Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Those New Computer Blues and If you like cats

I am slowly adjusting to my computer. I still can't get email as I don't have a single program loaded on it. The keyboard is smaller than the previous one so my typing involves way more letters than I plan per word.
I am opening a NEW BLOG JUST FOR CATS. I will be chronicling the antics of my feline contingency or masters as they prefer to be called. So, look for it to pop up.
In shop news, I have my new astrology program on order and should be in the business of doing astrology again by next week. I just discovered I can't find my printer disc and hence can't print anything until I find it and load the software.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I met an interesting spider

Yes, I said spider and it happened yesterday as I was moving some blocks for my raised bed. At first I though it was a baby wolf spider but then I noticed it was definitely an adult. It was perfectly flat, the size of a quarter and could actually change color to blend in with the color of the brick. If it hadn't moved I would not have known it was there, but it knew I was there. It was really angry at me for lifting up the block. Silly me. I thought just because I picked it out at Home Depot, bought it and brought it home, it was my block. No. It seems in nature, habitation is 100% of the law and this was one territorial little sucker. It must have circled the block a dozen times before I moved it 3 feet. I had heavy gloves on so I wasn't worried about a nip from it. Finally I got the block where I wanted it and it continued to threaten something a few thousand times bigger than it, that could lift its home up and move it. I don't know if it had more guts than sense but it was getting there. One thing is for sure. If they ever hold spider races, I am negotiating with it. That thing moved so fast all you could see was a blur.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What is your local metaphysical store?

I am not asking for a name. I am asking you for a concept. I know I just confused you, so, read on.
I remember an incident a few years back in a Metaphysical Retailers' Group when many of the member store owners were totally outraged that a Wiccan Store had asked for financial and physical help from its customers. No one was very happy when I pointed out that our customers ask more than financial and physical help of us. They simply could not shed the corporate mind set that has pretty much destroyed this country. After all, how much support do you get from the local big box store other than plenty of time to make friends in the 20 minutes plus snail line at check out?
How many stores can you go into, sit down and actually talk to the owners about something other than how much money you are about to spend?
How many stores do you run to as a refuge when the world is getting you down?
Believe it or not, a hundred years ago, the answer would not have been confined to your local "witch shop". It would have included your general store, your dressmaker and a host of other suppliers.
My grandfather owed a general store just after the Civil War. Yes, I am talking 1860. I remember my grandmother complaining about him giving credit to people and how surprised she was when the roof collapsed and he was out of town and the locals came together and put a roof on the store and even fixed hers. Her father, you see, was a German from a banking family. The kids had to provide a summary of their work that day before dinner was served and you had better have been productive or you were hungry.
Back then, if the sole fell off your shoe, you needed the cobbler to put it back on. I remember getting taps on my shoes so the heels and toes wouldn't wear so fast. Now you dump them in the garbage and buy a new pair. Have you ever considered how many people go in the garbage with that pair of shoes?
Thirty years ago you would have taken that pair of shoes to the repair shop and the man there would have known the shoe size of everyone in your family, asked how they were, how your kids were growing and you would have stopped, and asked about his family, most of which would have been in that nice leathery smelling shop helping out. But hey, you can find companionship on American Idol because they are really, really interested in what your kid did this week, that is if you know.
Walmart is cheaper but I have no friends. I broke my foot and had to live off take out for a month because no one brought me so much as a cookie and no one sees the connection while they immerse themselves in the intellectual stimulation of Jersey Shores. All this technology is saving us so much time to DO WHAT?
We work at home in a tiny room in front of a computer and some people never see another person for days. We get to the point we resent the fact that we actually have to leave the house. They used to call that agoraphobia and classify it as a mental illness, not the norm.
So, what is your local metaphysical store? Is it the one place left where people are glad to see you, know your name and actually ask how you are and mean it? Next time you start to pick up that Chinese incense at the big box because it is cheap ask yourself if anyone in that store knows what is really in it. I can definitely tell you I know what isn't in that bottle of Sandalwood oil over there: sandalwood oil! It smells like spent cooking oil to me. BUT I do work with the real stuff all day.
So, even in tight times folks, keep in mind who supports you. If you don't have money, a little help is always appreciated in a small store. Attend events and you may find you actually have friends. And please keep in mind what a couple of visitors from out of state said to us last week. They had driven down the state with a list of stores to visit, most of which were now out of business. They said we must have a lot of community support and we do. We have the greatest customers in the world. Heck, we left the mangoes out front because it started raining and when we came back, we found money on the table. We have plenty folks, don't sweat it. This is the time when you need to pull together with your local small businesses because as times get tighter, those big box giants are going to cut costs even more and you are going to find you are buying for lack of a better word, cheap crap. If that happens to be food, you are in trouble. Money spent locally stays in your community and helps grow it.
It's a really simple concept that most children can grasp. Help your neighbors and they will help you. I am so lucky to live in a really mixed community because as my fellow WASPS are fighting over the placement of garbage cans twice a week, (I let my neighbors put theirs on my property because they really need use of their entire driveway to get out to work), the Pakistanis, Latinos and others are helping me out. I joined their community and that my readers is a sorry statement but then again, I didn't grow up in this country for a large part of my life. I learned to adapt and embrace new things. I am also a relaxed, happy person. What are you?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I suspected

Okay, let me recap. Repossessions of houses in Palm Beach County rose 50% last month. 20% of the population of the USA is out of work and at least 5% of those are out of benefits. States are cutting unemployment benefits across the board so that number will rise next month.
Health insurance costs are increasing to the tune of 10% (that's insurance, not costs) and the average cost for two adults on COBRA is over 1,000.00 a month. The average unemployment compensation is less than 1,000.00 a month.
In Florida, property insurance is going up between 10 and 24% and you have to have it to maintain a mortgage. That also applies to the person renting you that apartment and apartment houses are going into foreclosure and tenates with paid rent, evicted at a moment's notice. Gas prices continue to go up.
Teachers, fire fighters, emergency personnel and police are being fired. I am not going to be a fluffy bunny and say "laid off". You are fired. Lower (below the politicians and their staff) government workers are being fired. They just reduced FEMA's fraud division from 21 to 6 in an effort to save money so go ahead and file that one is watching.
Food prices are rising at least 2% right now and there will be shortages due to rain, tornado and flood problems in what is called our breadbasket.
And what are you doing? You are fighting with your neighbor. You flat do not believe that everyone in this country should be fed, clothed and have a roof over their head. You think your kid deserves an A whether it studies or not but the kid next door doesn't have a right to an education at all. You think you are the person who deserves medical care because right now you have insurance and can afford the co payment. Next year you won't be able to understand why you are burying grandmother because she stopped taking her medication after the age to receive medicare is raised to 67 and she was 66. You really don't give a tinkers' dam about anyone but the person you see in the mirror but you expect the rest of us "give back".
There will be no support when you are in trouble. There will be no soup kitchen because they can only serve 400 people a day by law (those homeless people are just so visually unappealing) and there are already 600 in line. There are no jobs. Your house will be repossessed if you miss a payment and you will be arrested and your kids taken from you and thrown into juvie if you try to live in your car. You will be jailed for not sending them to the new privitized school even though you couldn't because you don't have an address any more. Heck, your city may take your house from you because you can't afford to paint it one day. You will not be voting because that requires an address now. You will not get medical care even with a broken arm. The police will not be arriving when someone is robbing you because your call was 7th in line. Your house will burn down because the only fire department still able to answer calls is 50 miles away. Your kids may be able to read and write if you can teach them but their job prospects are nonexistant and they only have half a mouth full of teeth and are coping with diabetes and High Blood Pressure because you were afraid to mortgage their future. You can visit them in the mass paupers' grave because you certainly won't be able to afford to bury them.  And, no one cares any more than you did when you had a job and could pay your bills. They will continue to vote for the people who put you in this condition until there is no one left to vote, just like you did because you were worried some poor uneducated foreigner was sneaking across the border to take your job.
However, I got mine. No, I really do. I scrimped, never had kids, saved, invested, paid my bills off and studied farming and botony and as much medicine as I could without getting a degree. I can safely drop out of the system. You never will be able to because  you are in a whole different world than the one I was in and worked with.
Ah, but you have the Internet. How exactly will you access it when you have no phone, computer or internet connection? The libraries are closing due to lack of funds. The government is passing laws to eliminate free wifi connections because they unfairly compete with the Corporations supplying internet connections. The newspapers are going under. Even if you can afford the internet connection, you will be restricted as to how much you can use each month without incurring huge penalty fees. Where will you be getting your information?
Yes, there is a lot you haven't thought about but then again, you don't care about the guy scraping up money to buy a coffee at McD's so he can use his ancient lap top to send out resumes hoping for a job that doesn't exist because it's just NOT YOUR PROBLEM. You do know they can arrest you for theft if they catch  you using the Wifi in the parking lot without buying something? You didn't. Well, that's really not my problem, is it?


Janice Scott-Reeder:

I dare you to repost: I state the every human being has the right to food, shelter, medical care and an education. Each person has the right to expression, creativity and individuality. I stand with Anonymous.

The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes

The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes

WOW...simple...easy to understand.
Stop fighting people and unite against the real problem: less than 1% of the population and politicians that THEY have BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!
You are no longer represented in this country.
You are as disenfranchised as the immigrant sneaking over the border.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Conspiracies and Secrets: Are They Possible

I have to admit, I laugh every time someone says the government can't keep secrets. Really? Where have you been? Do you know a little site called Wikileaks? Well, they are under fire for revealing those "secrets", most of which came as a total surprise to everyone.
Actually, the government has a history of keeping secrets. It has whole agencies dedicated to keeping secrets. No one knows what the CIA spends its budget on or for that matter, where most of the huge chunk of change we give the Pentagon goes. Those are well kept secrets and we permit it in the name of security. For all we know, they are in Vega in a high stakes poker game.
Let's look back in time. How shocked were people at Hiroshima? How many people were working on the atom bomb and no one knew? The first anyone knew about the U-2 was when Gary Powers crashed in Russia.
But you say, we have the Internet. They can't keep secrets now. Really? How do you know what is fact and what is fiction? The best way to keep a secret is to make it public and I know that sounds crazy. BUT, think about it for a minute. If I tell you 3/4 of the elected males in Congress belong to a secret organization, you will tell me I am nuts. Unfortunately it is a documented fact. They belong to the Skull and Bones Society and closest anyone has come to seeing part of the ending ceremony was last year when a brave soul used a telescopic lens to photograph it after he was invited to it! What happens at these meetings? NO ONE KNOWS.
How about all the uproar over the Bilderberg Group? They are speculating over what the meeting is about. Our top world leaders and financial leaders belong to this group, meet in secret and we have no idea on this planet what they are even having for lunch!
And yet, you tell me that huge groups of people can't keep secrets. Oh come on folks. All these people keep secrets, avoid scrutiny and belong to secret organizations that we have no idea what they do or talk about and THEY ARE OUR LEADERS! THEY CONTROL ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND THE WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEMS. Can you tell me one thing they discussed at their last meeting? JUST ONE! Go ahead, use Google. All you will find is speculation and not a single fact coming out of one person's mouth who was at the meeting.
Have you ever studied Sociology? Well, over 40 years ago I got a 99.75 in the course and the missing .25 was over a dispute with a comma. Imagine my surprise when 15 years later I was told I would have to retake the course to get my degree and discovered they weren't teaching Sociology anymore, they were teaching social work.
What is the difference? Social work is getting people help and finding the right agencies to help them. Sociology is the study of how societies evolve and operate. Remember the ground breaking work: 6 Degrees of Separation? It came as no surprise to anyone who studied sociology. How many people does it take to alter the course of a society? The answer is one in power. Once you diagram out the mores of society, you have a working model upon which to apply change in any direction. Mores are not necessarily morals, but are the customary behaviours expected of members of a society.
Let's say you want to loosen the regulations on gun control. Society as a whole frowns on murder and a gun is the easiest way to kill someone. Thus, most rational societies enact laws to restrict gun ownership. So, you look at the most secure quadrant of the society, where it feels it is most safe. Then you stage an event to cause the people to fear for their safety, and bingo they want protection. Since this event has occurred, it will convince them that they can not depend on government for protection and thus, all you have to do it show how well a gun works and BINGO: they want a gun to protect themselves and out the window goes gun control. Notice you never directly attacked gun control.
Devious? You betcha and me and my little gang of college kids spent many a night working on such plans. It was, in fact, part of our final exam. We were given something to change in society and had 60 minutes to figure how to do it without anyone being able to point the finger at us with the minimum amount of people involved in the action. This may come as a surprise but it only takes 6 people. Now you know why the book didn't surprise me in the least. That little bit of info was in every sociology text.
Convince them that every short, dark haired foreign looking guy may have a bomb and they will submit to nude pictures of themselves, something my parents would NEVER have allowed. My father would have killed the person who tried to pat me down and had help from strangers! Yet, it is standard operating procedure at the local airport.
My parents welcomed immigrants as their parents were just a generation or two at the most removed from being immigrants. They applauded their ingenuity, desire to better themselves and enjoyed the diversity (and particularly the food) they brought to the neighborhood. Now we are convinced we need proof of citizenship to vote and walk the streets because a bunch of uneducated people picking crops are going to take over the country and destroy our economic way of life. Really? How many of you are applying to pick tomatoes or scrub toilets over at the "Man's" house? My cousin picked fruit on the circuit and it convinced her within one month to save her money and go to college so she would never have to do that again.
Some one actually commented that unemployment was so high because people wanted a "good" job. When did wanting to do better than your parents, make something yourself and get an education become a bad thing? Those were the goals of my parents and their parent's generation.. Those were my goals. When did intelligence become an offense? Pardon me, but I want my doctor to be smarter and better educated than I am. I would really like my "leaders" to be smarter than me because otherwise, what is the point of following them? I mean, really, do you elect the dumbest person in the group to lead you away from danger? Don't answer that. I really, really don't want to know.

Shrinking The Vote: Using Election Reform To Decrease Turnout

Shrinking The Vote: Using Election Reform To Decrease Turnout

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Manifestation and Destruction


Birth and Death!

Got your attention, didn't I? This little bag of dull grey minerals has been hanging around the shop waiting to be put out for literally years. I really didn't want to get near it and today was its day.
Cassiterite is a tin oxide. These particular pieces come from Acre, Brazil a shall I put this....haunted place.
This very fascinating stone is said to be from the threshold between dimensions. Remember my earlier post of magnetic anomalies....Well, this stone seems to be one of them though not magnetic. It is a stone for Shamen and Mediums. It is a stone that you don't use if you don't know what you are doing, and what you want because it will bring it to you. It sits on the threshold of energy forming into matter and is often used with cuprite and zincite, all of which are metal oxides. It will help you manifest but it is a stone of Saturn so a lesson may be involved and it may show you that lesson when it grants your wish.
Me thinks me will try these three on the Ouija Board some night.....It also helps with lucid dreaming, traveling between dimensions and recognizing the major transitions in life. They are only $5.00 each at the Salamander.

Protecting yourself from entities

Green Magnesite Beads
Try as I may, I cannot get the color right on those beads. They are a true hunter/emerald green in a gorgeous mosaic coin shape.
It began several years ago (15) with the introduction of cell phones. The number of new ghosts reported to the British Investigative Society began dropping until at this date, they are getting no new reports at all. However, the number of people reporting entity problems has increased in my business.
The theory is that cell phones and electromagnetic energy disrupt the energy patterns of the ghost and have a similar effect on entities. It is also noticed so called hot spots for UFO, ghosts, entities, faeries and Djinn tend to be in negative magnetic anomalies on earth. They just can't do you as much harm if your aura is positively (as in real electrons not emptions) charged. Both magnetite and magnesite subtly change the charge of your aura.
However, let's face it, magnetite is not that pretty and hematite has everyone asking what is wrong. So when I saw some magnesite beads, I went for them. So what do you think: earrings,bracelet and maybe a few pendants?????

"U.S. Chamber of Commerce" lobbies for toxins that cause birth defects and still births | Coffee Party

"U.S. Chamber of Commerce" lobbies for toxins that cause birth defects and still births | Coffee Party

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weird thing at the Salamander.

Bear with me because this all comes together, unfortunately.
Yesterday evening around 8, I was standing by the Cosmic Salamander mailbox putting the name and address stickers on it when I felt like I was spritzed with a fine mist. I thought it was starting to rain and decried not finishing the mailbox when I noticed the only possible rain clouds were over the ocean about 10 - 15 miles away. I got a second spritz and checked to see if the neighboring cell phone tower had turned their sprinklers on. Negative. Just in case, I gathered the magazines up and took them inside and went back to finish the mailbox.
Next thing I knew George was out front asking about the magazines as he, too, had felt the spritzing. George was behind the 2 story building in a straight line with me in the front. Then he showed me the stains on the red van that looked almost like oil had been sprayed on her. I didn't think anything because this place is very dusty.
Later that night, I was feeling bad and we got in Vanwitch to go home when I noticed something weird. Vanwitch is white and was parked 20 feet away from the mailbox and the red van and she was totally clean! By the time we got home, both our arms were burning. I jumped in the shower and washed myself completely and George followed. That stopped the burning. It was down hill from there. I just kept getting sicker and by this morning seem to have a old fashioned cold, yellow mucus, sore throat and hurting all over. Fortunately, I started some antiviral drugs because something was just plain off.
This evening George happened to look at some white milk jugs he had put out yesterday/ They were perfectly clean and this is what they look like now.
I was looking everywhere to see what spritzed me yesterday. There wasn't a cloud in the sky near me. I heard absolutely nothing. I saw nothing in the sky. The spritzing happened in a totally controlled manner and a perfectly straight line using 441 (State Road 7) as the targeting line. Today I am sicker than a dog and my right arm that seemed of get the brunt of the spritzing feels like it is sunburned. I don't think I'm paranoid enough.