Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year; Just Kidding.

Happy New Year.....Just kidding.

I mean, who out there actually expects any change in the coming year? Be honest, because I have to be honest with myself for a change.
I wonder how many of you are in the same boat I am.
I awaken with a lot of hope and plans. I even started the day with my handy dandy little list of to do. Laundry was on the top of it and I even managed to get it in the machine before the day did a quick slide from happy and productive to I can't do anything that measures up to anyone's standards.
I had a thought for a happy new year's celebration. Trash that. What's the point? This is the exact day from last year this time, from 30 years ago this time..40 years...Why bother?
Why do we bother? Get a bottle, take it home and get drunk. Wake up with a headache, money in your pocket since you didn't spend it on some stupid club or party and throw up a few times. That pretty much describes your coming year like it has every past year. No, it is not going to get better. Why fool ourselves?
Is it because the TV tells us things will get better if we just spend too much on an outfit we will never wear again, drink too much and freeze our asses off in some square with a thousand other idiots watching a ball drop. I mean what are we, cats chasing a red dot down a clock? If we just resolve to be thinner, exercise, eat right and think positive thoughts the world will be a nicer place and don't forget your nightly dose of war, famine, pain and suffering from the foxes, a boss on a power trip to see everyone slaving unhappily away, the knife in your back and a mate you can never please. Oh yes, things are going to get better.
You see the problem is you can only change yourself and no one around you is interested in change in any manner. My professor used to say the world is divided up between watchdogs and retrievers. When you send a retriever out you can never really be sure what it will bring back. It might the duck you think you shot or it might just a dead skunk. However, you can always be sure that if anything changes just a tiny bit in its surroundings, your watchdog will bark its head off and try to kill it. Unfortunately, watchdogs outnumber retrievers about a thousand to one. If you are reading this, you are probably a retriever in a houseful of watchdogs.
After the week I've had, the pain is now localized to the area the 50 pound queen storage headboard whacked my head, you are not in a good mood. You are in an even worse one when you realize your first impression that someone was really wishing you dead is fact when you are outside and you hear that familiar sliding sound. Unfortunately, my reflexes are fast and well trained. I stepped to the side before I knew what I was doing and there were two heavy fatigue mats that have been in the same place for a month, sliding right into where my head was. I say unfortunately because they were too light to kill me and they didn't.
You see, I am sick and tired of the hate. I am sick and tired of never measuring up to anyone's standards. I am sick and tired of the constant grumbling. I am sick and tired of trying. There are some people you can never please. Everything elicits a negative response, no matter what it is: gifts, a touch and word of praise. Every time you feel happy, have a plan or idea or just want to share something that brought you a smile, they have a negative response. They are watchdogs. They bark, growl and attack. It is all they know and they rule the world. They have been ruling for thousands of years with hate and fear and they are not giving up the position now. They have staked their little spot out in the world, expanded it and they are keeping it until they die.

Trust me, it will be easier for the retrieves to die than change anything, have any happiness or manage to make any small spot in the world better. Just let them kill each other. In the end, maybe there will be just one happy little watchdog left that will have to commit suicide because it has nothing left to do and happy is change.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Killing You Softly with Fear

Hubert wrote in Dune, “Fear is the mind killer”.

He was almost right.

Fear is the killer of the Universe.

Once someone convinces you to fear something, you have to eliminate it or suffer endlessly from fear of it. You will never have any peace of mind as long as what you fear exists.
You must hate what you fear because hate gives power and energy and more than that, hate gives freedom from consequences. What you hate makes you fear for your life, so you now have license to kill it. As long as you hate/fear something, you can do anything to it to escape.
Fear is what will kill the Universe and everything in it.
But what if you had no fear? Impossible, you say. You have to have fear. Things would kill you, maim you and take everything you work for away from you!
Let's look at the cat and mouse. The common house cat is the most efficient predator ever to evolve. Yes, it beats its larger cousins by a mile. Mice on the other hand are also deadly through disease and famine. Mice will eat anything and in huge quantities. When I used mice in behavior experiments I was shocked at how much they ate and how high my feed bill was. A female mouse can produce up to 35 babies every 21 days. I have seen domestic mice so pregnant, they could barely waddle. Cats love a nice mouse snack. Is the mouse afraid of the cat? NO! I know you are shocked, but the mouse knows the cat will eat it and it doesn't live in fear of the cat. Mice live happy little lives eating everything they want and can find, breeding and raising their little families never giving the cat one thought unless they get outside and the cat shadow appears. Now, the mouse is not afraid of the cat, it is fearful of all shadows because it knows something may kill it. It might be a cat or a huge rock bouncing down the path. Smart mice avoid open areas, but mice don't hate cats or fear them. Cats really don't occupy a neuron in their tiny little minds and if the cat is well fed they even make friends with them.
Did you notice how fear in the mouse only occurs when an actual threat is barreling down upon their little furry bodies. Fear doesn't exist as a condition in the real world. It only exists in the make believe world of power hungry people.
So, what do you fear?
Poverty? Make money, Trade goods and services. Work to reform the economic system that demands poverty as a condition for a few to have power and things.
Illness? Eat right. Treat your body as the marvelous machine it is. Make certain everyone has health care as it is some invisible bug you catch from someone else that is more likely to do you in than a bus hitting you. It is in your best interests to keep everyone around you healthy.
Death? Well, that normally happens due to ill health and the poverty that creates it and a normal wearing out of your body after a hundred or more years. Fear will make it happen in way less time as fear is the ultimate predator, weakening every system in the body.
Accident? Watch where you are going. Pay attention to your surroundings. Mice do not walk over to cats and pry their mouths open and incidentally, they don't have cell phones.

War? Well, war is caused by convincing people they need to fear another people because they are going to.....okay be ready for stupid....change their way of though their way of life is so wonderful in the first place. Personally, I hope Iceland invades us and wins, but there is no chance of that as Iceland doesn't want a single thing we have, except maybe Florida and they haven't been here in the summer.

So, what are you afraid of....communism and socialism. Those are economic systems. They can't pick up a gun and shoot you. They are ideas. The only thing that needs to fear an idea is another idea that thinks the first idea might be better. All you need to do with an idea is reject it not kill the person talking about it. Just say no. Walk away. You don't even have to disagree. If enough people walk away and stop listening, the idea dies. Pay close attention to the stops listening part of that sentence.

Why would you listen to something that isn't going to make your life better and happier or help you in any way. Why would you be listening in the first place if your life was happy and great? Is that possibly why someone wants to make sure you never hear these other ideas?

Can you imagine how boring the world would be if every house was painted white, had 2 trees in the front yard with 7 shrubs, a specific type of vehicle in the driveway, you wore the same clothes and shoes as your neighbors, wore your hair in one of 7 approved styles, ate specific a style food like pizza, burgers and prepared dinners, went to work 5 days a week for Corporations, went to school to learn the skills to work for these Corporations for 12 years, listened to the music, looked at the art and watched the TV shows that were approved of by these Corporations and worship at the Churches approved by the Corporations while you elected the people to run your lives via the government that were approved to run for office by these Corporations. Corporations are people. Corporations are so much more than people, they have the ultimate power of life, quality of life and even death. Corporations are God.

Yes, most of you already live in that world and you very much want to kill anyone that doesn't.

“A slave hates any vestige of freedom.” Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Hummmm.....William: willing to....Shakespeare....shakes a do know no one really knows who he or she was but I think the taken name makes a suggestion. He was willing to shake a threatening spear of ideas at the established church/government that insisted on total control of the lives and thoughts of its people as long as he was anonymous.
You probably don't know this, but in the book removed from the Bible, Jesus' life was chronicled beyond the couple of years you know about. He studied and traveled far and wide as a member of the Essene privileged class. He had to escape India and the caste conscious Brahmin who had taught and supported him for suggesting there was nothing wrong with associating with the darker skinned lower poor and nothing wrong with teaching them religion. He left the Buddhists to return home for his Bar Mitzvah. Yes, he was Jew. He didn't fear new ideas. The Essene didn't fear the Hindus. The Hindus didn't fear the Buddhists. They all feared anything that might change their life style because only the leaders had a lovely little life style with lot's of poor, uneducated people to support them.
So you might assume correctly that powerful people require a lot of poor, stupid people to support their life style and it really is life style because there is no difference between them and the people killing themselves to maintain THEIR lifestyle. They are all one race: human.
However, the seething masses of poor eventually decide to take things from their richer cousins and their richer cousins have learned that through a couple of nasty little revolutions. As long as they, the richer cousins, were able to control the people through religion and make them think they had some control through an elected government, life was good.
Then one day someone invented the internet, smart phones and satellites.
Ooooops. Now people met people, one on one, across the entire world and started asking why they should kill their Muslim Farm game playing buddies when they have nice pictures of their families and homes that looked pretty much like the nice pictures of their families and homes they were posting half a world away. Oooops.
What those pictures didn't look like was Dubai's massive entertainment complexes for the rich and famous, a pizza giant's castle home, the gold and crystal churches of a religious empire, the palaces of kings and queens or even the mini castles university heads lived within because they needed to impress to get money. Impress what upon whom you may well ask. That would be the corporate heads who dole out money to higher education so they will teach the slaves useful skills to make the corporations money or entertain them with sports games. Do you ever see a corporation giving money to poetry? Heck no. Shakespeare taught them the folly of that when his plays and poems almost overturned their world world of wealth and privilege.
So, the rulers of your minds and bodies aren't a God. They are people who now use a corporation (they are people now, you know) to hide behind in order to spread the fear of ideas to you. Now, you can kill the corporations and the people just make a new one to hide behind. They actually have so many they are hiding behind, they have to consult their lawyers to find out if a specific little fear mongering corporation is theirs. They regularly kill off and start wars with their own corporations and countries. There are no countries...there are corporations.
And you see, fear is the universal killer of love, friendship and even life but first it has to kill your mind and through MEMES, and it is doing a smashingly good job of it.
So, what idea do you fear today? Is it the brown one? The black one? The gay one? The Muslim one? The peacock one? The crystal one? The meat one? The flying spaghetti one? The Baptist one? The Catholic one? The Buddhist one? The other sports team one? The I-Phone one? The Android operating system one? The vegetarian one? The government one? The gun takers one?
I saw a bumper sticker this week that read: “I VOTE NRA”
Gee, did you know the NRA was running for an office?
It is, you know. It's a corporation. It's a non-profit corporation so it pays no taxes. Isn't that lovely? It joins it friends (well, they are people that can have friends) the churches, the sports teams and the think tanks that write your laws.
How very convenient!

Who do you fear today?

What do you love???

Beware the Gate 
Please forgive any typos. My vision is blurry and I am touch typing and not able to read what is on the screen very well after yesterday's accident.
Over the past year, you have told me what you hate. You hate the poor who buy candy bars with SNAP and take all your tax money from the Pentagon. You hate anyone who wants to regulate anything: guns, corporations (excluding banks) and businesses. You hate big government. You hate socialists and communists but fascists may be okay. You hate Muslims and anyone who isn't a Christian just like you. You hate gays and anyone who believes differently from you. You hate people who say the climate is changing. You hate anyone who isn't white. You hate the poor and the elderly because they are taking all your tax money and the Pentagon needs it. You do not want anyone to have health care unless they have the cash to pay for it. You hate the elderly because they hang onto their jobs too long and your kids can't get promotions because of them. You hate the handicapped because they need frivolous things you can't use like wheel chair ramps, handicapped toilets (unless you have a dozen kids to pack into the stall with you), bandages, medicines and can't pay for them. You hate smart people because they are always saying things you don't understand but you love the CEO's of companies because they put those smart people in their place. You hate weak, compassionate people who feed the poor, care for the ill and clean the streets. You hate liberals, commies, unions and socialists. You hate.......
Now tell me what you love. God? Country? The NRA and NASCAR? Your Gun? Your independence? Freedom?
Can any of them hold you at night when the pain from an accident like I suffered yesterday is too much to stand? Can any of them comfort you at night when pain from your soul is too much and the tears soak your pillow? How does it feel to survive, ALONE?
In high school we all learned a poem by Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven. It appealed to the angst of our teenage years and had a catchy rhythm. It is actually musical. Everyone thinks it is a love poem to a lost love but it has a deeper meaning my friends, and one you might consider. Some of you read Alice in Wonderland. Both feature the same creature, the Raven who is the jabberwocky, and both quote one word, “nevermore”.
The Raven is a symbol of the Morrigan, the goddess of death, war, poetry but not strife. She is a Muse and one of the Hags of Fate that weave your destiny through the threads the life beginning the moment you are born. When she said nevermore, what she really means is the Poet is doomed to roam the earth without inspiration, love and soul comfort for eternity, though he shall enjoy the comfort of a warm home, food and the vanities of life. Oddly, the Raven perches on a bust of Pallas, also know as Pallas Athena, in her final form. She is the virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. None of these poet shall ever enjoy now that love has left his life.
So tell me what are you grateful for this holiday season? Is it a list of things produced by artificial people (corporations) laid on the altar of commercial success by the very people you hate?
What do you really love?
Can it actually love you back?
Just asking......

Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Years' Special on Tarot Readings

New Years Special Readings

It's the time of year I offer my New Years Special which is good through January 6th, 2014.

What's so special?

For one thing, the price. My special readings are offered through E-Mail only and that takes a lot more time than in-person readings. You get a picture of the cards of YOUR layout. Lastly, you get my specially designed layout to give you the information you need to change your life if you don't like what is coming up.

READING 1: is a one month only reading, newly designed to give you some extra information like who may or what may be working against you and who or what is working with you including what appears to be the desired outcome. That will tell you if you are your worst enemy in the monthly scenario. The price is $35.00.

READING 2: is the general year long reading for 2014. I use an astrological house spread to tell what is affecting which area of your life because the Zodiac House Chart is the most comprehensive schematic of life I have found. This reading portrays the energies affecting your life areas all year and should be taken as a blue print. Good energies should be enhanced and those you really don't like should be muted. The price is $50.00.

In addition to the readings, for $7.77 more, I will analyze the reading spread and tell you what items to put on your altar to enhance the positive qualities or defuse the really negative qualities, showing up in the reading. You have to make your own altar. I am just telling you the additional items that may help you out.

Payments have to be made via paypal for quick turnaround to and your email address included in the comments. I really do need to know where to send your email reading and your date of birth or just astrological sign lets me know when YOU show up in the reading.

Both readings will be available at the shop, for $50.00 and $75.00 respectively because in person you get to ask questions.

Also coming next year will be Design an Altar readings, so you can set up your personal altar(s). You will learn things like which metals to use on your personal altar, what colors should dominate and what items should be there to make it most effective. This will take at least an hour and you will need your date of birth, place and preferably the time for an astrological (Western and Eastern) chart. It does NOT include the items. Those you have to find on your own but I tell your what items to use. We will work on the proper placement of the altar if you have your whole house or room to use, using Feng Shui. The cost will be $100.00. I am working on a way to do this via email as I have a lot of requests, but it requires a lot of back and forth between us. So stay tuned on that one.

P.S. I just realized I can print out your reading and send it snail mail but that will be and extra 2.75 postage...this might be a lot of paper and ink....For that I will need an address....Priority mail is an extra 5.75 instead of 2.75 and recommended.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ever wonder how you got into a relationship?

The Astrology of Attraction

Whenever love and sex are mentioned in astrology, you hear about Mars, Venus and the Moon. There are three planets astrologers shy away from and unfortunately they are the trouble makers in relationships or I should say, non-relationships. These are the planets you have to know about in your chart because those 3 planets are getting any action with the other person's chart, you have the recipe for disaster.
When I worked in psychiatry, we often had people coming in to 'work on their relationship'. The thing is, if a relationship is going to work, it doesn't require work. I would sneak back to my desk, pull up the birth dates and look at the planets and giggle. They had fallen into the attraction trap. There was no relationship to work on between those two people.
Here's how it works and it is interesting because every 5 years or so, the image of the beautiful people in Hollywood changes, sometimes dramatically. However, if you keep track of Uranus and his aspects, you can not only predict who will rise to fame but even what colors will be popular. You see, Uranus is the planet of sudden attractions. My Uranus is in Cancer, and my Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Pisces, all water planets. One of my first serious attractions was with a Cancer. After that quick disaster, I swore off all water signs. What happens in a Uranian attraction is as soon as it is satisfied, it ends. It's that embarrassing moment when you wake up next to the person and wonder if you can tiptoe out only to discover you are in your own bedroom. There is no need to worry, wait an hour and they will tiptoe out.
Worse problems develop when there are strong aspects to Neptune, the planet of illusion, wishful thinking and denial. Neptunian attractions are spiritual, like finding your soul mate but NOT! What you find is an illusion you have created or worse, a psychopath who is pretending to be just what you always wanted. We once had a man who was married to several women at the same time. Unfortunately for him, they found out. The fascinating thing was, they all looked enough alike to be sisters. Now he swore he carefully chose his victims based on their psychology not appearance. Physical appearance tends to be mostly your rising sign and partially your sun sign. He was choosing women whose sun or rising sign was the same as his Neptune's sign. That gave him the power of illusion over them. Thus, they all looked alike. Neptune is the one planet in a chart you really want to watch out for because it can be the position in which you lie to yourself and you are most easily deceived. Now, when you have a solely Neptunian attraction, it usually never gets acted upon and is just plain confusing. Neither person figures out the others' motives because neither has any motives. It's like trying to have a relationship in a deep fog. My Neptune is in Libra and as I say, I think I dated a Libra once. He kept giving me tickets to events and then he might show up but usually not. But, if you add Uranus into the mix that is when they are working on their relationship. Good old Neptune will keep throwing them back together for Uranus to light the flame and once more they are wondering why they are there or how they got there. These are the people who marry, divorce and marry again ad infinitum. It is also where the erroneous belief that opposites attract comes from so keep in mind opposites may attract but they don't stay together well.
Lastly comes the dangerous spark to the mix and that is old Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation and also of fatal violence. That last part everyone seems to be very keen on sweeping under the carpet. Any relationship in which Pluto is prominent will be transforming but not necessarily in a good way and seldom if ever in an easy way. Add some hard aspects to Uranus or a placement in the 12th house and you could wind up dead. Throw Neptune into the mix and run as fast as you can. What could go wrong? Everything and you'll never quite figure out what if you survive.

So, Mars, Venus and the Moon may be nice, literally, but it's the heavy planets you need to really watch in a relationship. They can be the ties that strangle.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

There is no war!

The War on Christmas

Already the Christmas War has begun and

There is NO WAR on Christmas.
You lost that war last year, let's try to win it this year.

This year's first volley was Facebook taking down a picture of the stable scene. If you were to take a really good look at the picture, you would discover it is a painting and you would also discover it is copyrighted. In other words, this painting belongs to the artist and it was stolen from their website. There are only three reasons Facebook takes a picture down and Number 1 is the image is stolen and belongs to someone.
Has it occurred to you yet that this particular image is famous and was chosen because it would be taken down....?? Of course not because they have you by the non-reasoning part of your 'I must fit in brain'.
So let me dispel a few lies for you. The War on Christmas is BIG BUSINESS. Yes, it is a real money maker. First off, you have the bumper stickers and if you don't have one on all your vehicles you are obviously a devil worshiping I don't know what. The wholesale price of a bumper sticker is between fifty cents and a dollar depending on the quantity you have printed. They have thousands printed. The price can go down into the pennies in great quantities. much did you pay for that bumper sticker?
Then there are the magnetic ones that won't ruin your car finish sold at twice or three times the price of the glue on ones. Yes, they cost a little over twice the price of the glue on ones to make. Just go out to any printing site and price the products. Those are prices for one. When you move it into the thousands, the price drops like a rock.
Now let me show you some math. Get five people to give you a dollar and you have $5.00. Get a hundred to give you a dollar and you have $100.00. Get a thousand to give you a dollar and you have $1,000.00. Keep in mind they are making at least $2.00 profit so you can double that amount.
It's not even Halloween and you are already being set up for a con that can't fail because as a good Christian you have to have a sign proclaiming you are a good Christian. Oddly enough, even the Pope says you will known by your good works and somehow, I just don't think plastering your home page and your car with the War on Christmas is what anyone had in mind as good works, except the guy selling you those things and collecting to fight the good fight in his easy chair having a nice cognac and cigar.
But that is only the tip of a very nasty iceberg. By declaring certain stores unfriendly to Christians, they succeed in both directing traffic to a specific store and black mailing (yes, it's a nasty word but if the shoe fits...) the other store. A friend of mine fired a woman for theft and I mean tens of thousands of dollars worth of theft. It cost him another $600.00 twenty years ago to join the “Christian Business Man's Association” to get taken off the black list of businesses to avoid. Yes, you read that right and today that would be like a couple of grand. Now, if that isn't black mail, what is?
The holiday season is when businesses make close to 50% of their entire year's profit. So, they will pay and do anything not to be blacklisted. You will pay anything not to be blacklisted and that is what not buying that bumper sticker would get you.
But it gets worse. I know, you didn't think that was possible. This is the only time of year you are going to get the sermon on giving and how to be thankful for the little you have left. There will be people on every street corner ringing bells. Hands are out everywhere for money and always, new toys.
Let's get real. People only get hungry on the holidays and kids only need toys on the holidays. That didn't fly, did it? So why is there someone with their hand out for your hard earned money on every street corner. The word is GUILT and if you want to start over at the beginning, let's go to the sermons on how much you have to be thankful for and how you need to be generous. Do you make more money at the holidays? Do you find an extra twenty in your paycheck? Heck no! So why are you being hit up now and not February 15th? People are going to be just as hungry today as tomorrow. Why do you have to donate NEW toys? Wouldn't your children's toys they no longer use be just as good? All year you donate them to the thrift shop and sale and suddenly, they aren't any good??? It's just another way to separate you from your money at a time you need it most.
There is nothing “religious” going on here. It is straight profit and loss and Churches like stores make up 50% of their budget during the holiday season starting with that fictitious War on Christmas. You see, you need an enemy to rally the troops and to get them to lay down their wallets on your altar.
A very famous 'minister' once let it slip that through the 'plate' passing and various scams like bumper stickers, jewelry, inflated clothes prices, and getting donations of art work, cars, etc...he made way more money than through the tithes because you don't notice being nickeled and dimed to death.
I was at a Spiritualist Church one evening with a friend and he ran out of money around the 4th time the plate went around and on the fifth time it was pennies for something. They cleaned you out of pennies because that was all you had left. But it didn't stop there. If you were anyone, you had to go to the restaurant and you had to donate a couple dollars more pay for the 'poor' minister's dinner. A couple of dollars times around 35 people is $70.00. How much do you think this man was eating in a cheap restaurant where the average tab was under $15.00? That's at least $55.00 he stuck in his pocket.
Instead of thinking you can spare a buck, take a look at how many people are sparing a buck and how many get sucked into the one-up-manship of putting a fiver in that plate pretending to be better off or giving more until it hurts.
There is no War on Christmas. There IS a war on your wallet and you are losing, big time. Wake up and refuse to play the game. There are plenty of soup kitchens. Call them up and ask them what they need or give them the money. They will at least actually feed people. Keep in mind that you have no real idea how much money is raised during these War on events. You have no idea how much is actually making its way to needy people and how much is expenses to the pastor's friends and relatives. Cash is a wonderful thing. It gets lost easily into someone wallet and there is no record for the IRS. Do you keep track of how much you drop in the various plates and buckets? Do you think they do?
Stop letting people play your guilt strings and do something that really will help people who need it rather creating a publicity event for some 'religious' person to get their picture taken. As one man said, “I can tell who is the biggest crook by the number of pictures on the wall with famous people or at charity events”. In fact, this is so pervasive that I had a woman walk out of my shop because I didn't have any pictures of me with 'famous' people and thus I must be no good. Actually, I have the pictures, I just respect people's privacy unless they specifically give me permission to use their picture and even then, I usually have them in a back room on the wall where I see them.
Please try to know when you are being played. That really will help people.
By the way, am I the only one who noticed the “War of Christmas” arrived at the same time the GOP started demonizing the poor and disabled as lazy grifters and worshiping Ayn Rand? Convenient timing if you ask me. We can't ask you to support these lazy welfare queens but we can ask you to support our efforts in the war on OUR faith. Being cynical saves me a lot of money.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We are all under Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is when someone or a group of someones, attempt to alter what would be the normal response of your mind, body and soul to the world around you. It is real. It can be someone who is a little crazy, stalking you and just keeps you on their mind over and over again, sending out the same energy or thought waves. It can be a group of people most often called a coven or a prayer circle. It can also be mechanically done using what are called psyonic devices and in this case they can be used to cover a huge area even a whole country. They can be chained together to make them stronger. They exist. They were designed as healing devices, but remember one thing if nothing else, the one who can heal you can kill you.

Please play close attention to me. These are the main symptoms of a psychic attack.
  1. Minor things keep going wrong to distract you from major things you must get done.
  2. Brain fog, you can't think straight and make stupid mistakes.
  3. You trip, lose your balance and feel weak. You are sleepy.
  4. You are slightly sick and can only function minimally with a variety of symptoms but no disease that can be diagnosed.
  5. You become ill and die or a zombie.

You are probably feeling 1 through 4 right now. I have been energetically running and enjoying my life for about a week. Last night when Congress shut down the government, I instantly began to weaken and with an hour I had fallen asleep at my computer. Midnight, the time between good and evil when things are at balance and it only take a small amount of psychic energy to tip the normal flow, the attack was begun and you don't even know what was done.
Here is how to combat it:
  1. Recognize it.
  2. Take a salt bath and/or ring the area you are in with Sea Salt. The stuff in the boxes is no longer real salt. I have been wondering why they would process salt to something useless until I wrote this sentence. Now I know.
  3. Get a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Dilute with pure water (not tap) and beginning taking a drink and licking some sea salt. About a half a cup should reset your ph and hence your mind.
  4. Wash your face with cold water only.
  5. Be aware every time the fog starts and start over.
  6. I know this is the cliché, a tin foil or metal lined hat will disrupt the mental energies, but not the physical so you may still be nauseous and weak.
I don't know what else to tell you. We are now under a dictatorship and we will just have to see how this plays out but the main thing is to remain aware. Do not sleep with any device that is capable of wireless access near your bed. It can be activated remotely. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Avoid processed food for a couple of days to clean out your system.
Good luck.

The war has begun.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Here lies goodness...

Good Morning. Welcome to Monday morning in Janiceland. It is a strange place and you only need to visit it for a brief time, so let's get on with it.
First of all, have you killed anyone today? I know the day is young but is that in your plans? Nope, I didn't think so.
Then, have you taken anyone's food away from them? I am willing to bet that if you have sandwich and someone walks up to you and says they are hungry, you will give it or at least half of it to them.
Have you stolen anything this week? Have you beat anyone up? Did you kick someone out of their house?
In the whole course of your life, how many of these things have you done and did you make amends if you did any of them?
So why do you believe you are a sinner when you aren't committing any sins? You aren't hurting anyone. You are just trying to get along, taking care of your family and enjoying your life. Is being happy a sin and what god came up with that one?
Oh, probably the same guy that sold you pie in the sky after death....hey...anyone come back from the dead lately and tell you how wonderful it is in that heaven you have to die to get to? Read your book carefully, little ones. No one ever came back and testified to how wonderful it was after they died because no one has never come back from the dead.
Have you ever heard of snake oil? It keeps you young and cures everything that ails you. Just 9.95 for a bottle of this stuff but how do you know the contents of the bottle are what keeps him young and healthy? He might just naturally be young and healthy. Think about it before you buy.
You are so convinced of your own evilness, you can't see what is in front of you.
God is omnipotent and omnipresent. In other words he can do anything. He can be everywhere. He knows everything. Now let's say I have a worshiping relationship with coffee and every morning I thank the coffee pot for that wonderful cup of Joe. How could my worship or enjoyment of coffee in any way diminish an omnipotent and omnipresent god? If he doesn't like what I am doing, he can just wipe all coffee out. He doesn't have to kill me or direct you to break his own commandment and kill me. What would it matter to him who you worshiped? Don't you think he ought to be a little more evolved than that? Shouldn't he be capable, this supreme being, of teaching you right from wrong without smiting you? I mean, he's not sounding quite so supreme to me. He's sounding like a jealous two year old having a tantrum that if I can't have the candy, no one else can.
Jesus didn't die for your sins. He died for a political cause trying to feed the poor, stop the bankers from taking everything from people via loans and interest, and spreading the horrible concept that all people were created equal. For that the Romans executed him as a thief. If anyone had any sins to die for, it was the Roman Emperor, not you.
Take a look at the book you clutch as the holy of holiest. Constantine the First took all the books loosely associated with a small religious sect that called themselves followers of Jesus, edited out the ones he didn't like and created the religion of Christianity. Do you know what else good old Constantine gave you? He gave you the Feudal system where serfs (slaves by another name) worked their master's land for which they got a place to stay and maybe food while their master took as much of the fruits of their labor as he wanted and their daughters, sons, wives...pretty much anyone he wanted to do anything with under the blessings of the Church. Wow, and you thought you were a sinner. Missed that boat, friend. Guess how you got into the Master's club. You had to be born into it. All wealth was inherited via bloodline. Serf could never leave the land where they were born. You and your children and your children's children belonged to the land of the Master. There was a small Merchant Class allowed to exist because traveling with commodities was a dangerous thing the 1% didn't want to do. They were the only people that were allowed to freely move between these 1% Master's lands. Nice system, if you are the right bloodline.
You sit here scared to death the guy down the street is going to take your things away from you. The guy who is going to take your things, your house and the food and medicine out of your mouth isn't the guy down the street. Heck, that person wouldn't live in your neighborhood on a bet. Ever see Papa John's castle? It is small in comparison to the armed compounds the 1% have created to protect them from you. You don't even know where they are. They are the ones robbing you blind, not anyone in this 10 square block area and this man with the reversed collar is here to tell you that the sinner you are, you deserve this. You deserve to lose everything you work for because you are bad. Just die and maybe with forgiveness and a good donation in the plate, and you'll go to a better place.
Do you really believe him? They say misery loves company. Well, I'm going to tell you misery pays really good if you can convince people to inflict it upon themselves. Think about it.
I happen to think you are a good decent person doing the best you can in current circumstances. You are free to disagree with me.

Have a nice Monday.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How much are paying the piper to dance to his tune?

The Glittering Trap

Many years ago, an acquaintance announced, they simply had to have the NEW Iphone. Unfortunately, I asked the simple question: Why?

You see this person had a perfectly good cell phone and computer. They used the phone for calls and really had no need for anything else. It wasn't like they were keeping up a web site, taking phone orders, even running a business, processing credit cards or anything else on the phone or their computer.

A few years earlier, I had gotten a Blackberry because it was it wasn't. I would have to pay for special service to do anything more than make calls from it. I decided it wasn't worth it as all I really did was make calls. So I really wanted to know why this person wanted this new phone. What I got was a life long enemy for asking.

But, another friend did get the latest and greatest. Now they spend half their life trying to make money to keep from getting their phone turned off because they now pay not just for the phone calls they need to get but all those pretty bells and whistles they have become addicted to using. Perish the thought of having a camera (even though it will take waaay better pictures) and having to up load those pictures from your home or office computer. What if you actually miss an email for an hour or so while you are away from your computer. Surely the world will end. Can you imagine carrying an address book? That is back breaking work. And so it goes on and on until now, a tablet must be had and of course an ereader for books because there is just so much wasted time while you are killing yourself to make the money to pay for all of these things......and if you miss the huge service bill, you can't even make a phone call.

But, I can process credit cards and pay my bill all at the same time.

Yes, little one and they can deny the credit card you just processed in a couple of hours that causes the payment you made to bounce and incurs a much higher fee than a bounced check right after they pull your credit processing account because the customer complained ….. no proof recourse. They don't need any proof to empty your bank account and it is your personal account because paying the phone bill is all you can manage and not a business account to limit your liability.

You might want to read that paragraph several times and then read the really fine print on your merchant card processing account.

Do you really need that bright shiny new device? It might be a really nasty thing in disguise.

Why all the psychic wars???

Some days my guides are more patient than others and answer mundane questions for me.
The question that has arisen during the past week is why some mega stores in the psychic go so far as to even hire people to attack small stores that pose no threat to them.
As an example, let me give you tiny store, which is over an hour's drive from mega store, doesn't even carry the same merchandise and has a totally different clientele that wouldn't even consider making the huge trip to mega store since getting to small store is quite a job for them. Not only that, but tiny store doesn't even have any employees and mega store can boast plenty of employees and no appointments needed for service. Mega store even has walk in traffic and tiny store is way off the beaten path with none. This like Mega Tire Store attacking a Shoe Boutique in another state. Why would it even happen? The only thing they might have in common is rubber.
So why is Mega store even bothering to admit Tiny store exists much let alone trying everything short of hiring a mafia hit man to get rid of them? They have already hired a psychic hit man to do the job and are too stupid to know they are risking themselves, not the hit man in this venture.
That was the question I posed to my Guide.
Here is the answer.
You are not going to like it.
No matter what Mega Store's original intent was, at some point they realized they were incompetent at providing and being what they say they are. They realized they were more focused on accumulating wealth than spiritual knowledge. The wealth allows them to be lazy and hire others to do any actual work. Then they must make certain those that do the work cannot leave them. Rather than stepping back from this path and learning and practicing their art and business, they moved to a fear based mode, afraid people would discover they were incompetent and greedy and they would lose their materials they had accumulated and their lazy lifestyle as a parasite. So, they determined the way to survive was to kill the competition, materially by putting them out of business, mentally by undermining their confidence and spiritually by attacking their soul purpose since in reality, they were not competition to Tiny store.
Tiny store is competent in their art, helps people and is not focused solely on the material, so they manage to survive and but they never become Mega Store because they are not willing to destroy others to get there.
So, you are going to ask why we allow Mega Store to exist. It is simple. Mega Store will attract people like themselves and they will destroy them, materially, mentally and spiritually in the never ending quest for more, more and more. Their customers want what they have and they want what their customers have. It becomes a cannibalistic existence cycle until one is exhausted.
Tiny store will go on to attract their like type and help them to learn their soul purpose, achieve their spiritual goals, evolve and eventually help others of like purpose.
Mega store separates the wheat from the chaff and throws the chaff away while the wheat goes on to the Tiny store and becomes their support and students.
It saves all of us a lot of time.
This is not to say that Tiny store doesn't suffer more than most. The suffering doesn't make you stronger, more spiritual or anything other than cause you pain. There is no reward for this path other than the satisfaction of being of service and that is the road you chose. You will get more rest than Mega store as once they pass over, they have a lot to learn here and lessons can be harsh and very long in our world, not that there is really time; it just appears that way. You on the other hand already have learned the lessons, understand the way of our world and will fit in quite nicely into your next job here. Our world is for you much more pleasant than what you have become accustomed to and nothing to fear. For the others, our world is something to fear, because like attracts like in our world and that makes it very hard to evolve out of it. It is why they fear death so very much. It is a life sentence.

Then I began to remember when I first finished my lessons as an astrologer. I was in school for over 2 years and then I needed to learn my specialty under another astrologer. You didn't just hang up a shingle, pay a fee and get your paper back then. You had to intern and though many of the internships were nothing more than fetching your master's laundry from the dry cleaner, you still spent a year or more doing basic charts and maybe, if you were really good, getting to offer an opinion on an interpretation. I was a fast learner. Most people spent 5 years or more in the learning process, before the background check and a signed piece of paper allowed you to get an expensive license from the county. Astrologers didn't try to put each other out of business. My second set of clientele was actually given to me by another astrologer who didn't want to do mundane astrology any more. When you hear of that happening in the psychic and magickal world, put up flares, explode fireworks and then recheck whether you are hallucinating. The difference was simple. We were all competent professionals and we had no question about it. To get the license, we had to be competent. To practice without the license was a quick trip to jail and a guarantee we would never have a license.
Now in all these areas, there is no measure of competency. There is no punishment for greed and hurting others in this world but I am willing to bet from what my guide didn't say, the punishment in the next world may be a whopper. No wonder they spend so much time at the doctors' and trying everything to prolong this life. Well, I have a newsflash: death is always waiting even in the guise of bus going too fast.
So, if you find it was a total fluke that one day you managed to play one song on the piano, rather than trying kill all pianists, take up another instrument and if that doesn't work, find something you are really good at and do it. Just because I can't play a guitar, and I can't, is no reason for me to be jealous of Eric Clapton. I would love to be able to play like him. It is never happening. I can't play a single cord because of my fingers' sensitivity. I know that. I would love to see him play. I will stick to my piano. That, I do play half way well. That I do enjoy. That is enough for me and it has nothing to do with ambition and everything to do with reality which is not located on a sandy place on the banks of the River DeNial.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jealousy and the Corporate State of Affairs

I don't know if you are familiar with J.D. Robb's series ***** In Death, but I am reading Calculated in Death. One of the many things in human behavior that has always puzzled me is jealousy and envy. The former has a tendency to destroy both parties. I simply do not understand those emotions. They are totally counter productive. Then I read this passage in the book and I am starting to wrap my head around them.

“A lust for what he does, a desire to get up in the morning and do it again. It's what builds success.?

“Well, that and a talent for doing what you do. You can want it, be driven to do it, but if you're not skilled, all the lust in the world won't bring you success.”

Now that explains jealousy: drive and lust for something but no talent for it.

““Anyway, if you're doing what you're doing for the result, for the benefits, with no real lust or skill or basic appreciation for what generates the benefits, you're going to look for ways to do less of what generates while pumping up the benefits.”

“Passing the work off to others, and/or cheating.”

“Others built something, figured it out, had to be good at it, and you're plopped into the big leather chair and expected to keep it all going, and add to it. Maybe that's privilege, sure, but that's also pressure.””

And that explains the corporate state of affairs......accumulate more and more trying to please dead parents by screwing more and more people because you have no real talent to build anything yourself and the people under you that have talent are a constant thorn in your side that you have to eliminate.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

History's Judgment

Today's first thing that popped out in the newspaper was the statement: “History will not judge us well if we do not intervene in Syria.”


Dear Congress,

Here is your judgment from History, whatever that is.... You have destroyed the Middle Class, left the elderly, poor, disabled, children and Veterans of your wars homeless, hungry and with no hope for anything but poverty and disease and perhaps a quick death to get out of this country. You have fed a bloated rich class, which happens to include you, with the blood of the rest of this country. You have faked the economy to rob the poor where the middle class now resides. You have destroyed 98% of the people's hope for even basic medical care. You have taken their money and given it to your rich friends to gamble with on the Stock Market like some sort of a roving poker game. You have lied your way into one war after another killing and maiming the poor and stupid who were just looking for an education, food and the hope of raising themselves out of this garbage can you built all by yourselves.

Now, you actually think anything you do in Syria will even be a blip on your resume? Think again. You have already screwed your place in history. Nothing in the next year will save you or get you a favorable line in the text books unless you can get a Saudi Arabian owned FOX news to write them and since they don't want you in Syria, that prospect is looking poor.

Dear President Obama,

Lobbing missiles at Syria is not going to do anything for your place in history. You will go down as the first black president and after that, with any luck, the page will be blank. After all, what exactly have you done in 5 years?

You were elected on a platform of healthcare reform, stopping the insane war machine and bringing prosperity back to this country.

What we got was a watered down insurance company approved bill and postponement of its implementation until you can get safely out of office. In the meantime, the war on the little womenfolk’s health kicked into high gear and states got away with denying them prenatal care, birth control and forcing them to bear rape babies while giving the rapist “parental rights”. In short, your administration allowed women to be reduced to chattel (check the Bible for definition) while not worrying about your own because after all, you are now a member of the elite, permanent healthcare, salary for life and even protection from the rabble.

You will not get credit for marriage reform as that goes to the Supreme Court and lastly, the IRS.

You will not get credit for much of anything as you haven't really done anything but give the their place in history above....everything they wanted. If anything your place in history will read:

Yes Man to a dysfunctional, delusional Congress.

Syria isn't going to save you. It will destroy you.

If nothing else, the place both you and Congress will earn in history will be one of more horror than any genocidal dictator in history. You will be the people who reduced war to a video game played from a safe underground bunker with remote controlled missiles and little marks on a white board representing hits as you reduced people to game pieces in whatever demented actions you take. Those marks on the white board include your own people in this country.

I doubt History will judge you at all because I doubt there will be any History to remember you, but perhaps, that is the goal. As for judgments, that is between you and your maker and you might want to consider the 1% only consider themselves to be the “human beings worthy of life” and of course, a place in history.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Unscrew Faery

George is plagued by a member of the Fae we have come to not so affectionately call the Unscrew Faery. This little creature is capable of unscrewing things. For example, if George places anything but a stick pen in his pocket, a few minutes later, it will be unscrewed and ink will be everywhere. His shoe laces will not remain tied. Given a month or so, Velcro doesn't even work that well. Buttons pop off and disappear is hard to keep than man together. I've given up. Duct tape doesn't work.

I cannot use a screw driver of any variety. I can't unscrew anything and forget actually getting a screw to go into anything. George can get anything to come apart.

He arrived in the kitchen and held out this to me and asked if I knew what it was....absolutely not. What kind of mess was this?

You are not going to believe this.

That mess on the left is what is left of his shoelace after it was blown apart by the Unscrew Faery. This little monster first removed the plastic tip from the shoe lace so George had glued and taped it closed. When he woke up, this was all that was left threaded through the holes in his shoe and no, it wasn't the cat's work.

Now I am wondering if the cat really has been tearing the toilet paper apart. I mean, she denies it and yesterday when I spun the roll of toilet paper she panicked and ran out of the bathroom. Maybe........Oh, I really, really don't want to think about that........

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SYRIA: The distraction for a pickpocket Congress

Good Morning Fellow Serfs, it is time to listen to Mother Revolutionary about something that affects all of you donors to the government till or as they put it: tax payers.

Just as Congress is about to pass a budget which no one with a brain likes, they are deciding whether to get your children blown up in Syria. Best pay attention to this budget because when your darlings get back from the latest religious/oil war, they will get hit with the budget and the task of finding a non-existent job. When they find that fast food job, put their little uniforms on and work with no benefits, they will get a check and that will be when they discover the great god, Social Security, has just taken a huge chunk of the change they worked for all week.

The plan that is called a compromise and just happens to be what the GOP has wanted for 5 years is tying the amount of money your elderly relatives and friends get every month to the Cost of Living. This affects you because if they are relatives, guess who is going to have to make up the difference or have mom and dad and grandma and grandpa living with them? The answer is YOU, so just remember how much you wanted out of the house and whether you are going to like changing adult cotton diapers and washing them because the disposable ones cost about 50.00 a box....more if they are for someone weighing over 120 pounds.

Now that I have you riveted attention, let me ask you a few questions no one wants you to ask. Do you know how the cost of living is figured? Do you know who figures the cost of living?

You really ought to know those answers before you put your faith in the cost of living. You see, there is no carved in stone way of figuring the cost of living. It is sort of like getting dressed in the morning. You yank something out of the closet say the cost of a mortgage payment and then decide what goes with it like bread and water which are cheap that week or you could grab oats and milk which are expensive. Now none of that is relevant to grandma because she rents an apartment and eats cereal bars for breakfast...Oops!

So, who really decides what is yanked out of the closet, you or the shirt closest to the door? Who really decides how the cost of living is figured? How easy is it to manipulate? The answer to both questions is simply manipulate who decides how it is figured, manipulate the figures of the cost of things and you control the cost of living. In other words, have someone control what clothes are in the closet and they control what you wear that day or in very real terms, whether you eat, have a roof over your head and can pay for your medication that year.

Now, let's return to the big chunk of change your kids just noticed is missing from their pay check. Social Security is NOT A TAX. Everyone wants you to believe it is a TAX because it is removed from your paycheck and you don't question what is done with TAXES. You really should, but Social Security is NOT A TAX. It IS a FUND, an account, that you pay into and at a certain age, withdraw those funds.

That big chunk of change isn't grabbed by some bureaucrat and carried over to a room somewhere, thrown in and the door slammed shut. At the very least, it should be in a bank account earning some interest. It should NOT be a pool for someone in government play (the important word here is PLAY) the Stock Market. That is what privatizing Social Security is; handing your money out of your paycheck to someone to play the Stock Market now not only has Congress decided someone is going to decide how much of the money you paid into Social Security is returned to you based on a figure they control but they have also given this entire fund to the friends to place bets on whether stocks will go up or down and you get....well, you can describe that in hardware terms: screwed.

So, yes there is a good chance we may get our asses blown up in Syria, enter into another holy/oil war that will cost us a fortune, but while we are deciding what survival items to buy, do we go with the plain silver duct tape or the pink hearts one, Congress is going to rob you blind if you don't stop them and all in the name of getting rid of that nasty Sequester they created so they can keep Syria from blowing you up. Convenient? You bet it is. Don't look at the budget because Russia and Saudi Arabia are fighting over which one will screw you at the pump and we have to bomb Syria!

A pickpocket works by bumping into you hard enough that you don't feel the hand in your pocket removing your wallet. It's a simple distraction, sort of like Syria.

Who benefits from a war with a little country that really provides us with nothing but a distraction? That would be the war machine or the 1%, who pay to elect your representatives who just happen to have heavy investments in companies that supply the war machine.....and as an added benefit, they get to steal your elderly relatives and friends money. Now that's a win/win if I ever saw one. Well, for's a lose/lose for you but maybe you will even get your grandparents to move in with you so you won't be lonely after you bury your kids. You do remember how to change a diaper, don't you?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Beware the Snake

I awoke this morning to have a little ditty running through my head which should be the anthem of the Middle Class: “We want our piece of the pie!” I know that not how the old TV jingle goes but it should have.

The pie is the infamous pie chart showing who really controls the majority of the wealth in this country.

The top 3% control 84% of the wealth in the country.

Let me explain this simply. If we have a representative from the 3 economic classes: the top 3%, the middle class and the poor standing in line to get paid one dollar, the rich guy representing 3% of the people will get 84 cents. You, the middle class, will get 11 cents and the poor guy will get 5 cents. Keep in mind everyone is working at a job for this money, some harder than others.

Is this the New World Order the conspiracy theorists tout or is it something else, something far more evil and far more older?

Woodrow Wilson actually said this and started the conspiracy theory doctrine of the New World Order being created via the Federal Reserve:

Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

More warnings were published by FDR but this is the most famous is; ““A financial element in the large centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

Even the head of the FBI for so many years, Hoover, said, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

The only real hint to what this conspiracy may be is from FDR in a letter to Charles Davenport written in 1913. Charles Davenport was the then head of Department of Genetics:

Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind.... Any group of farmers who permitted their best stock not to breed, and let all the increase come from the worst stock, would be treated as fit inmates for an asylum.... Some day we will realize that the prime duty, the inescapable duty of the good citizens of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type. The great problem of civilization is to secure a relative increase of the valuable as compared with the less valuable or noxious elements in the population... The problem cannot be met unless we give full consideration to the immense influence of heredity...”

And finally: “I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done. Criminals should be sterilized and feebleminded(sic) persons forbidden to leave offspring behind them... The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed.” also from FDR.

These quotes set of a maelstrom of conspiracy theories to be unleashed on the public that is so complex and so extreme that no one really has any idea what is going on. These quotes and ideas led to the forced sterilization of anyone with an IQ deemed to low, the mentally ill and those who just weren't the right color. These quotes led to the rise of the so called Aryan Race eugenic theories, slavery and the white man's death grip on the idea that he is somehow superior even though he knows he is not, not really. The superior species is the man with the money, not the survival nut living on dried food surrounded by guns. It's the guy in the Penthouse being waited on hand and foot with his choice of pretty mates.

These theories led to something that pervades every inch of society. You are guilty of the thinking and don't even know you are thinking it. You don't even know it starts first thing in the morning and it goes to bed with you. It is the invisible snake in the garden of your mind. It was the first thing a small child questioned in the mountains of West Virginia when the mine tunnel collapsed.

Relatives gathered, worried beyond belief that they had just lost their husbands, fathers and brothers. The Red Cross arrived to give out cups of weak warm coffee. The local ministers arrived to spread the will of God and pick up a few new converts. And the Owner arrived in his big black car to proclaim they were doing everything possible to help. Everything possible was the other miners risking their lives to dig through rock that had just collapsed.

To a child of four or five, used to being alone and observing adults, it was a strange, surreal play unfolding. Looking at the players I had to ask one question, why was the man in the big black car more important than anyone else there and why were the Ministers, reinforcing that lie, because I was pretty sure in the end, everyone died, everyone was equal.

I heard my father say everyone was equal. I heard those same ministers say everyone was equal in “God's” eyes. The warm cup of weak coffee people seemed to think the miners were important and yet, only the other miners had shovels and were digging. Something wasn't right here to a little kid with nothing better to do than ask questions. I had already been told to shut up, so I continued to watch as the man from the big black car got his coffee poured from a pretty thermos into a nice cup by the man in a uniform that drove the car as he sat in the big chair in his heated office above the crowd shivering in tattered coats.

It was as though my eyes captured pictures, little scenes, and then etched them in my memory forever to torment me. The ancient Sumerians and Hebrews had one thing right, the purveyor of knowledge is a snake. Once it finds the opening into mind, it crawls in your brain, curls up and waits for you to get nice and warm and relaxed and then it sinks its fangs in your happy little constructs that keep you sane, poisoning your mind and keeping you up all night.

It was a while before one of the older kids noticed me and came over to see if I was alright since I hadn't moved in a long time. He was one of my hundreds of cousins my own personal snake probably poisoned as so many escaped the mines to go into law enforcement within three letter agencies. Having a captive audience, I sprang and inserted my question in his fertile mind. Why is the man in the office more important that everyone else? That was met with; why do you think that? Well......he's warm, drinking good coffee in an office with someone ready to drive him where ever he wants to go and everyone else is cold, miserable and worried sick. The answer was: he owns the mine.

Hmmmmm....owning a mine makes you more important than anyone else in town except maybe the ministers who had retreated to their cars, engines running so the good church ladies could break out the good coffee and cakes for them that they weren't even giving their crying I asked the obvious. Why are the ministers important. They don't own the mine.

Ah yes, the snake had bit my cousin's brain, laid eggs and would multiply every night of his life. At least he didn't have to contend with the Mother Snake, like I did. You see, I would test his theory later that night when we got home.

Grandma started to cook dinner as she always did and I told her she couldn't do that. Wow, that got Mother in a rage and finally Grandma, being the voice of reason asked me why she shouldn't cook dinner. My answer was simple. You own the house. By that time Father had crawled out of the living room, followed by some of the menfolk. He wanted to know more because my brain fascinated him no end. My reasoning was very simple. If the man who owns the mine doesn't do any work and gets his coffee delivered and his car driven just because he owns the mine and if the ministers get special treatment because they tell people God is responsible for people dying in accidents in his (the owners) mine, then Grandma shouldn't have to work since she owns the house.

Remember that look on Rosemary's face when she first sees her spawn in the cradle? It was pretty epidemic around the room except for Grandma and Daddy. He simply said, “Mrs. Bennett, maybe you should sit down and enjoy watching the rest of us work. I think the kid has something here.” Never have so many adults been so quiet looking in horror at one small little girl. You see, the serpent injected me with logic.

For the rest of my life I would question and fight one single thing. Why is some people's work more worthy than others? Then there was its insidious little brother that sneaked around whispered, some people's lives are more important because they own something you want.

After a few revolutions in Latin American countries I concluded their lives might seem to be more important but large numbers of people were waking up to the fact that they wanted their share of what they worked for and they no longer believed their share was to be decided by the person who owned the mine in which their lives were worth less than minimum wage and decided whether they would work or not.

The 60's rolled in and a new concept began to take root that had to be killed quickly. That concept was equality, interdependence and the simple fact, yes, FACT, that no one does it alone. You can't build a successful business without customers and suppliers. This is because few people will buy thin air unless it has a religion attached to it. The immediate reaction was a flood of drugs to 'enhance' spirituality. Spirituality cannot be enhance my friends. It either happens or it doesn't. All you are chasing in your drug/beer induced state is temporarily feeling good. Spirituality on top of the mountain often results in you falling down the other side of the mountain on your head.

I was raised to be spiritual but I saw no reason I should do so in a shack, dressed in tatters begging for food in exchange for my knowledge particularly since every day on a black and white TV amid the snow I saw men of god in their fancy suits building their opulent mansions of faith. I had the nasty feeling, probably from that snake poison, that they weren't smarter or more spiritual than I was. As far as I could see, they didn't help anyone but themselves. I was beginning to see the sheep symbolism and I certainly could see the wolf.

But who was the lion?

Oh, I learned that later in life.

I love my cat Trouble A.K.A. Stoner. Every cat in the house starts at the dresser and moves incrementally higher in the room until they get to the top of the glass display case even though they have to enter the room and go to the far corner to start their trek and go around three walls. Trouble is a lot like me. He walks in the room, jumps up and climbs the shoe rack, taking a precarious route across the yarn bag and usually dropping a skein or two, and lands in the same location with less work but a lot more danger because I am about to kill him by then. He takes the direct route, just like I do. It's more dangerous but if you have no fear of snake of knowledge, read on. You are already infected. You might as well learn what with.

You are indoctrinated from birth that the doctor is more important than your mother because his word is law. You will later learn that is because he had more education. By the end of your life you will learn that education doesn't make you smart. Your mother will be learning that woman with the best assets whether they be located on her chest or in her purse will get better care and her little spawn will survive no matter how dumb they are.

Every day, in every way you are being taught that some are more equal than others. That some, because they have more paper or higher electronic numbers, somehow do more valuable work than you do. You may at some point realize that both of you are paying the same amount of money for the same things, they just have more left over. Snake bite!

Is the person doing back breaking work picking up your garbage doing less valuable or just less work, than the CEO of a bank? Think about it. They may both actually have the same education. The garbageman, I mean environment engineer, has a life expectancy of at least 10 years less than the CEO simply because of the wear and tear on his body and less access to medical care. He cannot afford a yearly check up with all the bells and whistles that his counter part can take a week off and check himself into the fancy hospital, with pay, and find out every tiny thing that might go wrong so he can make changes in his lifestyle. You see, the garbageman, let's skip the niceties of environment engineer, only gets to clean up and fall into bed dead tired and hope he doesn't get sick because he has no sick days and anyway, at the end of the year, too much sickness means he is a drag on the company (other workers') insurance policy and needs to be laid off....i.e. Fired. Now if you think the CEO cares if the other workers have to pay more for their insurance keep in mind he is probably getting a kickback from the insurance company. The CEO makes more money in one hour than the garbageman makes in one year. Hence the logical conclusion is the Bank CEO's life is more important than a garbage man’s or yours.

I tend to have a pretty high opinion of myself and just don't buy it. Nor have I ever bought the fantasy that because mine is a “god given talent”, I should not charge for it. The electric company doesn't give me break for “god given talents”. Shouldn't a talent dispensed by a GOD be more valuable than a bank CEO? I mean, I must be divine and she giggles. Save me first...God smiles on me....sure....Who knows, it might work.

So you see, the whole real Conspiracy isn't a New World Order because it is pretty darned old, nor is it the Federal Reserve. I won't argue they may both be tools. BUT the real conspiracy is constant bombardment and reinforcement that just because 3% of the people collect 84 cents out of that dollar for doing little or nothing in real back breaking work like you do every day, their lives are somehow worth more than your pitiful little existence which leads to the second belief that you exist for their amusement. You might want to think about that last one.

Oh, and the sheep lays down with the lion because the sheep thinks the lion will protect them. Unfortunately to the lion, the sheep are cash cows and a snack for later. Guess who the lion is. Go ahead. You'll figure it out, probably too late.

Pretty snake. Nice snake. Let the old Druid rest for a while.