Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/30 and 05/01

Happy Beltain and May Day! Light your bonfires. Get the Mead out and let's all have a really good time! Napoleon says there had better be catnip involved....

Saturday is one of those days when you feel like you are on a spinning wheel...and where she stops...nobody knows!
You have two major aspects lasting to around Friday that are conflicting. One brings rapid financial news and expansion in the financial sectors. It also really fans the flames of FIRE. So if you are in a fire prone area, be very, very careful. Unfortunately it can also bring hurricanes and more tornadoes. You really don't want the God of War joining up with Jupiter the great expander in Aries, a fire sign. Then to make it worse The Goddess of Love, Venus is at odds with the great restrictor, Saturn and people may get dumped because their partner just thinks they don't look good enough on their arm. Yeesh! This is not a good week for social events and if you are in the beauty business...oh dear. People want everything yesterday.
You will awaken feeling like the world is closing in you. By noon, you seem to doing alright socially and may even have gotten a date. Then the lesson of never taking anything at face value kicks in and you may be sitting all alone. By night, the old phone starts ringing and everyone just wants to talk until the arguments begin. You might want to think about disconnecting the phone and claiming your battery went dead. Ben and Jerry make the best date tonight.

Sunday, emotions are on high in the morning hours and people react really fast to things and a bit over the top. Then your energy level goes WAY up and you really need something physical to do with all that energy. Unfortunately the Moon goes void of course at 11:20 AM EDT, and you wind up spinning your wheels. The void of course will end early tomorrow.

Have the best weekend you can and remember....we are open. Come by a sit a spell or do a spell.

If you have a mortgage in Florida, you will probably be losing your home...

I didn't want to write about this, as no one is really listening, but George kept bugging me and saying people are going to be drug out their homes by the sherrif and have no idea it is coming. You have to say something! This is what happened.

Today the Florida Legislature passed several laws regarding the insurance industry which will be signed by the govenor as they are a really good pay offs for those campaign contributions all the GOP Tea Baggers got. These laws were neatly hid in the Money section no one but me ever bothers to read in the Sun Sentinel: page 1 of Money. I know most of you went straight to the comics, but I read through the section.

#1. The Insurance Companies are now able to raise your premiums without legislative or any approval, to cover the costs of THIER ADVERTISING and THEIR AGENTS' COMMISSIONS. In other words, you will now be paying all their overhead in Florida and everywhere else in the country since no one said the advertising had to occur in Florida. They can raise your premiums any amount they want. It will cost them NOTHING TO DO BUSINESS IN FLORIDA. Just another way the GOP is making Florida really business friendly.

#2. Now pay close attention to this one. The Insurance Companies can withhold complete payment on any claim until there is a signed contract for repairs and/or (their discretion) the repairs are completed to their satisfaction unless your home is TOTALLY destroyed. Pay close attention...totally destroyed not condemned or uninhabitable is the wording of the law. You will have to foot the entire bill for repairs and the repairs have to meet their specifications (this will require an inspection at no specified time...could take months...) before you can get a check from them. So, if you can't afford to replace your entire roof after a are homeless. If a car hits your wall and your home is deemed structlurally unsafe...hey, it's still standing and in one piece.

#3. Insurance Companies can charge whatever they want for sinkhole premiums and refuse to write policies with sinkhole coverage. So if you are in a sink hole prone area, the odds are your mortgage requires you have sinkhole coverage....and maybe even if you are not in sinkhole prone area....and if you can't pay some exorbient rate or find coverage, you are in violation of your mortgage contract.

In fact, many mortgage contracts are written with a clause that if you fail to make proper repairs to your home within a specified length of time, you are in violation of the contract.
All mortages state that if you fail to carry adequate (their definition there of) insurance, you are in violation of the contract.

Now some of you may have noticed something odd about my wording: violation of the contract. This little legal ditty skips the whole default of mortgage legal proceedings and goes straight to yank your property out from under you within a very short period of time. There is no loan modification, no reprieve, you are in violation of the terms of a legal contract. The contract can be terminated and termination of the loan can proceed and your choices are (a) get drug out by the sheriff and your belongings thrown on the front lawn or (b) pay the loan off or (c) find another mortgage It is just like repossessing a car. You may not even be able to pay the loan off or use another mortgage company depending on how the contract is written. Repayment of the loan and the terms of contract are two different thing with different rules and why you really should have read that piece of paper. It may say violation of the terms of the contract are grounds for immediate termination of the contract. Notice the word mortgage is not in that sentence because it has nothing to do with the actual mortgage loan.
These provisions will raise rates and the people most hurt the quickest will be the elderly who took out these reverse mortgages. You still have to carry insurance.
I have the Tshirt on this crappy policy. After Hurricane Wilma, we learned our insurance policy had a neat little clause in it that literally amortazed the cost of things like a roof. In 15 years, or 10 in policies written today, if a hurricane blows your roof off, the cause is not wind damage but old age. They refused to pay for our roof but paid 8,000.00 on our fence. They had the clause the Legislature just passed in the contract so I got a check for 4,000.00 to replace my fence and the other 4,000.00 when the work was completed. There was no way a fence company was touching the fence without the entire amount available, the supplies were more than 4,000.00 and I had to have a roof, not a fence. Thus, the insurance company, which just happened to the mortgage company, happily pocketed 4,000.00 and then raised my yearly premium to 12,000.00. I only owed 5,000.00 on the house and they wanted the property.

Friends, I said from day one this entire housing crash and everything was nothing more than a land grab. Why on earth would a bank loan you twice what the property appraiser values your property at???? That is the worst business decision in history. Then, when they ran out of gulible home owners, they went after marginal buyers and make no mistake: THEY WENT AFTER THEM. These people weren't knocking on the bank's doors, they were actively sought out.
Now my friends, they are going after the rest of you, particularly those of you who were fiscally conservative and have equity in your homes like the seniors with a reverse mortgages.
If you can find punctuation mark in that legislation that is in your favor, I will eat my hat!
Thank you for electing business friendly Rick Scott and his Tea Bag Buddies...all my property is paid off....I have no loans. I am smiling, really smiling.....Unfortunately by the time you realize what they are doing and the next election rolls around, you will be homeless and unable to vote because you won't have the proper ID and a legal polling place (they passed those laws last week). Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I guess not when you are on the receiving end of it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Forecast for Friday, 04/29/11

We had a wonderful class with Wanda at Michael's in Deerfield tonight. I made such a perfect loop I just wanted to stare at it. Loops have always been my downfall in jewelry making but now I know the secret. I made a nice pair of earrings and George made quite a pair. I am sure I will be posting pictures tomorrow.

Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Swords. Don't be surprised if you don't feel like getting out of bed. This is an excellent day to turn into a germ-a-phobic.

The Moon enters Aries at 1:33 PM EDT, finally breaking the longest void of course I have ever seen. Things start moving but because it is the fourth quarter of the moon, stick to finishing up projects.

The only aspect today is an evening one that brings a sudden and nice surprise.
 The real Beltain is Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Forecast for Thursday, 04/28/11

The Salamander will be pretty much closed today because we have a class we are taking on wire wrapping jewelry. Things return to normal on Friday.
I have 4 zucchini and 2 cantaloupes that have come up in my garden. My poor lemon tomato has pretty much kicked the bucket. The heat down here really hurts the fancy and heirloom varieties. However, the hot peppers are going wild. Yes folks, it's hot peppers gone wild. The haberno is starting to take root. The cayenne is producing peppers like mad and the unknown long hot banana pepper is producing peppers longer than it is high. The lavender is blooming. The rosemary has taken root and is starting to grow fast. My front mail box bed is HOT!
The Homestead tomato is almost out producing our ability to eat them.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Pentacles reversed. A windfall of money is headed someone's way!

The only aspect today creates a restless night. However, the Moon is Void of Course so things will not go as planned.

George is accepting all pots and cutting you might want to just leave in the parking lot. He has actually run out of pots! This place is going to be GREEN and you know it was a virtual jungle before.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Forecast for Wednesday, 04/27/11

It has been one busy day at the Salamander so I am running late with the forecast.

Today's Tarot Card is the Page of Wands and the Emperor. It is a bit of a shock when the normally easy going, young at heart suddenly turn all serious and crack the old whip on you. Maybe you have been TOO lax lately???

The Moon enters Pisces at 12:57 AM EDT ending the void of course and being back nostalgia for the way things never really were.
There are two Major aspects to Pluto in Capricorn lasting about a week and a half. Social events become the medium for change if you manage to get elders and authorities there. You can make your voice heard if you make it clear that you MEAN BUSINESS and I mean BUSINESS. This is the time to hit those that have been hurting you in the old economic belt.

Your dreams over night have been very psychic and a little mid morning meditation will show you the lessons learned and how to apply this new knowledge. By mid afternoon you are feeling your personal power and ready to take a position on things you have been waffling about. Move quickly because the Moon goes Void of Course at 3:53 PM EDT and stays that way until mid day Friday! YIKES!
So, get as much achieved as you can before the Void of Course while you are in a position of power!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Tuesday, 04/26/11, Forecast

Today's Tarot Card is the Tower. It only has one meaning, disaster.

Over night energies may have kept you awake leading to feeling out of sorts this morning. The early AM brings good financial news.
The Moon goes void of course at 7:28 AM EDT and stays that way until tomorrow. Add Mercury still being in the storm and all of this does not bode well for getting much of anything done today.
However, the beginnings of change have started.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Your Forecast for Monday, 04/25/11

The morning finds ways around limitations and rules. Lessons are learned and innovations are in the air. Pay attention to that new idea. It could bring in money.
Communications are in high gear in the afternoon, so make certain you are monitoring all channels lest you miss something important.
You may have trouble staying asleep tonight so have some calming tea before bedtime.
It is the fourth quarter of the Moon so time to tidy up and finsh all those projects so you can start anew with the New Moon.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/23-24/11

The Cosmic Salamander will be closed on Saturday (23rd) for Beltain at CUUPS in Ft. Lauderdale. We will reopen on Sunday but be sure to call if you want a reading because Janice has appointments that day.
We are considering closing for a second day of the week just to get things done!

Mercury goes direct at 6:04 AM EDT but before you start the party, keep in mind he is not out of his storm and we aren't out of the woods until May 2nd.
This is a day of squares which produces conflicting energies. Early morning arguments and limitations do not start the day off well. Energy is low and people are a little combative around noon because they just don't feel good. By evening financial news is not good. The Moon goes void of course at 8:13 PM EDT.

The void of course ends at 1:59 PM EDT when the Moon enters Aquarius where lots of things have been done for our own good. Aquarius loves humanity, it is people they hate.  Aquarius rules electricity, eccentricity and all things new.
For the next week teachers may make some progress in getting what they want.
The morning starts off with a good surprise. By night, you are not feeling yourself but try to perk up for the social invitation that is coming your way. Friends may drop in on you.
The 4th quarter of the moon starts at 10:47 PM EDT. Time to finish up things.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your Friday, 04/22/11, Forecast

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Wands reversed. You may lose a friend today through the natural progression of relationships.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:24 AM EDT ending the void of course.
Things will take on a conservative and somber cast for a few days.
The morning is dreamy, romantic and deceptive which leads to a misunderstanding on a social level. Being too possessive will create an argument so try to keep your ego in check.
A lesson well learned leads to success in the evening and change is finally approved.
For a week, surprise invitations are the rule, so try to be half way ready and not get caught in total disarray. You just never know who may drop by.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Your Forecast for Thursday, 04/21/23

Today's Tarot Card is the Ace of Wands reversed. You just can't seem to get anything started today.

Venus enters Aries at 12:06 AM EDT where she is never happy. Aries burns to bright for her sensitive romantic nature. Social events easily become combative.

The over night hours were filled with dreams and lots of energy to the point you may have had trouble staying asleep. Good financial news arrives before high noon.
The Moon goes void of course at 12:57 PM EDT and stays that way until early Friday morning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your Forecast for Wednesday, 04/20/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Queen of Cups and the Two of Wands. A woman with a very controlling nature has no intention of leaving no matter what she has led you to believe.

The Moon is void of course from 12:53 AM to 2:50 AM EDT when she enters Sagittarius. Wanderlust starts to dominate your thoughts along with a strong sense of social justice. You feel more young at heart.
The Sun enters Taurus at 6:17 AM EDT, and people become more stubborn, more possessive and more conservative with resources.
Even though the overnight hours may have been rather romantic, you come out of it not feeling like you really won anything which leads to both confusion and bad dreams. You have a pleasant early morning surprise that gets you up and going but by mid morning, old wounds may surface to bother you.
An aspect lasting a couple of weeks, makes this a very psychic time. You instinctively know what projects will make money. Luck is running hot. Romance is definitely in the air. This will be a very good time to get that psychic reading.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Forecast for Tuesday, 04/19/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Three of Cups. There will be reason to celebrate and party today.

You may start your night with an argument that causes a lot of tossing and turning and bad financial news tends to dominate the morning. It is just one annoying thing after another.
Then afternoon arrives and things start to straighten out because there are no aspects to annoy you.

An aspect lasting about three days gives everyone foot in mouth disease. So if you want to avoid the karma, pause and think before you speak. Otherwise, you are liable to blurt out the one thing you don't want someone to know and that will start a REALLY big argument.

I just want to say BJ's makes the absolute best chocolate chip muffin in the Universe.


Okay, here's the thing. I know you are reading this blog because you took the bait too many times I set out for you.
I am not responsible for your "bad luck", failure or a myriad of other things. Those are all your problems. I have better things to do than thrown curses at you. I succeed where you fail because I am older, more experienced and much better at what I do than you are. I am not doing anything to you.
However, I am getting really tired of the little curses because they are affecting the people around me and that is annoying me. So, get your little dolls out of the freezer, put your roots in the ground where they belong and cut the crap and do it fast, because if one more thing happens, I am going to do something. Once again, I am better than you are and you do not want to be on the receiving end of your own workings or spells coming back at you with a nice turbo assist. They will come back on you, multiplied.
So cease and desist, NOW!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 04/18/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Wheel of Fortune. Expect major changes today.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 2:19 AM EDT ending the void of course and highlighting investigations and all things hidden.
Your dreams are positively psychic tonight so remember to write them down. A sudden awakening too early in the morning gets you on your toes. Emotional lessons are finally learned. Now you can help others. By afternoon, change is in the wind and you see some progress.
What seemed like a little white lie at the time is now blown out of porportion or you may simply have been deliding yourself and the late night becomes a time of arguments and recriminations.
The aspect that brings explosive arguments and fights peaks today, so be careful out there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Weekend forecast for 04/16-17/11

Don't forget, here at the Cosmic Salamander we are clearing out merchandise that we are no longer going to carry such as books on health, wellness and some healing this weekend Other merchandise is also going as we make room for more and as one person said, "Go more hardcore Magick". I have a huge display of books of shadows planned and I need a shelf! Something must go.

Saturday, the Moon enters Libra at 2:59 AM EDT ending the void of course. Unfortunately it tends to usher in 2 days of superficiality.
Weird dreams dominate your night and a sudden surprise could get you out of bed way before you planned. Make absolutely certain you leave no candles burning overnight!
You are going to be saying, "I get it. It's a lesson. Now get me out of this!" Old emotional wounds surface and there is no closure in sight. Fighting with authorities and elders builds all day until late tonight it could get violent and explosive. Pretty words about how you need to tighten your belt are delivered by men in 5,000 dollar suits. Tomatoes anyone???

Sunday finds arguments that started overnight continuing. More morning bad news about finances has you ready to smack someone by late night.
The Moon goes void of course at 10:44 PM EDT.
She is Full at 10:44 PM EDT at 27Libra44. Happy Full Moon, when we may all be howling at her.

We will be at CUUPS Beltain Celebration next Saturday in the All Purpose Room as usual. The Salamander will be closed that day. If there is anything you need and you really don't want to drive up here - hey I understand, Vanwitch slurps gas..she is a big girl - Call or email us and I will have your order at CUUPS.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Your Forecast for Friday, 04/15/11

Today's Tarot Card is the 8 of Cups. You are thinking about walking out of a relationship.

The Moon goes void of course at 4:49 PM EDT and stays that way until after midnight.

Dreams tonight represent what you have left undone and may feature a hamster wheel. Annoying news in the morning about money or property doesn't start your weekend the way you wanted and by late afternoon you are feeling down right anti-social. Who can blame you? You simply do not feel like your usual fun loving self, so get a video and settle in for an evening of mindless fun and ice cream.
And the bad news is: tomorrow will not be better nor will Sunday. This weekend is wash so plan to work around your house or apartment doing some organizing and spring cleaning.

Mars in Aries is now in opposition to Saturn in Libra. So if you really are starting to feel like you have had it up to way up there with all the games, drama and plotting, you are not alone and it is getting explosive. My advice is to take a stand because you might as well go down fighting for something you believe in. This aspect will not end until Tuesday the 26th of April when Mercury has gone direct but is not out of its storm until May 2nd. So, we may not be out of the woods, yet.
By the way, President Obama is a Leo (fire sign trining Aries) and John A. Boehner is a Scorpio. Although Leo tends to be open and honest in fighting, Scorpios are the manipulative, deceptive and behind the scenes fighters. Mars in Aries is liable to take rash action against all straddling the fencers (Saturn in Libra). It will get interesting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 04/14/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Tne of Pentacles. Money is all around you but getting your hands on it proved to be next to impossible.
The Moon enters Virgo at 2:40 AM EDT ending the void of course and starting the spring cleaning frenzy.
Nightmares may disturb your sleep and lead to awakening out of sorts this morning. The lessons in them are vague but valid. By afternoon you know how to make changes and even have some solid approval. However, the evening hours find you discouraged at the amount you actually got done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I won't be writing much....

I have been hearing from my friends that they are exhausted. They simply cannot face the day when they awaken. They cannot escape the depression. I understand because I am, too, am simply sick at heart.
Today I was in Michaels and the woman behind me asked the cashier if they had a flier she could have. The answer is always "no". I turned around and asked her if she needed a flier or the 40% off coupon? Everything I had was already on sale or 1.00 stuff. She wanted the coupon, so I handed it to her. She was so shocked all she could mutter was, "You're a nice person." I thought she was going to cry.
That my friends, is BAD. That act shouldn't shock anyone. It should be normal.
Then I look at what is going on in politics and I am sick at heart. So many of my friends depend on social security and Medicare, are rightfully scared to death of HMO's and are disabled. Some have children in school and were hoping for a good education and maybe a job. The rest tend to be out of work right now and not even an interview on the horizon. Then the news breaks that Medicare and Social Security are on the "bargaining table". Never in history have they been on the bargaining table along with a tax increase for the middle and lower class and more tax breaks for the uber rich and corporations while the small business is penalized for existing.
It makes me sick at heart that this country has moved so far from its values of family and community that it values the rights of coorporations and the rich over everyone else and pits citizen against citizen with the false war cries of Prolife, Deficit Spending and Bankruptcy. The only thing bankrupt in this country is morals and they are on empty, along with empathy, sympathy and common sense.
I can no longer take it.
Fortunately, I am psychic and George and I prepared for this day years ago. We lived very conservatively.  We will survive. So many of my friends will not. The Salamander may have to move to the country so we can raise our own food, but we will survive.
I have spent the last weekend studying articles that you probably never want to wade through going back 10 years. I will summarize them for you. By playing on the fear and paranoia of a small segment of the population, the corporations, controlled and owned by the uber rich, have been able since the Carter administration to remove almost all regulations and taxes from themselves simply by making it easy for Congresspeople (who tend to be vain and not too bright and easy to lure with the promise of more power) to simply do nothing. In other words, you never saw the laws or the bills because they never happened. It was simply a failure to act, failure to reign in the corporate and personal greed, failure to create a regulatory committee when they could just let them regulate themselves and finally they kept you occupied with fake issues like abortion, deficits and wars. Meanwhile, they gutted the country, moved your money overseas and got the hades out of Dodge (USA). Those that remain live in compounds guarded by a private security force with plenty of stored food and their own power sources. Don't believe me? Google satellite images of their "compounds".
No one saw it happening or coming because how do you see inaction?
We are now in the last phase: gutting all social programs and safety nets for no other purpose than to wring the last penny out of the middle and lower classes. They just can't get enough money! It is an obssession!
It doesn't matter what we do, because the decisions will be made before the next election. The deal is already signed and sealed and you, my friends, are up the creek without a paddle. They will wring every penny out of this country within the next year and leave it broke and broken with nothing but a virtually slave labor force that will do anything for a menial job. The next generation will be uneducated and in poverty and it will have nothing to do with spending in Washington on healthcare and everything to do with NO JOBS that pay anything.
The Deficit is a Myth. There is plenty of money. It just happens to be tax free and heading to other countries in the pockets of less than 1% of the population.
The Abortion Issue is a nothing more than a money maker. Yes, they care about those poor little babies. Have you ever stopped to think how much a baby makes corporate America in profit? Those diapers probably cost a nickel to produce and the same with the can of formula. Vaccines are about 50 cents to produce. Then think of all the other things like car seats, clothes, toys and daycare. However, when the kid reaches 6 or school age, the profit margin hits a sharp decline and the only thing they are good for is cheap labor. On the other side, an abortion produces how much profit and for whom? Pretty much zip. Yes, you have been sold up the creek without a clue. Why else do you think birth control pills are so expensive and often not covered by insurance? There is no profit in not having babies. Every social issue you have donated your pennies to is nothing more than a cover for sheer unbridled greed by Corporate America. Stop and think about it. Just 5 dollars and we can buy another ad to combat those devils on the other side. My email is full of them.
Yes, it is a conspiracy but not some dark, shady one. It is simply profit and profit and more profit.
My next prediction is the banks will be able to take your home and car if you fall behind on your credit card debt and you will happily embrace it over jail.
You buy American thinking you helping the economy but only the economy of Ireland or the Cayman Islands. Your money doesn't stay here. That's how the Corporations avoid taxes. They claim the money is made overseas paying for their manufacturing over there and claim a loss here after they move it.
You were too busy trying to make a better life for yourself and your children that you never saw it coming. That better life is never coming.
I am sick. I am really, really sick.

Your Forecast for Wednesday, 04/13/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Hierophant reversed. Time to explore some unconventional means of achieving your goals.

The Moon is void of course from 3:58 PM EDT to 2:40 AM tomorrow.

You start the morning off with a huge amount of communications, some of them good about money. By noon you realise you have too much work to do to remain overly social and you will get recognition for your sacrifice mid afternoon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 04/12/11

Today's Tarot Card is the Sun. There is recognition for your abilities at last.

Lessons that were learned are irritating anyway. Experience may be the best teacher but today it sucks and no one seems to be giving you a break. By afternoon, energy picks up and you start feeling more positive leading to a late night break through that reaffirms your faith in yourself.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Forecast for Monday, 04/11/11

How much is that kitty in the display case?
4 ones! I love numbers.
Today was my day in the garden. George filled the 'found' huge plastic storage container with soil and cow manure and I planted two tomatoes, a couple of the ancient peppers George grew from seeds, reincarnated carrots and potatoes and tomorrow I put some seeds in. Oh, there is one cinnamon basil plant in there.
The baby fig tree went into a big green ice bucket I bought when BJ's reduced them. Hey, you can't get a pot that big for 5 bucks. Now if I can sweet talk George into dragging its mate and my large fig tree from the house, I will have a matched pair! I think I am going to have to bring the Daturas to the shop because the lucky nut tree is so big, it is shading them a bit too much. Soon I will have the area out there ready for sitting and rituals.
I have to tell you, the mosquitoes are so bad they will carry you off. I had a glades mosquito land on me and those things are HUGE!
Farming is much easier when all you have to do is point and click.
Tomorrow we do the Costco run and get a supply of Greek yogurt in. I like theirs better. George loves their heavy bread and Vanwitch loves their gas! I wouldn't be going except I got our rebate check for the year and add a couple of chickens to order and I have spent it. The easiest way to save money is to not go anywhere that you can spend it. So, I have cut all trips to Costco down to every 2.5 weeks and am trying to keep BJ's down to once a week. Eventually the bank will let us have George's retirement we scrimped and saved for for 35 years. That will happen after they squeeze every drop of money out of they can make.

Today's Tarot card is the Five of Pentacles. That is the card for the times. You keep getting rejected as you try to get into things and it is because the decisions are made before you apply.

The Second Quarter of the Moon begins at 8:05 AM EDT at 21Cancer16. Time to check on your progress and make any need adjustments to continue the momentum.

The Moon is Void of Course from 8:05 AM to 11:37 PM EDT and that my friends makes it one of those Mondays. I am glad the shop is closed on Monday and all I need to do is a little gardening.
The Moon enters Leo at 11:37 PM EDT and all the world is a stage and everyone is trying to get in the spotlight. Unfortunately, there is just one spotlight and very little empathy.

An aspect lasting a couple of weeks brings fire to earth changes now. OUCH! Trying to do anything fast or to start anything meets with a brick wall nicely constructed by those in authority or your elders.
An aspect lasting a couple of days brings rapid and profuse communications. This is the aspect where you get tongue tied because you are tyring to talk too fast. Think before you communicate.

A very early morning call can easily turn into an argument and you really didn't need that after you spent part of the night paying for that rich meal you ate. By morning, you are not feeling yourself and then everything goes half assed backwards. This is a great day to hide under the bed. By late tonight you will be so befuddled and confused you won't know what is going but the good news is, you aren't alone.

In case you are wondering what a reincarnated carrot and potato are, they are the tops and the eyes respectively. When you cut the top off a carrot, you can actually stick it in the ground a grow another one. You can also do that with Romaine lettuce. Ofcourse, you grow potatoes from the eyes. I eat so many ancient peppers that George saved the seeds and planted them. Who know what will really grow from them!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


It is odd how you ask a question and the answer comes in a really strange manner.
Just before closing, a totally inebriated gentleman showed up for a reading. I had not eaten anything but a couple of hand fulls of nuts since breakfast and was just getting ready to have dinner. George liked him so he was pushing me to do the reading. By the time he got the money and stopped talking to George it was closing time and I was really flaky as my sugar had dropped through the floor. I couldn't even hold my mouse steady enough to harvest my crops for those of you who know what that means. I was really shaky.
I haven't done full mediumship in a few years. Being tired and weak, it was easy to just give up and let my guide take over as if I had a choice. The reading was a smashing hit and he never noticed someone other than me was doing it.
Then I went home and I was still thinking about the question of how people get away with doing such awful things to other people without even a slap on the wrist from the Universe. They seem to thrive, so since my guide was hanging around to make certain I was okay, mediumship takes a lot out of the body, I decided to ask him. He promised an answer this morning and here it is. I guarantee, it is hard to understand unless you are a quantum physicist.
The premise is simple: energy is energy. It is neither positive nor negative. We put those connotations on the energy and by doing so, we create our version of energy as positive or negative. The people doing these awful things actually believe they are doing something positive and hence their results are always positive for them.
WHOA! Have you heard of self sabotage? A person does all the right affirmations, all the right meditations, watches every word they think and say and is still sitting in the dust bin wondering why none of it works simply because they really don't believe it will work or that they don't deserve it to work. Or they have people around them tearing them down and telling them it won't work???
Now let's take our little cloud of neediness that thinks they deserve what you have and intends to take it. Did you catch that???? They think and believe that they are entitled to what you have, thus taking it from you has no instant karmic effect on them because they believe they should have it. Taking it is a positive thing.  However, if you shoplift a loaf of bread you spend the rest of your life running from the cops because you know stealing is wrong.
Now note I said instant karmic effect. Yes, there is a catch. This rule only applies to this particular level of existence. Once you transition to the next one, everything you do is mirrored back upon your head instantly. Everything you did is mirrored back into the scenery you are now living in. Your life is reduced to one feeling and you are trapped in that feeling possibly forever or until you manage to work really, really hard and replace it.
The next question that came forth from me was: How in Hades did some idiot come up with this system? I've really got to stop calling some god an idiot.
In the beginning, there was a beautiful garden planet whose energy worked on a simple exchange principle. Cooperate with each other and with the planet and you had a wonderful vacation from the work of the other dimensions. Yes, this is the heaven, nirvana and summerland. Food was abundant. Every kind of flower bloomed to delight you. The oceans were filled with wonderful life. There was any climate you wanted to enjoy available. You had a body capable of infinite pleasure. It was paradise and as long as everyone cooperated and looked out for each other and didn't harm the planet or each other, it worked.
Then some idiot (oops, did it again) had the wonderful idea that souls that were really damaged could be placed among the others and they would learn to cooperate and join in the wonderful paradise. Gee whiz, look what happened.
There are two reactions to any event. Either you are frightened or you investigate and reach a conclusion. Once fear enters the equation, rationality goes out the window.
A fear based life forms see everything as a threat. If tomorrow morning a fear based person wakes up with their nose pressed against a tree, they are going to scream, back up and run. Now if the tree happens to be on a cliff, they are out of the gene pool.
A rationally based person looks at the bark and concludes it has not hurt them so it probably isn't going to and slowly steps back to see what they woke up facing. Eventually this person see the whole forest. The fear based person will never see anything but that tree.
The fear based person is certain that even though there are 360 degrees in which the tree can fall, it is going to hit them because 1 out of 360 degrees is good odds for getting squished.
The rationally based person knows that even though the odds are 1 in 360, if the tree starts to fall toward them, they can step out of the way. The fear based person will stand and watch it fall on them paralyzed with fear. In short to quote the Dune trilogy, "Fear is the mind killer."
Once fear enters your emotional state, nothing else can get in.
Now someone asked how you can survive without fear because there are some real threats out there, most of them fear based organisms. Since I am actually afraid of nothing, the answer is risk assessment. I was trained from childhood to assess the potential risk in any situation. When everyone else panics I actually become unnaturally calm while I assess the risk potential and chart a course of action. Why? Because panic is useless except for getting you killed. When you panic, you freeze and the got the idea.
Now, when you deal with fear based people you have to realize you cannot reason with them. I am not being nasty. The first thing you learn in psychiatry is to not argue with a depressed person because their view of the world is actually more accurate than yours. In order words: you are going to lose. Thus, you come at them from another direction which is: do you want to continue to feel this way or make a change? Most organisms will choose pleasure over constant panic unless they have become addicted to the panic.
Panic and fear cause a release of hormones and chemicals designed to calm you down so you can function unless you are opossum and then you roll over in a stupor that mimics death. If you have a tendency toward addictions, you can get hooked on these chemicals and hence the term: thrill junkie. Thus, you find the highest risk takers to be most fearful people. (That little nugget of information will come in handy some day.)
Any person who handles animals will tell you that a frightened animal is dangerous. They will lash out at anyone and anything. So will a fear based person and the person they are most likely lash out at is not the one who shares their fear base but the person who doesn't because there is obviously something wrong with them and they need to be hurt. You must be punished and made to feel as awful as they do. Remember, you can't reason with them.
So, that is where the whole let's help the damaged souls went wrong. Instead of learning to cooperate they grouped together. They also multiplied their kind faster as they had no idea how to cooperate with the planet and maintain a balance ecosystem. Eventually they developed fear based religions. God will punish you. You must wash you hands fifteen times before noon or you are unclean. They needed these rituals to keep the fear in check enough to function. Unfortunately, some of them began to function and wonder why they needed to keep washing their hands. The leaders of the fear based majority couldn't let that happen because all those fear based bodies made a nice safety net to keep them from getting hurt so they needed to find a common enemy before their protection took off and frolicked in the woods.
The enemy was easy to find: anyone not like them. Eventually that started to wane because too many of the not likes started looking like them. So they needed a different protection from this fearful world and that protection became more and more material things. If they had all the material things, the followers can't leave because the leader controls every aspect of their life including food.
Return to our black cloud of need. By taking things away from you, you have to be beholden to them to get some of the things back you need to survive. If I take your house, your job, your money, you will have to come to me to get more to survive and I will have you as my friend and my wall of protection. These little black clouds are totally incapable of dealing with those of us who generally say f you and the horse you rode in on. I'll slap you silly if you ever show up near me again. Most of the people they are taking from are also fear based so they easily fall on their knees and give up their freedom and possessions just to gain security from the little black cloud, never realising they are actually the source of security for the little black cloud. Thus, their energy feeds upon and feeds this ball of fear that attracts more fear seeking security at the price of actually having to be responsible for their own security.
Now do you understand why we are in this mess?
I have no answer as to whether it can be turned around. I see things from a more than global perspective. I am what has now been called a Chaos Talent. I see all the possibilities stretching out in front of me like coloured threads, entwining until there is one brightest and largest thread which is the most probable of all the futures. BUT, all that has to happen is for one thread in that bundle to snap or one to pull to another side and the whole future line becomes corrupted and turns into something else. That is the best way I can explain what I see as a psychic.
For years I have seen one black thread wrapping itself around futures, but it didn't seem to have any real affect. It was just there. Now, it is showing itself as a bundling thread that is pulling all these futures together. Normally that brings a natural disaster. Now, I am not so sure. I am not the only person who understands how things really work. There are many on the fear wagon that understand it really, really well. They have succeeded in staying on this side way beyond what should have been allowed and amassed power and wealth simply because they understood the principles of reincarnation and eugenics, all things that have been banned by modern religions as " evil pagan beliefs". Always ban what may defeat you. It would be the height of stupidity to assume that as we gather to generate what we think of as positive energy and understanding, that the other side does not have equally well trained individuals meeting to generate fear.
There must always be balance. All things seek equilibrium one way or the other. Let's not push mother earth too far or she will fix things for us and we will have to learn to cooperate with her or perish. However, the fear based may well be saying it is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. They may well understand the other dimensions as well as I do and be carving out their little niche to reign in right now. Too bad the rules are different there......

Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/9-10/11

I have never missed a day of the forecast except when the whole net went down around here. I think in 39 years of professional life I have only cancelled one appearance due to illness. In general, I am very dependable and yet, I have always been the first one out the door and always by a "friend" stabbing me in the back. And then, I got blamed because they have no friends. What you do comes back to you at least threefold. Stab people in the back and eventually someone will do it to you really well.
The funny thing is just before all of this started a person asked me how some people go through life destroying the lives of others and never get even a slap on the wrist by the universe. I'm sure my real friends have asked that question because I have seen you suffer at the hands of these people. I know it is no comfort, but just wait until the afterlife arrives. I have seen some of the places they wind up and it ain't pretty and it is forever because they never learn. There is no last minute redemption. The sum total of your life is what you face in the afterlife. There is no "lawyer priest" to intervene on your behalf. It is a neutral system of how much positive energy you have built up. The less you have accumulated, the less you rise and the worse the place you get to spend a really long time in. Time is variable there. Five minutes here is a life time there. Crawling up the various levels by your fingernails is no fun. Figure a sneaky way out and when you hit the barrier between layers you get slapped back and get to do the same lesson with pain and suffering. I really do know how it works. I have been visiting the "other world" since the day I was born. After all, I came from over there and will return to there. So, you are on your own. Everyone is on their own. There is no help. Enjoy.

Saturday, the Moon remains void of course until 5:02 PM EDT which pretty much shoots getting much done. At 4:50 AM EDT, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn is the official sign on governments, officials, and all things ruling. Retrogrades put a severe crimp in those things and since I can't say much more being censored and all....let's just say I am smiling.
An aspect lasting a couple of days, brings rapid communications as people start asking what they are really getting out things and tempers flare easily.
When the Moon enters Cancer at 5:02 PM EDT, the emphasis focusses on home and family and comfort levels. Cancer likes to be comfortable in its shell and it always moves sideways. It also rattles are really big and useless claw when threatened and none of the other sea life really takes it seriously.
The early evening is romantic and very psychic. It is an ideal time to get a psychic reading.
Expect a surprise tonight that threatens your home and family as tensions turn to arguments. Try to keep your cool and think things through before you speak.

Sunday brings overnight dreams of lessons you need to learn. Harsh energy awakens you early and it could be a pipe bursting or the commode overflowing. By sunrise, you know you can't make any changes or the right fixes and you are really frustrated. The frustration level continues to rise into the evening as the "Rube Goldberg" fix looks awful and there is nothing you can do to spruce it up with your existing finances. Call a friend and commiserate because Monday is going to be a BEAR!

Since I really can't offer you a nice forecast for the weekend, just remember, what goes around comes around and often really clobbers those who need it. There was a really good rap by a Congresswoman going around UTube today that she did in Congress and one line just keeps sticking in my brain. Hey, I DID NOT WRITE THIS, I am just quoting it. "You burn down my house and then YOU are upset by my reaction?" You really need to hear the whole thing. This is the first rap I have ever liked. It is also the first one I have ever really been able to hear and understand so that statement is a little biased. My hearing is pretty bad.

M & M's: Masterpieces of Misinformation

Back in the 60's, when I was teething on protesting, to discredit the Civil Rights movement, the "free love" movement and the general anti-establishment movement the three letter agencies of the Fed embarked on what was called a "misinformation campaign". You don't have to believe me, you can find an ancient history book (the newer ones have been rewritten) and look it up. Oh, don't go for the electronic ones. They are edited at will by the manufacturers, not the publishers.
Today I opened the newspaper to see what had to be a Masterpiece of Misinformation. It was a comparison of the two budget bills, House and Senate placed side by side. The only problem was the information in column one was compared with the same information in column two, only it was phrased backwards from the information in column one making it appear to be less than the other column..
Now, if I hadn't spent 2 years in a Master's program having to read hundreds of papers for my professor and summarize the "real" results of the experiments, I might have not even caught it. It was only the simple fact of knowing who controls which side that had me stopping to look deeper into what was printed, that and the "huh factor" which is when you say: 'did that make sense?'.
Let me give you a brief summary because it doesn't matter which budget is approved, the effects are the same.
Let's take Medicare. Money from qualified Medicare recipients is now removed and shifted to pay for an increase in benefits for catastrophic and TRANSPLANT procedures for people making too much money to qualify for Medicare. Sounds good??? How much money over the limit are we talking? Ooops, that figure is missing or non-existent or using government lingo: to be determined at a later date which may be infinity to both questions. This means that qualified Medicare recipients will now find it very hard to get a transplant where those making too much money will find it easier and have you caught on yet that those people getting the nice check will be the 1%?
When I spent a really bad week in the transplant ward at one of the big hospitals, on day two of boredom I began to ask the question of whether there were only matches for this rare organ transplant among the 1% because the donors were the lower 5%. Yup, those dirveby's provide really good donors. Very few of us middles were in that ward and the token lower 5%. Note the last was singular. The mortality rate was pretty high, too, but there was one interesting case you should know about. It highlights what some of us have been saying about karma, paying it forward and mindset.
A small business person, well loved in the community and insuranceless as most small business people are, had arrived there via donations and yard and bake sales in the community. There was a limited amount of money to pay for the care and as you can guess, the longer you were in ICU, the bigger the tab. This person had enough money to pay for exactly one week. The day the organ was found, the phone rang and the shout went out to the person answering the phone: "Get that, it's my "organ"." It was THE CALL and that afternoon, the surgery was performed.
This is a horrendous operation and I, personally, would prefer to die than undergo it. They came out of the anesthesia within a few hours, unheard of, regained functioning of other organs and the transplant within a couple of days, and WALKED OUT of there in one week with their bag of antirejection medicine to go back to work. Everyone else was still laying in ICU, many dying. When asked on the way out what made this individual so different, the answer was "I have no more money to stay here and a family and business that depends on me to give them a livelihood. I need to pay my community back for giving me this opportunity".
There sure was a difference in those with an assistant to run things, plans for several months of recovery and a trophy wife to sit in the waiting room. The mortality rate was way higher. Then again, the more money you have, the better and faster you can afford to abuse your body.
The difference today is that horrendous operation is common place, the mortality rate is way lower and the general feeling is: science can replace all my organs for the right price. Too bad everyone missed the report on the science channel that by 2050, 30 to 60% of the world population will have Alzheimer's. One in ten children show signs of Autistic behavior and curiously enough it appears to be a disease of the upper classes. Some how, I don't think transplants are the answer nut then again, my family was properly inbred.
Returning to the budget, every public school child will now find their allotted money at 2005 levels. It's too bad supplies aren't priced at 2005 levels but they forgot to mention that. and so forth....right down to the point where our military won't be making enough to feed their families. The latter is a really bad idea but reference that the end sentence of the above paragraph.
In Florida news, the top four industries ranking in complaints about being defrauded by them and general annoying quality are going to be deregulated. Of course the regular Tea Partier issued a statement that this benefits the tax payer in reducing the budget. Well, only if you define tax payer as the people in the industry being deregulated and the the reduction as those annoying fines they used to have to pay when they got caught. Not really going affect you and me, except when we get the bill for minutes on our cell phones and drop dead from shock muttering, "but I didn't call anyone...." No, we didn't. All our minutes will be telemarketers calling us 24 times a day and each time we answer, ding, another minute deducted from our plan. Oh, in case you haven't received one yet, they text you, too, and that costs me a nickel for every one I receive. Yup, since the new business friendly administration took over in January, 4 out 5 calls to my shop are telemarketers. I am SO enjoying myself. Oh and my dear Tea Party "friends", I pressed 2 to remove me from their call list and now I get three calls instead of one per day from the business loan people. That deregulation eliminates those rules about no call lists and calling after 9 PM and before 9 AM. Oh, gotta go...the phone is ringing again....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Your Forecast for Friday 04/08/11

Every person reading this blog does so by consciously making a choice to join me on Facebook or Merchant Circle or Twitter or other venues. I am now blocked from sharing this blog on Facebook and from anyone on Facebook sharing the blog because someone complained it was spam or contained unacceptable information. I would like to suggest since you have by now discovered there is more than one way to skin a block, that you get out of my friends list on facebook while the getting is good because I will find out who you are. I have never complained about any of the myriad of posts- close to 800 -  I get each day. If I disagree, I just don't finish reading them. I don't even bother to comment. The end. However, if you want to play dirty, I am good at that too and you will find complaints piling up about you. You have been warned. Get out of my friends list, NOW! I will fight this. I will find out who you are.

 Today's Tarot Card is the Hermit. It is time to get out there and advertise yourself.

The morning hours are filled with ideas to get you out of the slump you have recently, or longer, been in. Take them to heart and get to work. Because of all the projects you have going, you find yourself feeling a little unsocial. There is no law that says you always have to be the entertainment or the life of the party. You can take a break.
Good news about finances and property arrives in the afternoon and you are finally feeling like you are winning. Pleasant conversations dominate the late night and lull you to sleep,
The Moon goes Void of Course at 10:24 PM EDT, so call it an early night and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be busy.

Well, folks, I am off to the water machine and bed. My back is still very painful between my shoulders and I can barely lift anything.
However, my van mirror arrived today and it is installed. I can really see everything in the universe now or at least in the lane next to me!

Why I am prochoice and unsympathetic

Yes, friends, there really is a reason.
Roe vs Wade passed when I was barely a teenager, not even dating. I had a beautiful, both inside and out, cousin. Unfortunately, diabetis runs in my family and her mother had it. During her pregnancy for her third little girl, she became diabetic. It did not go away after the birth.
Birth control pills were not available back then and in the testing stage. No matter how hard she and her husband had tried, she became pregnant for the fourth time a few of years later. The doctor gave her a choice, terminate the pregnancy or face going blind. There was no either or invovled. If she continued with the pregnancy, she would go blind and she had a husband and 3 little girls to raise in a time before all the nice advances blind people enjoy today.
Neither her husband's minister or her mother's had any problem with her having an abortion, so after a lot of soul searching, she  made an appointment. Because of the diabetis, she needed a precheck up. During the precheckup, these nut cases got her license plate at the clinic and also followed her home.
The next day they descended upon her home and she follishly let them into her house because of one fact we didn't know at the time: she was legally blind and had no idea who she was letting in the house. Two days later, her husband came home unexpectedly and found her hysterical. He then answered the phone and these nut cases were on the phone screaming "Murderer, you are going to kill your child!". There was no reasoning with them. Abortion is murder even if it means the mother must die. By the end of the week, he had to have the phone turned off because no matter how many times they changed the number and unlisted it, they found it. They camped on the lawn until the snow came a week later.
That was the week we came to visit. I was just 12 years old and I came very close to killing one of these "church ladies" when a cop intervened. He asked me an odd question: did my cousin drive us to the pharmacy. I answered yes and when we came out, he drove us home. That was when my mother, her aunt and who she was named after, got the whole story (or so we thought) out of her.
As long as we were there, the problems were taken care of but unfortunately we couldn't stay long and they successfully bullied her into not having the abortion. She was completely blind by the end of the month. She was dead by the end of the next month with the baby she was carrying because she forgot to mention that aside from going blind for certain, there was an 80% chance she could not survive carrying the baby to term and a 70% chance the baby would die.
Two years later, my aunt feeling totally guilty for "giving" her the diabetis, stopped taking her insulin effectively killing herself. My uncle spent many nights talking his son-in-law out of killing himself. Over a mass of undifferentiated cells I lost my beautiful cousin and my favorite aunt. Three little girls lost their mother before  one was even old enough to remember her and a devoted husband lost the love of his life.
By the way, a couple of months after she died, one of the nut cases showed up to see if she could fix him up now that he had three children to raise alone. She had an available daughter...
Do you see why I have no sympathy for these people?
I have no sympathy for anyone who tries to pass their religion into law. More people have been killed in wars over religion than anything else. The World Trade Center was blown up by fanatics every bit as religious and right as those who bullied my cousin into losing her life almost 50 years ago. As the old farmer said when asked the difference between cow manure and sheep manure: "Same product, diffrent manufacturer."
You are entitled to your opinion (religion) but don't try to legislate it into law over my body. Don't try to pass religion off as morality. Don't try to bring an entire country to a halt over a religious issue unless you live in Iran or Iraq.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 04/07/11

The first thing I did was try to put a bag in the Vanwitch and something snapped between my shoulders just below my neck and that was the end of me. The pain is excruciating and I will be calling it a very early night. I can't lift anything or my arms.
Today we harvested the first of the beans. We learned that a plant I call false nightshade that grow wild around here is edible fried up in a little oil. Since it grows all summer, I will save the berries and plant them. It was pretty good raw, kind of like spinach.

Today's Tarot Card is the Queen of Swords, the Knight of Cups, Strength and the Four of Swords reversed. Praise and love from a woman normally critical give you the inspiration and energy to move forward.

The Moon enters Gemini at 7:22 AM EDT finally ending the Void of Course. YES!!!! Unfortunately your mind is not clear and you are easy to deceive in the morning. A nice surprise gets you out of the fog around 10. Teachers just can't catch a break as bad news arrives in the mid afternoon, but it brings the energy up and as they used to say in the old Westerns: Those are fighting words!" Aggravation with authorities for imposing more rules and limitations has you plotting revenge by late night.
There is not much socializing going on for the next couple of days.

As those of you who are following Wisconsin know by now, the GOP favs for the WI Supreme Court were all defeated. The recall of those senators they could recall collected twice the required signatures in less than 1/3 the allotted time. Still, the governor has not got the message and I can only wonder if he plays the fiddle. Meanwhile, smarter GOP members are running scared, as they should be. I would not hold my breath for the rest of the states to get the message that a revolution is brewing and it could get nasty. This is how the French Revolution started and just about every other revolution in history. Whenever 1% of the population controls 40% of the resources and wealth and then manages to gain total power, a revolution follows. It always gets nasty. Just keep in mind that sheer numbers will always win and people with nothing to lose will do anything.  Those are words of the wise from an old Druid who has been in more than one revolution in her day. Remove opportunity, hope and a few basic necessities like housing and food, and you had better duck.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 04/06/11

Goddess, what a day. The storm blew through here like a freight train. The shop door blew open and George didn't know it and all the cats disappeared. Add that to the side trip I needed to make to pay the rent and finally, George went to pay the rent and I went seeking cats. Finally I got out the kitty coke, called Temptations, and rattled the bag. I had Isis, Bitwit and Loki before you could say: here kitty, kitty. They were so frightened by the storm they had all run upstairs and hid. The poor babies, except Bitwit who wasn't born yet, went through Hurricane Wilma and all the trees coming down here. It must have sounded like the end of the world and today wasn't much better.
Then I made the mistake of my life. I was so glad to have them, I gave them the treats and some fresh catnip leaves. Now, Bitwit is following me around and has nipped my ankles once over the treats. Surely I am going to give out more drugs.....

Speaking of drugs, it turns out the Broward County Pain Pill epidemic isn't as much of an epidemic as the local cops would like you to believe. More people die in Florida each day from cigarettes and alcohol than Oxycontin by a long shot. However, they have succeeded admirably of getting the supply of pain relievers seriously reduced to legitimate pain patients and scared doctors so badly they are refusing to prescribe them. Take into consideration we have a huge elderly population in Broward County and with age comes pain, unfortunately. One official remarked that chronic pain suffers would just have to "find another way to cope".
I want that gold plated jackass to spend one night in my body. Take last night for instance. I can't lay on my right side because my osteoarthritis is hurting too badly in my shoulder. If I turn onto my left side, I activate the sciatica which feels like hot needles sticking under my toe nails and across the bottoms of my feet. I can't lay on my back because my back permanently hurts. I can't lay on my stomach because, well, gentlemen you will never experience this but let's just say D cup. After a certain size, no woman tries to lay on them. So it is 4 in the morning and I don't dare take my little quarter of a endocet because it will last 6 hours and I have to get up and function. I can't take Naproxen, Aleve, because I have had my two doses for the week and it affects my kidneys but I guess I could give the endocet (oxy) and go on dialysis or have a kidney transplant. I can't take aspirin because it thin my bloods so badly I will bleed out with a minor cut and I can't take ibuprofen for both of the previous reasons. So, rather than the headache, constipation, nausea and forgetfulness that comes with Oxycontin, I lay awake until I finally fall asleep or pass out from exhaustion. Then I am up at 5 AM, 7 AM, 9:30 AM, 11 A M and finally what's the use? Now Mr. Gold Plated Jackass, let's see you go to work and function after a week or lifetime of nights like that one. I'll bet twenty bucks you'd be sucking down Oxycontin like a camel at a watering hole sucking up water in the desert. By the way, if you are in pain, you don't get any high from Oxycontin. You just get pain relief and to be honest, it isn't that great but it sure beats everything else on the market. \
As for privacy and the data base, every time I go in to get my sudaped because my sinuses are slammed shut by allergies, I have to swipe my driver's license and I go into a data base to make sure I am not buying enough to cook up some Meth. Let me tell you, a sinus sufferer is ten times more violent than a Meth head if you try to take that Sudafed away from them. Where's my privacy with an over the counter drug for allergies??????

Today's Tarot Card is the Emperor, the King of Pentacles and the Five of Pentacles. After you beg, jump through hoops and generally demean yourself, he who holds the money might actually give you a loan, with a hefty interest rate....

The Moon is void of course today. The only aspect will last the rest of the week and as I said yesterday, it brings explosions, expansion, fires and strokes. So, use that energy very carefully and don't play with your health. You could also win big at games of chance with this aspect but only Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are favored in that department. The rest of us may just be wasting out money.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 04/05/11

Shopping wore me out, so I am going to call it an early night and work on readings tomorrow. I am about ready to fall nose first into the keyboard.
The tomato weighed in at 11.4 ounces and is now ripening indoors for use on a big BLT!
I bought another catnip plant and gave the shop cats a leaf. Isis really wasn't affected that much. Loki went over and laid down to enjoy the high. Bitwit went WILD, missed the 2' x 4' shelf and had to scrabble up. Then she got the munchies and went after the coconut macaroons. No more nip for Bitwit.

Today's Tarot Card is the Page of Swords and the Ten of Pentacles. A serious young man in authority claims to be able to get you money, but he is just blowing smoke and may be a con artist.

Dreams tonight provide the lessons you need to move forward. You will start the morning with change on your mind and work hard at making progress. Although the evening is social, don't get too serious because the Moon goes void of course at 7:02 PM EDT and won't be out of it until THURSDAY! There will be a lot of chafing at restrictions and lack of money in late night, particularly since you are pretty sure someone has it and could give it to you if they would.......

An aspect that is approaching brings sudden windfalls and also the possibility of strokes. Be careful out there. you can win big or have a serious medical problem. Learn the symptoms of a stroke!

Those of you on Facebook, got to see a photo of Napoleon last night that was very incriminating. This is what happens when I doze off reading on my back. I become a chaise lounge!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 04/04/11

The tomato is ready to be picked. Now teachers, pay attention. When the kids say the computer ate my CD, they aren't kidding. I can't post any pictures because the computer ate one CD, the drive won't open and thus I can't install the program to take the pictures off my camera. Thus, there will be no pictures of the tomato yet. I am really, really coming to hate computers.

Today's Tarot Card is the Six of Wands reversed. Success is not in the cards today.

Neptune enters Pisces, its home, at 9:50 AM EDT. This can bring a good return to romance or nostalgia or a totally unrealistic view of the world and everyone in it. So far the latter is ruling.

The Moon is Void of Course from 6:04 AM EDT to 7:46 PM EDT when she enters Taurus. That will pretty much blow the whole day. Taurus is a very possessive and greedy position for the moon. Do not try to borrow anything until Thursday and respect other people's space. Otherwise, there will be arguments. Taurus also likes rich foods so watch out for over indulgence or you will pay the price.
The evening is a nice respite from the frantic communications of the morning hours. Light some candles, play some soft music and let romance into your life this evening. Or, you could just meditate. It will be an excellent time for readings and I will be doing all my mail order and email readings this evening while the shop is closed.

On that note, please remember, the shop is closed on Mondays.

Someone pointed out that when working on or against a group of people, the poppets and candles get expensive really fast and she was not kidding. If you consider at least 5 bucks a person and you have five people you are working on, that is $25.00. A dear friend made a suggestion several years ago and I found it to be a really good one. She uses worry dolls. There are five or six little dolls in the pack I sell and they come with their own bag and a string long enough to get it over your head.
Before anyone has kittens, one of the main uses for these dolls is a hostile work environment. You name the dolls, fill the bag with soothing herbs like lavender, a stone to absorb negativity like kyanite or black tourmaline and wear the bag to work. Every time things start to get hairy, you rub the bag, recite the players names and concentrate on a nice calming light blue or pink light surrounding them. You will be surprised how fast it diffuses a situation.
Another use is to name the dolls after family members and use herbs with protective qualities, a black onyx for grounding and something of your family members to keep your loved ones safe. You can do the same thing for prosperity and I always use some High John the Conqueror in the bag. Just don't forget to name each doll. You may never remove them again from the bag, but each one needs a name that goes in the bag. You can keep the extras to whisper your worries to and put them under your pillow at night.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 04/03/11

It has been a busy day and I am exhausted. You can't survive without customers but at the same time, they are work quite frequently when you happen to be the "psychic" and one too many readings throws you into exhaustion before you know what hit you. George is just  now learning that all these years, I have not been spending my day with my feet up. Retail is hard work when you are chief cook and bottle washer.
The good news is that my stash of wheat grass seeds just "appeared" in Ra's room. I mean like "poof". Anyway, I can now get the cat and potential chicken grass started and seed the back lots or rather, I sent George out to seed the back lots. The iguanas will be soooooo happy!

Today's Tarot Card is the High Priestess. Today is the time to look at the Spiritual and Karmic aspects of your life and the things going on around you.

The New Moon is at 10:32 AM 13Aries30. Since Mercury is retrograde, it is better to begin to finish all those unfinished projects. I guess I had better get knitting on the protection bag I have half finished in my little bag I carry around....

There is so much energy trying to escape today it is pitiful. Unfortunately, an opposition to Saturn in wavering Libra that can't make up her mind, keeps you from focusing the energy and you wind up rebelling against restrictions and authority. However, by afternoon, you see a way to make money and in fact, could even win a prize.
An aspect lasting about a week brings sudden surprises, fires and strokes. So get your blood pressure checked. Make sure all the appliances are turned off before you leave the area. And enter that drawing.
A second aspect pretty much shreds that last nerve you had going as every time you move forward fast, you trip over your own shoe laces. Tempers are going to be short so if you don't want someone to bite your head off stay aways from the positive attitude will get you anything speech. Believe me, you don't want to experience what that speech will get you!
A day where everything is either in opposition or conjunction can be a roller coaster ride and that day is today!

I bought a good product last night. It is Sally Hanson's new super fast dry nail polish. It comes in really great shades (I went for the celery green.) and a triangular bottle. There is a learning curve with this and unfortunately, I fell off it a couple of times. The brush is triangular and it delivers one thick dollop of polish. Now, I thought it would never dry and tried to put less on the nail by smoothing it out. Just let it be. Two strokes and you are finished with the nail. It dries within a minute even that thick and doesn't require a second coat. I am super rough on nail polish and so far, 24 hours later, there is not one chip. That is a world record for me even with a professional manicure. I highly recommend this product. It is worth the 4.95 price.

Yesterday I read an interesting article that said money was an addiction to some people and they totally lose sight of the effect of their addiction on everyone else. That tied into a previous article where the upper 1% was quoted as only feeling secure if they had at least 7,000,000.00 in liquid assets. What you do with that much money, I am not certain.
That spoke volumes in Janice Land. Just think about the person who looks in the mirror at 87 pounds and thinks they are fat. They see a fat person. They are willing to starve themselves to death to reach a mythical goal of slimness they passed 30 pounds ago. They don't care how this obsession affects anyone around them, most of all, the people that love them. They MUST lose more weight. This is not a addiction. It is a mental illness.
Now, consider the addict that seeks their drug of choice because it makes them feel good to the detriment of everyone and everything around them. That is an addiction. Losing weight doesn't make the anorexic feel better because they can never lose enough weight. But a couple of pills does it for the addict until the high wears off and they need a couple more.
Money is not an addiction, it is a mental illness. If you simply can't get enough of something even when you are in a room full of the substance you are not an addict, you are very, very sick and these people are very sick. They have lost touch with the rest of the universe. The only thing that exists is money and winning no matter what the cost. For years, we have rewarded that attitude as CAPITALISM. It is not Capitalism, it is a mental illness. Capitalism is an economic theory based on supply and demand. These people lost sight of supply and demand and now they only have their demand.
This is like some of the big corporations that have bought their way into power. Take the Koch brothers and their companies. True, this is my personal opinion, but I never bought any of their crappy products. I have nothing to boycott. I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on that stuff. I haven't bought a GE anything in years because they are over priced and poor quality. The cheap Chinese light bulbs lasted longer. This is not capitalism because there is no demand for cheap crap. So, they play games with the IRS, their stockholders and everyone else. They spend a fortune cutting corners, outsourcing to cheaper labor markets and replacing the workers with automation to jack up their bottom line which is falling like a rock because they make cheap crap and no one wants to buy it! All you have to do is walk in and promise to make them a million more dollars and they bite on the hook like a hungry shark spotting chum. They are sick and they have created a really sick economy and an even sicker bunch of children poised to inherit their position. The bad news is they just took you down with them.....The inmates are running the asylum and you are locked in the basement. Now, let's vote on whether you think they are going to remember to feed you while they are rolling around on a bed of big bucks that is just never big enough. Your move.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Forecast for Saturday, 04/02/11

This has been a day getting supplies. Learned the hard way it is cheaper to get a double script than a large dose single on. So if you take 200 mg, you can get 2 bottles of 100 mg cheaper at Target. Time to call the doctor and get a new reality check.

I had quite a shock last night when George noticed something "funny" in the photos I took of our Union Solidarity Protest. So, I enlarged the "strange thing" and it is the picture on this blog. (Sorry, I just realised I am on another computer and the picture isn't on this one so I am including a link to the album.) There are a lot of really strange things about this "thing". First off, on Facebook, there is whole album of these photos on The Cosmic Salamander page. There are two photos of George and the only difference between them is a few seconds and me pulling the camera lens out to get a wider shot of the banner. I never moved. The photo is taken without flash because it was high noon and really bright and sunny. (Trust nose got a little sun burn.) The other weird thing is the light that is lit in the photo, is on a string of lights that burned out. It is not even plugged into an electrical outlet and the light right next to it, is not lit. Thus, this thing is emitting energy. We have more orbs around here than anywhere I have ever seen. Is this a daylight orb? I have seen them with my naked eye in the daytime but they were way 3 - 4 feet in diameter. Is it a fire spirit? I just take the pictures. I don't explain them.
Today's Tarot Card is the King of Wands and Justice. A loud mouth and not thinking can get you into a lawsuit or some sort of legal problem today.

Mars enter Aries at 12:51 AM EDT where he is very happy to start wars, arguments and burn things down.

The void of course ends at 7:16 AM EDT when the Moon enters Aries and emotions run really hot. This is a moon during which you fall in love quickly and regret it at your leisure.
A major aspect lasting most of this week, brings a strong desire to return to the past, but the past that is remembered never existed. That makes it a little hard to return there.
The morning starts with loads of energy, tons of energy and you had best find an outlet because old Uranus joins the party an hour later and that can cause accidents, head injuries and arguments. Thus, get out of bed and get to work before something takes that energy and uses it the wrong way. By late night you may dis cover for all that work, you really didn't make a single change but hey, at least some things are really, really clean and organized. That counts!
Tomorrow is the New Moon.

Happily our government went home for the weekend and as Mark Twain once said, "No man is safe when Congress in in session." What has been happening all over the country is unbelievable. The entire Union system is being dismantled and that means collective bargaining. Our public schools are being starved to death along with law enforcement and emergency care.
In Florida, our goobenor is trying to kill all our public hospitals and have only private hospitals. Our medicare patients are going to be thrown into "managed care" which just coincidentally was our goobenor's last job before he resigned over that little medicare fraud problem. The huge tax breaks for Florida corporations are turning out to very, VERY selective. By that I mean, they are benefiting one corporation at a time and I'll let you guess what the criteria for that is. Yes, my friends, Florida will be broke and corporation friendly and the corporations running the state will all be friends of our goobenor. Not only are we now governed by the Tea Party but we will soon be owned by it and they are not going to turn out to be your beer guzzling, red neck NASCAR neighbor. Nope, they are not Joe Everyman around the corner. He just got sold down the river. They are going to turn out to be the Christian Supremacist Millionaire's Club. Just remember which psychic told you that next time you want a reading. I really am darned accurate! I also may be changing my name and moving to Costa Rica. Oh come on, do you really think I would tell you where I am really going? My Momma didn't raise dumb kids.