Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 04/01/11

Allysum attracts honey bees wt its
honey scent. Magickally, it attracts
business, money and love.
Happy April Fool's Day, the day we honor the congresses of all states and USA. This year, we gave them their own day, a used one to save money....

As I was reading my latest copy of MaryJane, I realised I had just learned how to make a chicken nappy (diaper). Silently I thought, "I'll nnnnnnnnnnnahhhhhhhhh!" My eyes darted furtively around the room hoping no passing diety was listening, particularly Loki. A little lilting voice said, "AS sure as you know your name, a chicken wearing a nappy with a pentagram embroidered on it will be strutting around the shop." NOOOOOOOO! I have got to learn to not even think the NEVER word because the Universe has a sick sense of humour and I am usually the butt of the joke.
There is a very quiet move afoot to change the zoning in every city to allow home owners to have 6 chickens and apartment dwellers at least 2. I think chickens have a bad rap. They are BIRDS! There is no law saying you can't have a parrot and one of those things can bite your finger off. They also screech worse than a rooster stuck on dawn. They definitely aren't one bit cleaner and I have learned to make a chicken diaper which they apparently wear without complaint. At least with a chicken, you get breakfast.
Folks, we need to be self sufficient. With food prices going up and up mostly due to oil prices and other transportation costs, that little garden and a couple of chickens can make quite a difference. It is time for the urban farm to return and give us fresh, organic food instead of Frankinfood!
I am willing to bet most chicken coops are cleaner than the food court at your local mall. Anyone want to test it??? Notice I am not betting against the bathroom because they tend to be cleaner than the food court. Seriously, I trade you a couple of tomatoes for an egg and we are both happy and I have really, really good tomatoes! George is out trying to catch some fish. Every time he settles down on the bank, the fish eating birds show up. The canal is full of turtles and all of them think he has come to deliver dinner. So far, not a single fish has been caught....

Today's Tarot Card is the King of Cups and the Empress reversed. I have gotten these cards before. A fatherly man is going to be explaining how it is in your best interests to cut everything back and accept less. The answer to that questions is: "Right about the time you do."
Now I have to say something. There are enough resources available for everyone to get an education, eat, have medical care and a roof over their heads. Heck, our abandoned military bases could house our homeless population instead of rotting. We have tons of food stored that is going bad. The same is true for medication and medical equipment. We could equip an entire series of hospitals with the medical equipment that is thrown out because it amortized off the accounting sheets at hospitals. All this goes to the DUMP. So when they say you need to settle for less because of some mythical deficit they created, tell them to do with a lot less. They spent it. They can pay the bill. Let's ship all of them to China. I'm sure they have a sweat shop they can put them to work in for the rest of their lives. We do not have to settle for less! We are the ones getting up before dawn, working our butts off 7 days a week just to meet our bills, keep a roof over our heads and eat. They are the ones perhaps showing up at 9 and leaving around noon, running their mouths and telling us what cut back on and I am sick of it. When I see one of them cleaning toilets, shoveling dirt or pushing a mop, I will listen. Until then, it's duct tape time.

The Moon is void of course all day and there are no aspects, so this is a day you might as well take off. Nothing is moving. Start your spring cleaning. Finish all those projects that have been piling up or just plain relax. Nothing astrological is pushing you. It is YOUR DAY! Enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 03/31/11

Would you buy a T-shirt from
this artist?
And on that note, March ends. I think she came in like a lion this year. As I was watching the earthquakes happening from one side of the Pacific to the other over the last two nights, I suddenly wondered...what if the Mayans got the year wrong. I mean, it's not like they had computers or calculators....
Now my miscalculation for the night was being really tired after I finished my display box and it was raining, so I set my little holder of red wash, don't worry it's not toxic, out on the table. You can see what happened in the picture. Those are raccoon footprints. I am thinking of getting him to do some Tshirts....

Today's Tarot Card is the Page of Wands and the Empress. A playful and young at heart man may be very fair, but he is totally exaggerating his point. Don't take that promise to the bank.

Remember, Mercury is now retrograde.

The Moon goes void of course at 9:44 AM EDT and stays that way until tomorrow. Lessons come over night in social interactions. By morning you are ready to make some serious changes. However, by late night, you are really aggravated all those pretty words and promises were just so much hot air.

Dear Goddess, the moon is going to be void of course until Saturday and the only happening on Friday is Mars entering Aries where he is very happy to make war and all kinds of mischief. I shall be hiding under the desk if you want me. You may have to use a brownie to entice me out.

I have been sick all day and now I am pretty exhausted, so I will be calling it an early night. Look for my textile display box on Face Book that caused the Raccoon art work on my table.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/30/11

I am sorry to report that it has become so difficult to republish or to publish links to this blog that if you want it, you are going to have to subscribe via blogger. I did not manage to Tweet it last night or post on Google due to technical problems. The same went for my persona; page on facebook. I simply can not keep Internet Explorer from crashing in the middle of everything.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Swords reversed. Things finally start to move!

Well, old Mercury officially goes retrograde in Aries at 4:48 PM EDT. The effects are varied with this retrograde and strongly are influenced by where it lands in your chart. It would land in my 11th house making it hard to start new friendships and host social events but considering Aries has a problem with sustained actions, that may not be as big a problem as it appears at first glance. This transit will make it hard to start things. It will also bring some restraint in the temper and diarrhea of the mouth department or at least we can all hope it does. Perhaps think before you speak will come back into vogue. Mainly, it will slow down everything and those things you have been avoiding finishing, will land on your head and force you to get them done at once.
So, your best strategy for surviving this retrograde is to just put your nose to the grindstone and finish all those projects you have let slide. Don't even bother trying to start anything new.

The day starts with a lot of talk, early morning phone calls and a full inbox. Evening is romantic and psychic.
The Moon is void of course from 6:21 PM to 6:38 PM EDT when she enters Pisces. Nostalgia and emotions rule for a couple of days.

Because I am a well trained astrologer (I actually went to school and can cast a chart by HAND!) and a psychic, I have a leg up on those that have one speciality. Since I also have my degrees in psychology and have worked in psychiatry, I know one really important thing: there is no shame in referring someone out when you do not have the training or resources to do the job. I say this because a new client has been run around the circuit and no one has been able to give her the answer to a simple question. One look at the charts involved and I could answer the question in a moment but, because they were so close, I can see how a psychic or Tarot reader would have been confused. In actuality, if I weren't so intimately connected to my cards, I would have made the mistake of thinking I was looking at one person instead of two. That would have cost this person a lot of grief. So, if you are in doubt, ask your cards or medium of prediction if you are looking at one person or two. There is no shame in running a second spread off to the side to get additional information. I do it all the time. If you getting a run around on your questions, seek out someone who has at least two very different specialities so they can cross reference your question. There is no harm in getting a second opinion....Remember, a psychic sees the most probable of futures and the most probable doesn't always happen. Other lines of influence can come around and knock you off the probable future.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 03/29/11

March is almost over. I think the rainy season has begun here. It has poured all day. We got at least an inch and a half of rain where the shop is.
After last night's getting rid of negativity wash, I am still shaking rosemary leaves out of my hair. Next time I make rosemary tea and pour it into the water to make the slurry.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Pentacles. It seems money is all around you but you can't get your hands on it. You may have overlooked something!

For the nest week, social events provide interesting lessons as you see things are not as they appear.

The way around limitations comes via the electronic media as you make a startling discovery this morning. Then you will see how to make money.

Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow so get your affairs in order before things start going backwards. More about this retrograde tomorrow.

The CEO of CISCO is whining that he has to take his manufacturing to Ireland and Switzerland because the US has such a high tax break. He'll bring (OUR) money back if we will give him a ridiculously low tax rate. Along with him in the whine chorus is big Pharm and big Oil.
Well, let me ask the question no one has the guts to ask them. How stupid do you think I am?
Let's take big Pharm who have moved all their manufacturing and management to Ireland where they are getting a 12% tax rate instead of a 35% one in the USA. They just can't compete if they have to stay in the USA. Okay, gentlemen, please answer the following  question: exactly who is your competition?
Yes, my friends stop and think: when was the last time you bought a medication that said: Made in Japan? Even if a foreign company were to want to compete, they have to go through independent lab testing within the USA by a FDA approved lab before they can even consider bringing their product here and by the time they finish that, the US companies have a few years' jump on them in the market. These guys have NO COMPETITION. Have you the Chavez Gas Station in your neighborhood? Heck no! Same with the rest of them. They have no foreign competition over here.
So, what's the real reason they want those special tax breaks? Well, you see there is a reason why the Swiss and Irish can afford to give companies huge tax breaks. It is called a personal tax rate of 50-60% and VAT. In other words, they tax the companies by taxing the people making the money off the company. That is how they have such great social services, job security, housing and education for all their citizens. The citizens pay for it in a lump sum.
Now that the IRS has forced them to physically move their upper management to these countries or forfeit their nice little tax havens, they suddenly have to pay the piper personally in that country and that piper is a really expensive one. They want to come home where they have multiple loop holes to avoid paying that nasty little personal income tax and corporate tax, so they want us to pay them to bring OUR money home.
Anyone for building a really high fence and leaving them over there to dangle in the wind? How about we revoke their citizenship?
You see, 20 years ago when I was in England, all I had to do was show my passport and fill out a card and I didn't have to pay the VAT on anything I bought. However, when I brought it into the USA, I had to pay US tax on it if I brought in over 500.00 worth. That's how Jeb Bush's wifie got into trouble. Things are tighter if you have a work permit. That only applies to tourists. After so long you are paying taxes over there and their taxes are a lot higher than ours.
So, don't let the news media mislead you by avoiding the REAL TOPIC - why they want to come home. When is the last time big Pharm and oil or CISCO did anything for you? Yup, never. You are their market. It is your money they have overseas. They don't deserve a single break and they will come home without them because because 35% is a lot less than 50-60%.
As long as all they had was a PO box and a bank account in these countries, they were skating. Once they moved their people over there, the pain started. I say let them stay over there and we will replace them companies that employ our people, pay taxes and care about our country. Let's make sure they pay a hefty tariff on every product they sell over here just like every other foreign company. Let's really level the playing field and see how long they get their million dollar bonuses.
After all, how do you think those Canadian pharmacies stay in business selling the exact same pill from the exact same company made in the exact same place for less that half the price you can buy it in the USA? Canada isn't subsidizing those pharmacies. It's just on the world market, big pharm can't rake in the profits they do in the USA and then they take your money overseas to avoid paying taxes on it.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/28/11

For running out the front door, George
humiliates Prescious with a
Lucky Nut tree leaf.
The most memorable quote comes from someone I do not know. Mr. O'Donnell says "Beck's fact free narrative for FOX news..." I love it. In Beck's narrative or rather starting it was that we voted to enter Iraq under Bush. WOW, what a selective memory! As I remember it, and mine may be failing but it sure seems to be a lot better than his, the huge fight was over Bush entering Iraq without a vote or reasonable cause (proven...there were no WMD's.) by invoking an executive order. Looks like the pots are calling the kettles black again and that refers to not being clean for those of you younger than me.
I have been suffering horribly with my sinuses so I decided to pay the allergen web site a visit. We are almost a 10 which is their top rating. I guess I shall be suffering a lot more. Good old Afrin nasal spray works way better than those fancy and expensive prescription ones.
George will be chronicling his adventures in gardening land, but for those of you not on FB, last night he was enjoying the Sweet 100 tomatoes when he bit into what he thought was one of them and discovered I was not kidding when he asked how hot a Haberno pepper is and I said: NAPALM! He actually managed to get some of the juice off his hand onto my breakfast plate and thus my egg and I thought I was going to die! I grabbed the plate a split second before Fionna took a lick. Whew! This my friends is why you do not sneak up and steal my peppers...... ;)
ACK....I forgot to gather the flower seeds. Oh well, the street lights are bright enough to gather them by.
I'd like to thank the drunks who keep throwing beer cans on the parking lot. Those things bring almost a nickle at the recycle center. :)
My condolences to the family and friends of the young man killed a few nights ago when he hit a pole over on Sandalfoot. He drove by our shop screaming obscenities and weaving all over the place a little while before. Friends, driving drunk is not a funny thing. It is a deadly thing. He was dead less than 15 minutes later. And no, I didn't do anything though I should have called the police and next time, I will with a description of the car and direction it is heading in. If I had risked being called a few more names, having more vandalism and complaints filed, he might be alive. Some times as pagans, we don't want to get involved because the slurs against us are religiously motivated and you never know who the responding cop will be and how many of the perpetrators friends will be by the next night, but I think this case shows that we need to risk it. What do you think?

Today's Tarot Card is Temperance. When all around you appears to be unbalanced, you have the ability to remain balanced within.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 7 AM EDT and if you can avoid getting on the road before that, it would be a good idea. Things now get a little unconventional and alot abstract. Aquarius loves humanity, it's people they hate.

An aspect lasting the entire week intensifies conflicts with authorities and elders. Tempers are short.

A really long lasting aspect does not bode well for the economy improving and besides the name calling, it is a very explosive aspect. Revolutions have started for less reason.

This is pleasant day with an early morning surprise putting a smile on your face. By night time, you are feeling more like yourself than you have in a long time.

I had a wonderful time at Michaels today and yesterday. I got two wire wrapping tools I have wanted forever on their 40% off coupon...50% yeaterday! I also got some mini jars to make vehicle blessing jars. After poor Vanwitch's mirror, I think she wants one. Oddly enough, I was thinking about making one after reading an article on house blessing jars and that very night, her mirror was hit! Stranger things happen around me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 03/27/11

The Salamander celebrated Earth Day by shutting all the lights off, even if the rest of Broward County didn't even know it was happening. We couldn't turn off the street lights or the solar but we went dark. I was enjoying the outside area when the mosquitoes found me. It took them 15 minutes which means they are really getting slow! I had forgotten how much I love the shop, dark and lit by candlelight. It is very magickal in here at night. I think I shall enjoy it a bit more.
I discovered last night that Fionna only answers if you use her full name: Fionna Meat! If you don't add meat, she just keeps on snoozing.
I sowed a mescalin blend of lettuce and harvested a few leaves for our lunch sandwiches. Goddess, that was the strongest lettuce I have ever bitten into. I don't know how anyone could eat a bowl full of it!
George has discovered today that he may have "straightened" my area, but he also lost my entire week's worth of sorting and labeling. I have the labels and no idea where the product is. I am getting used to doing everything 2 and three or more times.

Today's Tarot Card is the Empress reversed. It is time to get back to basics because lean times are ahead.

Venus enters Pisces at 2:53 AM EDT and the emphasis is on romance, illusion and nostalgia. There is a yearning for the good old days that never existed. Lovers are viewed through rose coloured glasses. Nothing is as it seems socially or love wise. Be wary, because when she enters into Aries, where she is very uncomfortable, the sudden hue and cry is: "You don't really know ME!" Unfortunately, that is true and the tendency will be to rush into a rebound relationship that is totally unsuitable. So careful of your heart.

Worry made it a hard night to get some sleep. Thus, people just get more and more irritable until they blow in the evening. Then things settle into a holding pattern and all is quiet until 11:17 PM EDT when the Moon goes Void of Course and energy pours in but you have no outlet for it. Be very careful of elders and authorities trying to manipulate you by telling you about the good old days. At 60, I can tell you, the 50's weren't that great and all that family value crap was an illusion fueled by Valium and liberal amounts of booze. Who remembers the 60's? If you do you weren't having fun. The 70's set us up for the mess we are now in with the beginning of the ME generation. Trust me, technology, freedom and microwaves beat the "good old days" hands down!
I am not too sure about cell phones and computers as I am about to throw the computer through the window. Then again, it is over 6 years old.....In human years that must be around 500.
Well, George was going out to turn the lights on and I had to blow out the candles and return to lighting to find the flashlight. Yup, the good old days aren't what they are cracked up to have been.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, 03.26.11

Bitwit was driving us crazy trying to get out the front door to catch a lizard that was taunting her. George had to chase her once, so I went out and picked some of the fresh catnip I have hidden.

Now, this catnip is on the Faery Garden Table in the double planter hidden by flowers and parsley. Still, another cat found it and totaled the plant. it is just now coming back and I decided to sacrifice a couple of leaves. I must be growing primo weed. She was totally stoned in a matter of seconds, rolling on the floor and falling over. Even Loki emerged from his hiding place at the other end of the shop because he could smell it! She was so drunk she almost fell off the counter, prevented only by George catching her. Then she slept for an hour like the dead. By then I had picked a few more leaves for Loki, Isis and Ra and they are totally unconscious on the floor. I have to get some seeds off this plant when it grows up.

We harvested 2 kinds tomatoes and two varieties of hot peppers today. I cut some dill for our chicken sandwiches and it really turned a plain sandwich into something special. I picked some parsley and George gave me the wrinkled nose treatment. One bite and he said this tasted like nothing he had ever had before. It was delicious. The mango tree has set more fruit than it ever has in the 16 years we have had the building. Everything is growing like mad!
In other good news, my neighbors paid for the mirror so Vanwitch will soon have eyes! I sure couldn't afford one and mine is manual!
In bad news, my CHKDSC program found multiple errors today when checking the hard drive and George tells me that means my hard drive is unstable and ready to crash. Hence I will be spending the weekend backing everything up on CD.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Cups reversed. Problems in relationships can lead to divorce.

Pleasant dreams bring lessons tonight. Have that pen and paper by your bedside because it will be an early morning and you won't be feeling quite yourself

The 4th quarter of the moon begins at 8:07 AM EDT and you feel a sense of finality. This is the week to finish your projects, access their success and take a well deserved rest. By noon time, you are energized and making progress with elders and home business projects.

This weekend and next week are excellent times to get a psychic reading. It is also a very romantic time and tomorrow, the nostalgia for times gone by settles in for a few months.

Speaking of that, folks, please be careful clicking on things on the sidebar on Facebook. There is one add suggesting you click to stop Congress from enacting regulations that would increase the price of gas. Those regulations are safety measures and restrictions on off shore drilling which a few people in Boca trying to get tar off their feet would appreciate right now.

Another one suggests the government is taxing you for them and mortgaging your children's future. Just remember before you click that one, you are one pink slip away from being THEM. I know you think you are secure and so did George until they decided to close the Flagship branch in the USA and lay everyone off except the young ones they could entice out to Texas. Then you discover you can't get your retirement as fast as you can get booted out the door. You can eat or pay your COBRA insurance premiums so your wife can have the medicine she needs to keep her alive and gas just went through the roof. Suddenly, that retirement package isn't enough to feed you for the month and it looked so healthy when you started saving 35 years ago! Unless you have 7 mil in the bank, you are a hair away from being THEM. And if your business is doing so good right now, it won't be soon. You are in a transition business. Things like Starbucks are the first thing that goes under as people easily give them up. Then the bigger things like the repair business go under, because that central air costs more for a service call than the 78.00 window unit at BrandsMart and anyone can install one. Cable gets cancelled and so do the people servicing it. People start shopping at the second hand store, skipping the jewelry and perfume and going for generic creams. Yup, your business is next on the cut list. I worked in advertising during the big Reagan depression and moved into medicine because the newspapers were going broke. There was no money for advertising. I know how Reaganomics, Trickle Down, Supply Side, Liaise Faire or the GOP platform works. It doesn't. It never has. It never will.

That leads me to Congress' new bill. Buried in the pages of the new reform package is a cute little line that says if a member of your family goes on strike, your food stamps are cancelled. It doesn't say if that member needs to be a household member or a 5th cousin 4 times removed. Just a relative, so you might want to drop all your relatives on Facebook really fast! You might want to rethink repealing DOMA. It might be your only protection.

In other insanity, less than a week after the 88% of Miami recalled the mayor and a commissioner for spending money like it was water, 9 out of the 10 remaining commissioners voted to give themselves an 86,000.00 raise. They just don't get it, do they? Of course, they know they aren't going to be re-elected and their retirement package is proportional to their salary so this was the last screw you they could manage before they get recalled next week. I have to ask the question: are these people crazy or stupid. Then I realized there was a third option: stupidly crazy. People in Miami may not wait for the next recall election to be scheduled. So, if there is a run on tar and feathers, if I were on the commission, I would get out of town fast!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magickal Implications

More often than not, I see people walk out of my shop with enough spell kits and supplies to keep them busy for a year. Unfortunately they plan on using them all that weekend and I keep hoping no one burns their house down. Now, a scientific study has proven what I have been saying for many years: do one thing at a time!
Scientists took those ramped up super multitasking kids at University and tested them to see just how well they were studying, texting, listening to music and doing other things at the same time. What did they find? The super mutitaskers were not really learning or getting anything done well. Those who did one thing at a time in a non-distracting environment did really well on the tests.
So, next time I say one spell at a time, listen to the old Druid. She really does know what she is talking about. Settle yourself in a quiet room far, far away the phone, computer and Ipod and do one thing at a time in the right order at the right time. You will be surprised how well your spells work.
Now I know a lot of mothers are saying: like where and when. Children have a lot of psychic power and potential. Including them in your spells not only teaches them valuable skills, like concentration and focus, but it also adds a nice bang for your buck.

Your forecast for Friday, 03/25.11

That's what I looked like!
This is an official disaster area. I came down to the shop, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was happily going to come in, harvest my crops on Farm Town and let George go home and make his breakfast and have a quiet day of preparing for the weekend. As I came down the path I noticed both side were littered with stuff and then I noticed it was MY STUFF. I picked up speed and ran into the shop only to find George in the middle of my area pulling a Virgo.
Now, for those of you who do not know what pulling a Virgo is, allow me to explain. My boyfriend in college was a Virgo and coincidentally has the same birthday as George or I am or the other. We both worked in the library. One day as I am working on straightening out my section of the library, the science section, I heard the head librarian scream. Now this was an elderly gentleman who seldom raised his voice and thus the scream was equally scary coming out of his mouth. I ran downstairs to see the body and found him staring at the literature section (my boy friend's) in total horror. Well, boy friend was still standing but that was all. It seems the librarian concluded that if I could rearrange the science section so not a book was out of order without a single disruption in service, surely a MAN could do it better in the literature section. The shelves were empty and every book was in some pile on the floor. We are talking one third of the library. All the man could mutter as he turned purple was, "Janice, so something." My answer was: "Should I call the school nurse for you or kill him and in what order?" The answer was: "KILL HIM!" He was banished from the library and I spent the whole afternoon and night getting the books back into some semblance of order.
That is what I faced. My entire area that I have been cautiously and without disruption rearranging was in the floor and the outside path and George was in the center of the storm muttering: "Don't say word!" Say a word???? I was speechless. My mouth was slowly flapping open and shut like a dying bass. My eyes were bugging out of my head and then it got worse. After clearing the area for me to get into he decided to have me sort the wooden drawers and the first one I emptied so he could pull it out and reglue the bottom, the whole thing sprang apart and ball bearings the size on beads took off in all directions. That was when I decided that shelves would be a better idea although he is yet to completely agree. If you don't see George around for a long time, please do not alert the authorities.
So, how was your day?

Today's Tarot Card is Temperance reversed. Things are not in balance and I don't expect them to be around here for a few weeks.

The Moon will be Void of Course from 9:25 PM to 9:57 PM EDT when she enters Capricorn and everyone climbs their mountain and retreats to their cave.
Communications are fast and furious in the morning and no one is thinking before they open their mouth which leads to a big argument at some point. This is a good morning to be quiet.
This evening is very social and romantic so go ahead and make that date, but get home before 11 PM EDT or a nasty surprise may await you and more arguments. Well, you haven't been getting much so sleep so use that as an excuse.

I think Isis embodied what I looked like today. Enjoy the picture.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, 03/24/11

Goddess, what a night, so please forgive misspellings, grammar and wrong words. For the second night in a row I laid down and my back went out and I finally had to take pain meds. Then my meds for RLS refused to work and I had to up the dose. Finally I went to sleep and slept like the dead or a cat. Today I have not had enough sleep, only 7 hours, and am fuzzy from the meds, so nothing is getting done right. I think I need more coffee.
Still no returning neighbors and my mirror is taped up but I can't see much of anything in it so I have been staying to neighborhood and driving only back and forth to the house. I am afraid to get out on 441.
I got an entire bowl of mulberries today and in a fight with a balckbird. He decided to take the mulberries from the low branches and I decided to swat him. Then he tried to take them out of the bowl while I was getting the camera to document my harvest. Now, I am getting really angry. So, he proceeds to spend the next hour setting all the outside alarms off just to torture me. Oh, it was deliberate because I opened the door and found him flapping his wings at one.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords: beware of theft.

This promises to be a good day. There is some good financial news in the afternoon and good news about limitations has you ready to get out there and conquer the world.

There is a myth going around that only revenue the government has is income tax. I know, you just said HUH? What do you mean? They have other ways of getting money?
My friends, they have a 101 ways of getting money and even more of hiding it. Waaaay back when I was in Junior High, so you know how long ago that was, there was a movement afoot that died fast to expose the hidden taxes on every day products you buy. Take gasolene. When I was in the aircraft business, I worked for a company that refueled aircraft. Keep in mind the taxes on aircraft fuel are less than on car fuel. 1/3 of the price of a gallon of gas was tax. Waaaay back then, there was a nickle tax on every loaf of bread. You never saw any of this. Why do you think gas prices have that 9/10's of a cent on them. That is just one tax. There are several including your local and state taxes. Now, the trick is that you don't ever see this revenue when you get your tax bill. It gets diverted into special funds or descretionary accounts. That means the money is hidden in accounts to be spent on specific things like art for your courthouse when you are laying off police. The "GREAT DEFICIT" does not take into account any of these "special taxes" in the plus column.
Let me explain how this works and it is a neat trick of accounting I learned from a master who learned it from the government.
Let's say you pay the $5,000.00 application fee to file your patent. Yes, you read that right. That money goes directly to the patent office. Now, that office, like all its relatives, files an operating budget with the US government. An operating budget shows your expenses, not your income. Now, our government accountants take that figure and place it into the national operating budgeting which then gets lumped into the national budget and then your income tax dollars are deducted from that budget and what is left over is called the "Deficit" since Bush spent all our money.
Have you noticed where the rabbit went? Come on, look at that paragraph again. Your 5,000.00 application fee just disappeared into never-never land. Do you have any idea how much money drops down those rabbit holes and even how many rabbit holes there are? Nope, and neither does anyone else.
That's how your local government is broke and suddenly has a million bucks to upgrade the comfort of their lobby. That is how they lay off teachers, police and emergency personnel while spending over hundred grand to redecorate their offices every term, close to a million in staff salaries and manage to have a lovely car allowance that would pay most of our mortgage payments. Not only do you need to ask where the money is going but you need to follow the trail of where it is coming from to get an accurate picture and I guarantee my friends, that is one picture they do not want you to view.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/23/11

Josephina relaxes amid the carnage...
Starting your day by discovering your neighbors destroyed the mirror on your van with their towable and knowing you can't see diddly squat without it is stressful, but I shall survive, as long as I don't change lanes on the left side or back up. Ford quoted me around 300.00 to fix it. Good thing it is a manual. I hate to think how much one of those power mirrors will cost you. Then again, I have to get it half way across town to the dealership and that is going to be a trick within itself and they don't have one in stock. Of course, this happens when we have little to no money waiting on an unemployment extension to kick in and George's retirement to come through. Meanwhile, I am not going anywhere. I even rode my bike to the shop.
I found a bunch of old stock today I had put on my shelf and it got pushed to the back. I was clearing a space for my inventory books. Speaking of which, never mention inventory books to someone under 30. They look at you like you just stepped out of a UFO.
Last night Josephina, our plus sized black sister of Napoleon, decided she could run, hit the kitchen floor and spun out. So, there I stand at the sink watching this huge cat lose purchase on the tile and spinning uncontrollably when the thought hits me that if she catches with one claw, she is going to spin into something and that something may be my ankles. If that happens I am going to be in the ER with two broken ankles. Fortunately, she just spun slowly to a stop. Then she took off and landed smack dab in the middle of my bed where she flopped over having completed her exercise for the month. Who knows what gets into cats...
So much for my exciting life...

Today's Tarot Card is the....okay....this is interesting. The Page of Pentacles reversed and the Page of Cups are interesting. Aquarius is the most masculine sign of the zodiac and it is representing a woman. Pisces is the most feminie sign of the zodiac and it is representing a man. Then we have the King of Swords which can represent a lawyer or a judge and the three of Wands which represents thinking about leaving for another land that may not be better than where they are right now. Hmmmmmm......

The Moon is Void of Course from 4:08 PM to 4:45 PM EDT when she enters Sagittarius and the mood lights but there is also a feeling of wanderlust and legal decisions are handed down. I wonder if that has something to do with the tarot cards....

A really, really early morning argument has you energized and unable to sleep. By time to get up, you are just plain antisocial and by afternoon, you are in a total fog. No sleep will do that to you. Then you get nice surprise and your mood picks up but teachers will soon find their hopes dashed in the evening. By late night, you are finally feeling like you might just survive this day. Things will be looking up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 03/22/11

Now that is a number! Sorry, I just love numbers and all of these are prime. Okay, no more math jokes.

It might have been my day off but the job of a small merchant is never ending. We have been working on displaying stock that has been packed from our days of doing large shows.  It all has to be reinventoried. Then there is the merchandise from the mineral show and if I ever get a moment to myself, I will make some jewelry. I found some polished Blue Kyanite and will be making earring for those of you stuck in a negative environment. The gorgeous pendants I bought yesterday have to be mounted and put on a necklace. Then I have to go into massive pendulum making mode before George schedules a class when I am not paying attention and that happens a lot...the not paying attention part.

Today's Tarot Card is the King of Wands and the Hanged Man. A man with a very fiery personality is pushing you for a decision and you know you aren't ready. Just ask him when was the last time was he actually finished anything and you will shut him up.

Overnight is filled with dreams of all the changes you want to make and then you wake up. Hey, I can run and jump in my dreams, too. Aggravation with money sets in around noon and may lead to digestive problems and a really late night phone call turns into an argument.

After my little detour into Boca due to an accident, I started thinking today that we all make house blessing jars but maybe we really need a car blessing jar. I shall keep you informed as to how that goes.

Loki is having a fit for his Temptations Treats so I guess I had better get up and give him some! I found him docked at the food bowl so I am off the hook. Now, I am taking a well deserved rest. I finally did something for the mailman. I stamped the numbers on the mail box as that is the number one complaint of mail people. I also put some faeries on we will see how that goes over!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/21/11

I had a lovely time at a jewelry show today. It was mostly populated by bead merchants and rock hounds. I love being among the rock hounds because of their love of the stones. Most could care less about the "metaphysical" properties. That leads me to ask a question of you, my dear readers.
I started in professional life in jewelry and I learned my gemstones there. Then I became a rock hound and learned even more before I ventured into the metaphysical area even though I have been psychic since birth. In my family, certain stones had properties and it had little to do with what the actual stone was. So, my question is, would you want to be told the real properties and value of a stone or mineral or would you rather just pay for the metaphysical spiel?
Let me give you a couple of examples. Tibetan coral is a big one that everyone was grabbing a few years back. Tibet is land locked and has no ocean. The stone turned out to be the cheapest coral you can find in the Japanese sea dyed a nice orange. Then there was strawberry quartz which was dyed glass from China and everyone knew that because the real stone tends to solid in color.Then there are really low grade varieties of some stones sold as really expensive metaphysical aides. Would you want to know you were essentially getting rocks with little value? Do you want to know that the cinnabar from China is now sanitized to remove the mercury and is a dye used on ceramic pieces or would you rather think this was a solid piece of cinnabar (which you really can't get)? Cinnabar is really only available in quartz. Solid cinnabar comes from Egypt and one dealer told me today you could get a bead for about 5,000.00! OUCH!
So, what do you think?
Personally, I fell in love with a rulitaled quartz point that was so clear and the gold soooo gold it positively glowed. It also cost 750.00 a little out of my price range for now. Then there was the pair of jade dragons. Oh, and there was a gong made of wood with demon carvings on it that made my heart skip a beat. Ahhh, I do drool a lot at these shows. I settled for an inexpensive grey jasper heart whose bail cost half the price of the stone! It's those little setting thingies that really run the price of your jewelry up..up...UP!
Oh well, I spent part of the time mentally projecting a don't buy field around the French Toast bagels at Panera until I could get there. It worked so well the sign actually disappeared off the bin and I got my half dozen of them!
Now last night was a little scary. I went to Michael's to get some egg holder for display. When I reached the register, it suddenly started malfunctioning. I have learned to just relax when this happens because the Fae are playing with it for good reason. By the time I reached the parking lot, the ambulances, fire trucks and police were speeding down Hillsboro. The accident was so bad they diverted all traffic off west bound Hillsboro. I know two people were carried off in fire rescue trucks. If the register had not malfunctioned, I would have been at that corner when the accident happened. As it was, I just had to detour through Boca to get home. I hope the register is all right....

Today's Tarot card is the Emperor. Stubbornness abounds today.

The Moon is Void of Course from 2:35 PM to 3:17 PM EDT when she enters Scorpio and things go undercover. This is also the time secrets are ferreted out just because they are secrets.
For a week or two, surprises in the area of fire and electricity abound and we all know electricity does not like me.This aspect brings volcanic eruptions.
After starting the night with restless energy, romance and maybe even a good talk gets you relaxed and back to bed. The afternoon is the perfect time to get a psychic reading but bear in mind, you may not like the truth you hear.
By late afternoon, free floating anxiety is floating through your mind, snarky comments are made and you are really irritable. Teachers get good news by evening.

Aspects begin to improve on Wednesday and are better on Thursday so keep the faith.
Mercury enters the Storm on Friday so keep in mind the retrograde is not far behind...

Well, today's drive really wore me out so I calling it night early.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 03/20/11

I get these cuts emailed
to me free from Dover.
Happy Spring Equinox.

Happy Purim, I think. I have no idea what it is.

The Salamander will be opening late today and there will be a ritual at 7:21 PM EDT. Sooooo, you really have a tiny window in which to shop. Conditions are still dry to drier with a wind so there will probably not be a fire pit tonight.
My lemon tomato has been looking really poor so I went out to discover the cause. I found the ants farming mealy bugs! Thus, I decided to take the organic approach and whack them off with the hose on stream. Believe me, on that setting, most things take a flying hike. I blasted the first batch, ants went one way, mealy bugs went another way, lizard went another way and I went the fourth way. The lizard shook his head off, one eye was still shut, the other was at half mast and he gave me the Lizard Look of Death. Seems it is hard to get a ant/mealy bug sundae and I ruined it for him. Oh well, maybe we can all share.

Today's Tarot Card is the Star. I have heard a lot of interpretations of this card and most of them did not involve actually looking closely at it. This is card of waste. Some you can see and some you cannot. Your efforts are being put into doing things over and over again that do not need it. Your assets are being drained into a never ending pool and some are simple disappearing behind your back.

The Sun enters Aries at 7:21 PM EDT (a very lucky number) and marks the Spring Equinox.

Your plans for change are thwarted and it kept you up most of the night frittering your time away on useless pursuits. Bad financial news hits the morning hours.  By afternoon you know what you can't do but there is very little emphasis on what you can do. Thus, arguments occur in the evening and the overnight is filled with anxiety. No one is looking forward to Monday. Have we more dirty tricks in store for us????

WARNING: George just spread bags of leaves we were gifted by our lawn service down the path and everywhere and you might want to not wear sandals.....

The Spring Equinox is known as Ostara to Wiccans and many pagans. It is marked by the sowing of seeds and we will be planting in the garden tomorrow to commemorate it. You can also make your house blessing jars and charge them at this time.

Okay, time for me to return to the work of a shopkeeper...inventory, display and all that stuff.

ME thinks there may be a crystal charging tonight......

Friday, March 18, 2011

Forecast for Saturday 03/19/11

Remember, the Cosmic Salamander will be opening late today and tomorrow. Spring Equinox Ritual tomorrow. Full Moon today! Fasten your seat belts.

Today's Tarot Card is the Ten of Wands. Heavy burdens are carried today and there is no rest for the weary.

The Full Moon is at 2:10 PM EDT in 28Virgo48, an earth sign. This is not good for the strongest Full Moon of a decade. There will be very high and low tides and a lot of beach erosion. Let's just hope it stops there. This would be a really, really bad day for a Tsunami.

The Moon is Void of Course from 2:20 PM to 4:03 PM EDT, and that is not good either! Then she enters Libra where she is more concerned with appearances than substance, balance than actual justice or fairness.
In the middle of that period is an aspect to Neptune that is makes things really fuzzy and deceptive and it is to an earth moon which is again, not a good thing.
Later in the after there is an Uranus Aspect of an air moon to fire which just fans the flames of sudden upsets. And the day ends with lessons, wounded teachers and no fairness in sight.
Okay, maybe I will just stay home under the bed today.

Be prepared. Stay safe. That is all I can say. May your gods be with you.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 03/18/11

2 Lemon tomatoes & 1 Sweet 100
The Salamander will be opening late all weekend and that includes Friday. We have loads of stuff to take care of this weekend. We will be back next week and there will even some sales and great deals as I close out lines of books (health and well being) that we simply are no longer going to carry. The non-magickal and non mineral items will have to go so expect parking lot sales...we don't have a sidewalk......
 There comes a time when one realises one's children are not going to turn out to be what you expected. In my case it coincides with the vow not to lose the plant tags. After waiting over a week for the tomato in the picture to turn red I began to faintly recall that I purchased a Lemon Tomato at Lowes. When I cut them up for our salad tonight, there was obviously no way it was ever turning red. They taste just like a red one to me. However, the bush doesn't bear as heavily as other varieties I have here.
Last night I knew I had to go out to a business meeting today and my hands are stained very purple from the mulberry picking everyday. I got it off my skin but my nails remained a dirty color so, I painted my finger nails purple. I guess I will have to be Goth until the mulberry season is over.

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Wands reversed. Friendships and other relationships are not going well today.

A really quick way to start an argument this weekend is to tell someone what they can't do.

You awaken early with plans to make sweeping changes and then reality sets in by mid morning.  You are aggravated about money. People are flying off the handle right and left and by night, you are ready to blow. Just don't direct your anger inward or you may have massive digestive problems.

The unfolding drama in Miami is a never ending laugh fest. The recalled by 88% of the voters Mayor, as of last night, saw absolutely no mistakes he had made and is positive he was absolutely right in all his decisions.
Well, let me try a little reality here.
You don't cut everyone's pay and raise your staff's pay indecently. People have been tarred and feathered for similar offenses. We just can't afford tar with the price of oil. Maybe some of our friends on the Gulf Coast can fix us a care package.
You don't cut fire and police services in a city with a high crime rate where people are afraid not only of the criminals next door but the cops themselves.
You don't raise taxes to pay for a multi-million dollar stadium for a bunch of private billionaire owners who could pay for it out of their petty cash box.
Shall I go on?
It's too bad we don't have a wealthy, fed up person in Broward to start a recall but as one activist put it today. A recall is not a grassroots thing. It is a millionaire's game. Is that not a sad commentary on our government for purchase?
The odd thing is that when the "silent majority" is sitting on their lawn screaming, they still think they have a mandate from the "silent majority". Ladies and gentlemen, I fear the "silent majority" you answer to is just the voices in your head.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Leprecaun Day!
Oh come on, I'm a Druid. Did you really expect me to say that other guy's name. We honor our greedy little altitude challenged friends and I'm not talking about old Ross.

Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Cups reversed. You are starting to feel like you are the only one in this relationsbip. Perhaps you should either find out what is wrong or hit the road.

The Moon is Void of Course from 3:58 PM  to 4:53 PM EDT when she enters Virgo and we go into a cleaning frenzy. Considering the Spring Equinox or first day of spring is coming up this weekend, maybe that is a good thing.
The morning has you just plain annoyed and no idea why. It may be with yourself as every fault and failure is magnified. By afternoon, nothing is clear and unpleasant surprises abound. Teachers are particularly hard hit tonight.

I discovered today that the piece of crystal I have been holding onto for dear life lately is a sunken record keeper with two sunken sites! It also has a second crystal intercepting or exiting it. I am going to meditate with it alot!

The Cosmic Salamander will be opening late on Saturday as we have a few errands to do and I won't be around for readings. Sunday is the Spring Equinox and there will be an evening ritual. However, if the wind is up, because of the dryness of everything, we may not have a fire. Things are bone dry around here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/16/11

You really don't need to be fancy for spell work.
This was on my bed, using my spell box, laptop
cover and a plate with candles. That is my need.
It has been a busy day. I started out by taking some garden photos. Don't bother looking, I never had time to upload them which made the Fae angry and they hid my sales book and pen. They returned the pen but not the sales book so I have been keeping track of sales in a notebook and swearing under my breath,. Tomorrow it will probably be sitting on my chair when I get in or else. I have to have that by the 31st to do the state income tax.
Anyway, I applaud the people of the City of Miami for having the guts and intelligence to recall Mayor Alvarez and I hope it puts the rest of the piggies at the pubic trough on notice that they are next. We need our teachers, firemen and cops. Politician, well face it, no one has ever really come up with a need for them except entertainment value and more people have cable or satellite with you.
We send our sympathies to SD, USA as they laid off 1/3 their teachers today. And speaking of that, remember when I asked if I need to practice my :Yess Massas....well that wasn't a racial comment, it was a statement of the value of the American worker and wondered exactly what kind of industry our Goobernor was trying to attract to Florida right after he slashed education from kindergarten to college to pieces. Well, the answer was in today's newspaper if anyone bothers to read the financial section.
Two investors have spent millions in this depressed market to buy up all the Mom and Pop hotels and stores behind the big ones on the beach and intercoastal for the purpose of putting a hotel/entertainment/shopping complex there. For those of you who don't fully understand these complexes, the people working in them barely, if they do, make minimum wage. So folks, if you wants a job in Ft. Lauderdale, better be practicing those yess massa's 'cause it is the only type of job you will getting. Then again, if you are planning on graduating in the next 5 years, you probably can barely read and write and can't do math so it is all you will be qualified to do. Okay now, first you dip the mop in the soapy water.....
Trust me friends, they have a plan and you are not going to like it.
Oh and by the way, politicians are optional in this plan because you already passed the laws giving them the right to randomly condemn and seize any property that the owner refuses to sell for "redevelopment". :)

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Pentacles which provides a steady income if just a trickle.

Aggravation about changes that just aren't happening have you tossing and turning all night. Mid morning, good financial news has everyone talking and by evening planning how to get around limitations, rules and laws and all the things that have been holding you back. Not having enough energy keeps you home from social events and really upsets you. Since the cosmic energies were going down hill, you are better off at home where you can't shoot yourself in the foot.

Napoleon loves mulberries in his yogurt. I don't have the heart to tell him that the tree only bears so long.

Tokyo was hit with, I think, 3 earthquakes today. These were not aftershocks. The Nuclear Power plants are in meltdown mode with no way to save most of them. The volcano's dome is building fast and may explode at any time. To say things are bad is an understatement. My heart goes out to these poor people.

All of this is going to impact not only the world economy, but physically, the entire Pacific Rim. You can't just slide a plate and expect nothing to happen elsewhere. Please everyone, get in a supply of water and food and keep your vehicle full or charged. Here in Florida, we know how to hunker down and whether weeks without power. We buy generators. Just about every house in my neighborhood has one or more. Think about making the investment. If it just runs your refrigerator and you need to keep your medication cool, it will save your life. Remember you will need gas or propane to run and have a supply ready. If you can get a big enough solar panel and you get enough sunlight, that works even better. Stay safe but be prepared.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No math today. I am too tired. This weekend really wore me out though it was worth it.

Today's Tarot Card is the King of Cups reversed and the Two of Pentacles reversed. A well meaning woman shows you how to streamline your income into one source and stop juggling finances.

The Moon is Void of Course from 6:05 AM to 3:33 PM EDT and that pretty much blows the whole day. You awaken feeling really good about things but by afternoon, you are feel jittery for no appearent reason.
The Moon enters Leo at 3:33 PM EDT and all the world becomes a stage with everyone seeking their minute of fame. A pleasant surprise is headed your way.
By evening, the jittery feeling returns at double volume and you are not feeling social. Why not just relax at home?
A major aspect lasting a couple days brings rapid financial news that is not all bad. Unfortunately the same aspect causes people to prattle on forever.....

As I said, I am feeling really exhausted and I have lost my voice so I am calling it an early night.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 03/14/11

Everyone really needs to learn math. First off, without math, you can't calculate how many time Napoleon really ate today. I had to tell him he was putting on a little weight. Goddess, the look I got!
However, where I was really going before Napoleon derailed was where our dear Goobenor who may think he is Napoleon is going with his math or lack there of. Not even the reporter for the Sun Sentinel who wrote an excellent article got it right, so let me explain the basics.
First off, I want you to promise you will not scream and jump away from the computer because we are going to use percentages. Percentages are your friend and since they always involve multiplying and dividing by 10 or 100, they are really, really easy.
Now, the new home and business insurance proposal looks like this. Citizen's Insurance is going to be allowed to raise rates across the board 25%. That is 1/4 of your current bill added to your current bill. BUT, there is another provision in the proposal that says if another company can provide you with insurance at a maximum of 25% more in cost that Citizens can, you must take that policy. So, now pay close attention, your actual insurance bill may rise not 25% but around to 50%.
You see, Citizens has already raised the rate by 25% and you are required to take any policy that costs 25% more than, your 100.00 policy now costs 125.00 and you must take any policy between that and 157.25 cents.  Just take your current policy and divide 100 and then multiply bu 157.25 and you will have your new rate. Are you having fun yet?
Now, here comes the impossible math part and I mean impossible because it just isn't possible. This increase is supposed to be offset by a 10% reduction in your property taxes. Considering my property tax bill equals my insurance bill, that is impossible and adding to the impossibility, only small amount of my property tax bill is controlled by the State, the rest is controlled by the County or City you live in, so you aren't getting an across the board 10% reduction. What ever you do, don't let this man do your income tax. You will wind up in jail!

Now for the forecast which is always mathematically possible.

Today's Tarot Card is the Death Reversed. Do not panic. This means that there is no change in the way people are thinking.

A major Mars aspect lasting around a week, has people really digging in with their views about restrictions, laws, fairness and bargaining. No one is willing to give an inch. A Venus aspect also hitting Saturn for the week has people of like values and mind banding together.

Too many thoughts made it hard to sleep. Bad financial news arrives early in the morning. By afternoon, you really do not feel like socializing and tempers flare about what is happening to home and family. This will lead to action but since both Mars and the Moon are in water signs, it will tend to be a lot of yelling but no violence.

As I write, George is telling me that Japan has been hit with another, smaller Tsunami and the news reports the volcano is erupting. I don't know how much more that country can take. One thing is certain, the maps will have to be redrawn because a lot of land is now under water and probably will remain that way. The coast is simply washed out to sea. Before anyone breaths easily, keep in mind that what happens at that end of the Pacific Rim is connected to our west coast and South and Central America and Hawaii. The Storm Moon has not yet arrived. Things can get worse and seem to be. We may not be in clear. We may just have seen our future.

Meanwhile, because I am physically sensitive to volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, I am barely sleeping even with my medication. Napoleon is trying to keep me company but my thrashing around is proving to be almost too much for the baby. Josephina is really upset I keep waking her up and Fionna is really gaining weight as she keep talking me out of treats on every trip to straighten the cramps in my legs and feet. Even in the catdom, someone always profits from the disaster.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is called the Wheel of the Year or the Zodiac Spread
Goddess, what a WEEK! First the revolution in Wisconsin, Libya and Egypt strikes and the US press does a news blackout on Wisconsin. An earthquake in China and New Zealand, Floods in Australia, the eruption in Hawaii and collapse of the crater on one side and then eclipsing it all, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
Having seen the unedited footage of the tsunami on Utube, I am beyond shaken and you know this old Druid is pretty jaded. When the photographer pans around, at first I thought I was seeing a cloud bank moving in until I realised I was looking at the second tsunami and it was a wall of water eating the first one. As you watch this thing come ashore taking houses, cars, trains, even the very soil in its path and smashing it to pieces and against others, it is easy to forget, there are people in those cars, houses, trains.... It was moving at 300 MPH, they had no warning. It was simply there. Any devastation the GOP and Tea Party may think themselves capable of, Mother Nature just proved she holds all the cards. I suggest we not make her any madder as the real Full Moon when she is closest to earth, the Strongest Moon of the Year, doesn't happen until the 19th. Fasten your seat belts kiddies, the ride is about to get really rough.

Today's Tarot Card is the Four of Swords. You have shored up your defences and you think you are safe to rest, but you defenses may be the very thing used against you.

Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 AM and I should manage to get used to it sometime in November.

The Moon is Void of Course from 9:10 AM to 10:29 AM EDT when she enters Cancer, a water sign, and we begin to nest, look to family and friends and generally retreat from the the world.
You are very intuitive this morning, but what you intuit may not make other happy and arguments can ensue. As Mercury squares Pluto for a couple of days, harsh words are normal and those in power are losing it in more than one way. In their desire for more power, they will accidentally with the utmost of hubris, reveal exactly what their plans are. It won't be pleasant.
Teachers get a show of support but unfortunately, no change as things continue to slide downhill in a hand basket at top speed.

Now pay close attention to the old Crone for a minute. This weeks' events have given you a viable demonstration that it doesn't matter how much power, wealth, security or protection you think you have, you can lose everything in the snap of the fingers.  The Koch brothers could have been sitting in their multimillion dollar beach house, with an army of hired thugs directing the decimation of the middle class getting the best medical care in the world and they would have been just so much meat a second later when that tsunami hit. A tornado can decimate any building. A flood will drown you. An earthquake can swallow you. A volcano, well, I don't even want to think about what one of them can do when it blows but we have no bombs that can hold a candle to that display. Shakespeare said, "Hell hath no fury as a woman spurned." Mother Earth is a woman and she likes her children to play fair. Remember that.

And lastly I would like to say this weekend has proved one thing to me: I HAVE THE GREATEST CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Forecast for Saturday, March 12, 2011

We still a couple for sale.
Note to self: When wearing blue faery shirt, remember that glasses tucked in your neckline will totally disappear from view. This will save you hours of looking for your blue glasses.
No yogurt this morning as I had to hurry to the shop having slept late. Napoleon is not a happy camper and I shall pay tonight. The weather has turned cooler which in turn seems to activate that cats and that means the houses is mostly destroyed. Every night it is pick up everything when we get home. They must be bouncing off the wall which is odd considering they seem to be in the same place we left them 12 hours earlier.
No yogurt didn't prevent us from having a mulberry feast right off the tree. This year the birds are respecting us and leaving the branches we can reach alone. Last year, they got almost all the harvest. The mango tree has set fruit so no more pollen. I can almost breathe except for the pine, oak and ragweed.

Today's Tarot Card is the Two of Swords. Stalemate, there will be no progress today so relax. There is no point in beating your head against a brick wall.

You may not have gotten the best night's sleep. There are great ideas in the early AM and it finally looks like you will get through what has been blocking you for the last few months. Unfortunately, the aspect is completely in air signs, so it may seem like a great idea but implementing is going to be hard.

The Second Quarter of the Moon begins at 6:45 PM EST in 22Gemini03. It is time to evaluate your goals and projects and make necessary adjustment for success, but keep in mind you are overly critical of your self right now.

Remember, March 31st, wear red, on the sidewalks at 1 PM EST.

Well, it seems another goobernor idea hits reality, the world he doesn't live in apparently. His great idea to punish those lazy out of work goof offs hit a hurdle when someone noted that the Legislature in an attempt to protect our children passed a law that all "volunteers" have to pass a level 2 background check before they can be allowed to volunteer their services working with the public or doing that sort of public work. Unfortunately for those poor 100.00 a week lazy bums, the background check will cost them $46.25 and takes 4 - 6 weeks and since they need to immediately volunteer to get their unemployment check under the proposed system.....gee, any more ways you can balance the budget on the back of the middle and lower class, guys?  Oh, just out of curiosity, whose third cousin owns the firm doing the background checks for the State of Florida?
A smart reporter discovered just how much money our goobenor will put in his pocket from the corporate tax breaks he is trying to put into effect because of how those poor artificial people are suffering and discovered just how he intends to recoup the 17 mil he spent to get elected. And you thought he didn't have a one spends 17 mil of their own money to get a civil service job who is (a) sane and (b) not on the take. Electing a businessperson to a government position is like letting a fox run the hen house. The odd thing about this move to make Florida more friendly to business, is that according to every source I can find, Florida is one of the most friendly states to business with the lowest tax rates, lowest unemployment compensation rates and absolutely no workers rights being a "right to work" state. Funny about that right to work stuff. It really means the employer can fire you for no reason and you have to fight to get unemployment compensation and have no recourse. Shouldn't it be called a "Right to Fire" state? The worker isn't getting anything out of this.
And along with this making the state more friendly to business, he is gutting the educational system and making certain woman are barefoot and pregnant. Okay, I think it is time someone asked him exactly what kind of business he is trying to lure to this state with under educated labor with no rights. Should I be practicing my "yes massa's"?
Just something you might want to think about.....

Oh, and us old folks have already figured out that cutting medicare causes us to not get medicine and care and thus die faster so you don't have to spend as much on Social Security. That is the cheap form of the death panel brought to you by the GOP/Tea Party. It doesn't require the hiring of any fake doctors from the insurance industry to make decisions. You just die from neglect, all by yourself under a bridge somewhere because your social security check you spent your life paying into is so small you can't afford to live anywhere. Nice plan guys, but we didn't survive this long being stupid.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 03,11,11

Double elevens. It has been a wet and windy day in SoFl. The plants are happy. This morning I made fresh Greek Yogurt with our very own organically grown mulberries. It was fantastic. I think Napoleon sprained his tongue licking the bowl. The winds helped provide me with yet another harvest of Russian Mulberries. The Sweet 100 tomato is producing every day and so is my orange tomato. Salads coming right up! The old garden is starting to pay for itself. I think the Homestead tomato doubles in size every day. I will weigh it when it turns red!

Today's Tarot Card is the Wheel of Fortune. Major changes are on the way!

The Moon is Void of Course from 12:26 AM EST to 12:31 AM EST when she enters Gemini and people start talking, thinking and generally making a lot of noise. The Moon in Gemini always stimulates the intellect and multitasking.

Once again, our poor teachers are up early in the morning but this time the message is nice. However, don't expect any quick change in the afternoon. It's not happening.
Uranus enters Aries at 7:49 PM EST. Wow, the planet of sudden happenings and surprises in the sign of charge right in there and don't watch where you are going. How many years do I need to stay home with this one?
There is good financial news in the evening and a social event is very pleasant. However, as you move into the wee hours, arguments start so call it an early night. This is the last day of the first quarter of the moon.

The last thing I heard way early this morning was that the police had simply allowed the protesters into the capital building in WI and they were afraid the balconies might collapse from the weight of everyone and some windows had been broken. This was after the Legislature gutted the Unions with a technicality allowing them to vote. THAT WAS THE LAST THING WE HEARD DOWN HERE! Are you all right in WI?????
There is a total news blackout. Do you need help? Let us know on Twitter and FB.

Meanwhile in a definition of Irony, our lame president opened the conference on Bullying at the White House today and the biggest news was American Idol. Someone thinks I am stupid and they are so very wrong.

Remember, March 31st, 1 PM EST, on the sidewalk, in red. Let's stop the entire nation. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Revolution Now...Need Artist

First order of business:

March 31, 1 PM, everyone wear red even if covertly under something. At 1 PM leave your desks, houses, cars. where ever you are and walk out to the sidewalk displaying your RED. Just stand there for 30 minutes so the satellites can pick up the streets  running red with the blood of the American worker and middle class. Don't do anything or say anything, don't picket or wave signs just make certain the red is visible from above.

Blood Red will be our color. It is our blood that is being sucked dry, our life stream and we are the life stream of this country.

We need a flag and I am a poor artist. This is my design: A bright red (color of blood) flag with a young girl holding her brother done in outline in grey in the center. Do it yourself. the design is free for all.


Because the our children are the real victims of these artificial people (corporate politicians). They are neglected by parents struggling to make enough money to get them paper and pens for an education that is being slashed worse than the blond in a horror movie. They are the ones huddling alone at home until Mommy comes home, dead tired with fast food containing no nutritional value. Maybe this weekend they can visit Daddy and his Barbie Doll because after all, the corporate model is to dump the woman and children who were neglected and still supported him through 10 years of overtime, weekend conferences and screaming fits brought on by stress for the Barbie Doll. In another 20 years he can dump her and start a new family and maybe actually remember the names of those children. Daddy has a cook and a full refrigerator. They are the ones who have no dreams.

Why a grey outline? Because grey is the color of all in the end. It is the transition between colors where all are included.

Why a little girl holding her brother? Because it is usually the oldest girl who winds up being mother to her siblings and a little boy who "mans up" and tries to protect his siblings from the horrors he sees only too clearly. It is a scene I have seen played in every third world country I have lived in and make no mistake folks, this is now a third world country.

This is our manifesto. We are too numerous to be ignored. We can bring this country to its knees or we can take it to heights never seen before, but first someone has to get off their ass and walk out the door on March 31st and put the artificial people on notice. We are the people who keep your fancy suit clean and pressed, your car running, your lawn mowed, your nails clipped, your food in the store, and your garbage picked up. We are going to show you what it is like to live without us for half an hour! The phone will not be answered. The pizza will not arrive. Traffic will stop. People will park and get on the sidewalk. Not enough parking? Hey we've been telling you that for years...we'll just use the street. You have just stepped in a red ants' nest, my friends. They may be little, but they can take down a horse!

Share this. Tweet this. Get the word out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forecast for Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never Mess with my Food!
This has been a day of losing things only to find them under my nose. Frustration level: High!

Boogaboo is minus a head, sort of. He stuck his nose in my plate when Fionna was cleaning it. I never want to see that side of her again. All ten claws and four fangs hit him on the head. She was vicious. Never get between Fifi and her food or you are food.

Did a short interview with tonight. I think you will like their web site.

Today's Tarot Card is the Hanged Man reversed. Today is a day of major decisions. Think things through before making them.

Pleasant dreams are yours and a pretty much aspect free day, so enjoy! Late tonight things get really distorted and fuzzy. Avoid buying over the phone or internet. You may not get what you think you are getting.
Through the 18th you are more likely to get job offers at social events than through applications.

I am always amazed at the latest scheme to get free readings. This time it took me about 3 minutes to figure out what was going on when the woman asked for an "initial consultation", free of course. Now, if I can tell her something the other 50 psychics she just spent all her money dialing 900 lines didn't, she might schedule a reading with me. Meanwhile, I am sitting here with a backlog of mail readings I have to finish and this woman in prattling on and on. I believe after the third NO, I hung up. My time is money and I have no shortage of work. Why should I do a free reading after someone spends hundreds of dollars on the phone lines getting nothing over and over again? Should I be the one who gets punished? Nope, not this lady. But, I will tell you that every psychic I know gets these calls after they run out of money on the phone lines. Now, why don't they call us first? My guess is because they never had any intention of paying their phone bill. Once again my friends, this stuff comes back on you. I am smart enough to never try to get freebies as I know the bill will come due some place else. It's just the way the Universe balances itself.

Yesterday, my allergies were acting up so I was doubly grouchy. Then people started asking me if I was all right, I mean, really ALL RIGHT. I couldn't figure out what on earth had everyone so concerned until I got home and realized I had not put any makeup on because of the swelling around my eyes and nose.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Forecast for Wednesday, 03/09/11

Fiona the Thief
Today is Ash Wednesday. Ihave no idea what that is and please don't tell me. As a Druid, I have enough holidays to keep track of as it is, planetary hours, astrological more holiday may cause mental meltdown.

So.......I went outside and carefully watered every plant only to look up because my bright and sunny day was getting awfully dark, and in comes the rain clouds. Yup, only a 10% chance of showers unless I water the plants and wash the walkway stones......All I need to do is wash Vanwitch and we will have a deluge.
It is a busy day of general Salamander work. Yesterday I took George for his physical for life insurance and he is disgustingly healthy. I mean, men in the 30's want to have his stats! As for me...I get the calls from long term care facilities and the graveyard. Just kidding. I may not be well, but I am tenacious.
When I began calling Fionna Fif, I didn't realize how close that is to thief. There is a fine line between washing Mom's plate and stealing Mom's breakfast. I went to dip my toast in my egg yolk and hit a furry black little head instead. Goddess, she is fast. Of course Napoleon will eat your yogurt if it is not guarded.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Swords. Be wary of theft today.

Mercury enters Aries at 12:47 PM EST causing harsh words, rapid speech and general cases of foot in mouth disease. Try to think before you speak. And a two day Mercury aspect has you blurting out things you didn't want anyone to know.

Thoughts of change and social events awaken you very early only to have your plans dashed by dawn. The event may well be cancelled. Don't fret, by noon you are active and working on making some money! Unfortunately it will not be enough for the project you had in mind and by evening you are just plain jittery. It would be better to look at things tomorrow than try to plan your budget tonight. Remember, chocolate used to cure everything before the price went up. Social events for a week or two are networking events to make money or get donations. By the end of March, you may consider a time share presentation a nice thing.

Everything I have said is coming to pass really, really fast. There is even a bill being introduced to split the Florida Supreme Court and remove its ability and jurisdiction over the legislature allowing them to pass any law they want with no legal recourse against them. Shall we just smile, bend over and admit we have elected a dictatorship or pretend for a while longer? I'm too much of a realist. I know I'm sitting in a hand basket. Once these laws are passed, even without the new muzzle on the Florida Supreme Court, we will be living under them for at least 7 years until they can expire naturally providing that law is not repealed. There is no recourse in the courts. The courts are stacked and controlled by the GOP/Tea party. It's over folks. Democracy is a facade. We elected our masters, or you did because I sure didn't vote them.

I am so exhausted I can barely move. The odd thing is all my psychic friends on Facebook have been posting they are exhausted since Friday. What is this....a world wide psychic plague of exhaustion?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today is Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday.

I saw a letter to the editor referring to the Unions as a bunch of thugs. Now that is a good way to get my blood boiling. Half my family worked and died in the mines in WV before there were unions. They joined up the moment they could. My Uncles were truckers before unions. Their children are union. My Uncle-in-law belonged to the railroad union. My other uncle-in-law belonged to the Steel Mill Workers' Union.
I remember the steel mill going on strike over safety issues. My uncle-in-law was a little man, around 5'8" and 130 lbs dripping wet. His car was vandalized at the Mill, so he asked my father to pick him up at a local bar he could get a lift to rather than driving all the way out to the mill to pick him up. It was quite a drive out there.
A few hours later they returned home. My uncle-in-law was beat to a pulp and my father had taken him to the hospital to be patched up. It seems some real thugs were laying in wait for the union members to show up at the bar to be picked up by their family members since they were the ones who had vandalized their cars. My father was a little beat up and my mother asked him what his excuse was being an Irishman and a really big Irishman at that and a little tipsy. He looked at my mother and said...and I will never forget this even though I was only around 5, "When my friend here could not explain the value of joining a union to them I thought it appropriate to explain to them the value of having union subsidized health insurance," and he put five of them in the hospital. With that he plopped down in the kitchen chair and winced and we realised he wasn't drunk, they had given him something for the pain of a couple of broken ribs. So, he looked at me and said, "And you remember never to pick on someone smaller than you. Oh hell, there isn't anyone smaller than you. Remind me to teach you how to fight and run fast." He made good on his word. I can run really fast.
Many years later I am working for one of the Fascist, I mean Fortune Five Hundred Companies when the manufacturing part went out on strike. I really needed that job and as I approached the picket line I knew George would kill me if I lost that job. My friend and coworker from NY was scared to death as she had never crossed a picket line in her life. On one hand, I had the need for that money and on the other, a family tradition going back generations. The Cuban girl next to me asked what a union was. That was when a representative from my boss said that if we didn't cross the picket line we would be fired because we were not union.
That was a really bad choice of words because my answer was: "Not today but I can be union tomorrow. Give me a sign." Then we explained unions to my Cuban friend and she and all her friends joined us and we were all picketing downstairs now in English and Spanish and a couple of hours later they caved and we all went back to work. That was when my coworker who was already upstairs and a bit of a drama queen told me they fully intended to fire me when he did his best hysterics and said "Don't be stupid. She'll organize the office workers and all the Cubans. This whole place with be union. Haven't you read her writing? She can convince you anything." They looked out a few minutes later and saw signs in Spanish and figured things were about to go to a really bad place for them. We didn't get fired. I know thugs and the union bosses may play the part, but they are nothing compared to the people the corporations hired to use against them.
Yes, I am a proud supporter of the Unions in every country. When I was told that to say Union at Wartmart would get me fired, I wore a union T-shirt and dared them. Admittedly, it was hand made that afternoon with a magic marker. Don't mess with a redhead. As Mark Twain said, "Red heads and cats are a different species from man and will never be understood by him." or something to that effect. He was a wise man.

Today's Tarot Card is the Hierophant reversed. This will be a very unconventional day when rules and regulations are flaunted.

The Moon is void of Course from 11:04 AM EST to 12:52 PM EST when she enters Taurus. Taurus makes people possessive, territorial and stingy. So be respectful of personal space and don't try to borrow anything.
The morning is very psychic and slightly dreamy. Unfortunately this aspect can also cause fires from electrical shorts. In the afternoon, teacher finds more allies than they thought they had. The lesson is finally getting through.

At the Cosmic Salamander, we proudly stand with Wisconsin's workers in their fight against tyranny and the union busting GOP/Tea Party.

Now on to a practical matter. Bank Atlantic is a local bank. They are fighting hard for survival against the big guys who took your tax dollars, paid themselves million dollar bonuses with it and haven't paid a dime in taxes in years. If you are with BOA, Chase, Wellsfargo or the rest of the robber barons, take your money out and put it in Bank Atlantic. They support our community and they need to increase their assets to stay in business. They are FDIC insured and some on that list up there: AREN'T. Vote with you wallet.