke. We own our home and my business location, so we have nothing to lose. We can live out of the van. Life will most likely become miserable again, as it was when I first became public, but I am used to death threats and am an excellent shot. My survival skills are excellent.

Where I am coming from with this is that yesterday people thought they voted for an economic agenda out of fear but what they elected was the most oppressive social agenda in the history of this country. They actually put the Fundamentalist Christians in charge and these people will block all social legislation for the next 2 years. For me, this probably means death. Put simply, there will be no extension of COBRA or unemployment benefits. COBRA is no give away program, in case you thought it was. I wrote a check for $850.00 for COBRA last week for one month of insurance. Most people lose their insurance when they are “laid off” because they can’t afford COBRA. George’s unemployment is way less than the COBRA payment a month. All COBRA does is let you buy the same insurance policy your employer has at the same rate they and you have been paying. I researched the medications that keep me alive and they cost around $5.00 a day without doctor visits from the “cheap“ Canadian pharmacies. I think you can figure out things do not bode well for me after January. That was before I was diagnosed diabetic. Without “Obamacare”, I was uninsurable due to a preexisting conditions: High Blood Pressure. Now that diabetic is my record, I can really forget insurance….and I guess they know breast cancer runs in my family but I can forget that yearly mammogram…I saw the price.

Of course, you all forgot that yesterday when 65% of you wound up in my boat. WHAT? Oh, yes 65% of the population will be soon be diabetic. That means you and your children will be uninsurable. Forget the price of insulin. Take a gander at the price of test strips and those little things that puncture your skin to get the blood and keep in mind the minimum number you will need is 2 per day. I bet they will picking a lot of people up off the floor in front of that display. They give you meter for free because they know where the real profit is: supplies.

Now that the fanatics are in charge, only those who agree wholeheartedly with them will be permitted to thrive. One thing you learn in psychology is that NO ONE ever agrees with a fanatic to the extent that they think you should and once there is one tiny transgression (more often imaginary than not), you become something expendable because you are no longer human to them. You are a thing that is in their way. Now do you understand suicide bombers or do you need to read that sentence a few more times?

Thus, the only thing on my Facebook page will be gaming. You will get no other information, comments or links from that page. On “The Cosmic Salamander” page, you will still get some magical information but for the most part, you will have to subscribe to my blog on Blogger or go to the real Cosmic Salamander web page to get that information.

Blogger is not secure. Nothing is secure on the net. Bush created Homeland Security which is now in the hands of fanatics and they have the legal ability to wire tap you, invade your computer and all your accounts with no warrant or due process. You gave up your personal security for perceived security. What you really got was the foundation for oppression worse than if the Taliban had taken over. Now you are googled, your home is photographed by google earth and you are tracked by traffic cameras. All your purchases at every store tracked because of those neat little “customer care” cards or memberships and Bush put into effect an IRS regulation where all wholesale purchases and sales are tracked to companies via your Federal ID number starting in 2012. It took the IRS a little time to get the computers and the programming in place. Guess you didn’t know what he was really doing during those 8 years. By-the-way, most stores hire a central data base company to keep track of all this and send them reports. There aren’t many of those companies…..

Your cell phone has a GPS in it to follow you and all your personal information can be hacked from it, your conversations legally listened to and who you call can be controlled. Oh, about that GPS, I discovered when calling the police about an accident, it is accurate to within 10 feet. I had just crossed into another city when I called and was instantly routed to THEIR police department. I wasn’t 10 feet over the city line. This was 6 years ago! I’m sure their technology is better by now.

Just so you don’t think I really have any idea what is going on, take the following prediction to the bank and see if it doesn’t come true very fast. The first purge will occur in the local Florida police departments. Don’t expect to see anyone who appeared in an ad to have a job next year. It will be done under the guise of cutting taxes. All purges will be done under the guise of cutting taxes and saving you money. You won’t like who is left. You may even take to walking and leaving the car in the garage when it becomes too expensive ticket wise to drive. After all, they have those cute little cameras and your tag number….every cruiser has a computer in it and can run your tag in a few seconds. Did you memorize the driver’s handbook? It won’t do you any good.

The next purge will come in the local medical community. Doctors that don’t “measure up” will be starved out of business by insurance companies and Medicare. Their hospital privileges will be revoked. Do you know who the largest hospital is down here: Holy Cross, a Catholic Hospital.

Notice I didn’t mention government offices. That’s because anyone not conforming to the Fundamentalist views has been on the retire (purge) list for the last administration’s 8 years in office and has been blacklisted when they tried to get another job. I would say to ask a few of my friends if you don’t believe me, but I won’t give you their names.

I didn’t’ say the legal system because Bush packed the Supreme Court with 5 justices to 4 moderates and your local courts with his appointees. Don’t expect any help in court.

Then again, maybe a subscription to my page is the least of your worries. Have a nice life! You deserve it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It doesn't affect me, why should I care?

Back in the 70's when I was young it was a different world. We had won the right to control our own bodies. We had a choice. My dear adopted mother fought long and hard for that right. I remember her husband at that time saying, "What's it to me? We're to old to get pregnant?"
Then one morning, his son with a promising future and a scholarship to a prestigious collage called. His girl friend was pregnant and he wanted money to "marry" her. That was what you did back then. Single parenthood was not an option. Suddenly, he was pro-choice and I remember my dear "mom" smiling at him and quietly saying, "I thought pro-choice didn't affect you?"
It always affects you, no matter what it is. We are all connected. What diminishes one, diminishes the whole. Take away one right and the rest fall away so very easily in the name of security. Suddenly it is not the enemy you need protection from, but your friends.
I have lived in countries where any move purported to be "against" the government would be reported by your own family. Where people were so scared for their lives, they would turn their children over to the police to avoid jail and torture. Can you imagine not being able to trust your spouse, parent or child? Not being able to voice your thoughts in the privacy of own home? Fearful of a knock on the door in the middle of the night, being drug out and never seen again, or just killed there on your doorstep and NO ONE will even look out a window much let alone help you? I have lived that way and I see it coming to a neighborhood near you: very, very near you.
By-the-way...the true meaning of the Celtic Knot is the interconnectivity of all things.

Believe hear or read!

The Miami Herald comes out supporting Tea Party candidate Rubio for governor of Florida and now this:

Remember Andrew Breitbart? He was the man who used selectively-edited video to paint Shirley Sherrod as a racist, to smear the NAACP, and to accuse the Obama administration of reverse racism. It was all a big, premeditated lie.1

Unbelievably, ABC News now plans to have Breitbart participate in their Election Night coverage, despite his history as a deceitful operative who distorts, lies, and race-baits.2

ABC's decision is a slap in the face to Shirley Sherrod, to Black America, and to everyone who believes in the value of telling the truth. It's unacceptable. Please join us in calling on ABC News and its parent company Disney to drop their plans to include Breitbart now:
Belive nothing you read or hear on the news media...they are all in this together...