Thursday, February 6, 2020

The World as you know it has ended

When George started our herbal project and group, it was more for information and to help us, me and George, cope with the rising medical costs. When I started the Tropical Druids it was to help others in SoFl grow and harvest food and herbs and to translate the temperate magical herbs to tropical ones that would grow year round down here. It is pretty useful to know that if the lettuce is bolting in my garden, you should hold off planting yours until the temperature stabilizes. Knowing what simple to extract oils are excellent for wound healing and even arthritis would help seniors.
Our focus now changes from an intellectual pursuit to survival and our pagan friends in Britain and the rest of the US had better pay attention to what we are doing.
I awoke this morning to the thought that I would avoid checking out what the POS in the WH had done today. What I discovered was more chilling that anything I really expected this soon and this blatant. Although my fellow Bernie supporters were ready to burn the DNC down over Iowa, I said wait. The DNC is slow to act but they make sure they have the facts before they go public and this morning they presented them.
The first thing I noticed was “Watch Parties” for the SOTU address popping up in every group no matter how far removed from politics the group was. I might have let a couple pass but when it turned into a tsunami, I acted with one word: NEVER. That emboldened people to demand the posts be removed and the posters banned. I was so proud. I was even more gratified when I found out the ratings had sank 21%. That is called passive resistance folks. You will be using it a lot.
However, while everyone was focused on Iowa, I was concerned. I watched those Watch Parties pop up almost all at the same moment across all these groups and I knew, this had to have been planned which meant they had bots in every kind of group on social media. I had warned people 3 years ago there were people taking notes to be careful. I was right.
I asked everyone to stay calm about Iowa until we knew what had happened. The false narratives are still circulating this morning even after the DNC has explained what happened. Trump Supporters, not the Republican Party, but people identifying themselves as Trump Supporters (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT), flooded the private line to report the caucus results making the real officials wait on hold up to an hour and most not being able to get through at all. This was caused by photographs of “secret” DNC caucus documents being published on line and one document prominently displayed the phone number to report official results. Then by total coincidence hundreds of “Trump Supporters” decided all by themselves to individually jam the phone number in support of you want me to tell you another fairy tale? Am I incorrect that only people that should have been in the caucuses were Democrats? Am I incorrect that those papers should have been in a protected location? Am I incorrect that a “Trump Supporter” had to manage to get credentials not only as a Democrat but a member of the caucus to get into the location and then had to hunt down, display and photograph those papers....AND have a predetermined location on the internet to publish those pictures where other “Trump Supporters” could get their grubby little hands on them. Dear GOP Party Chair for Iowa, that's a lot of coincidences but your reply was that the DNC should be more careful with their papers.
In North Carolina, an Evangelical Trump supporting PAC buys millions of dollars in ads for the DEMOCRATIC long shot candidate and the AD itself proclaims this person 100% a Green New Deal Supporter unlike the front running Democratic candidate that has a really good shot of unseating the longtime GOP incumbent. Back in IOWA an equal long shot, Pete B. takes the lead in the caucus even though Bernie was shown to have a large margin to win and Pete was in the back row. Pete is about as viable a candidate as Clinton would be today but just to make sure he wins the nomination he hires an ex Goldman Sacs executive today. Goldman Sacs, Trump's son-in-laws old buds just in case you are having a case of the forgets this morning.
The strategy is simple. Make sure the least viable candidates win the primaries so they will be easily defeated in November and if that doesn't work, you can be sure there will be no elections.
In other words, the rumor, regardless of those glowing...I am protecting your health words last now hard copy as the Trump budget moves money around to fund his projects from Social Security and Medicare effectively and massively cutting benefits by just plain removing millions from the rolls. In my generation and previous ones, women did more than housekeeping. They were an integral part of a man's career putting on the parties and dinners necessary for him to rise to the top of the corporate chain. Government leaders recognized that and gave women a portion of the husbands' Social Security benefits since if she was the unpaid partner in his career, she would have no social security credits of her own. If you don't pay into Social Security, you don't get benefits. What do you think will happen if those benefits were cut completely? In just my household, our total benefits would decrease by 1/3 or more because George would now have to pay for my Medicare. Since women live longer than men, many women would find themselves in their 60's and above with absolutely no income at all. Social programs are cut to the bone or the requirement increased to the point no one is going to qualify. Rural hospitals have already been quietly closed but the clinics are now being closed and doctors and nurses will be moving out of rural areas. When you only have a couple of engineers running farms encompassing a couple of states, you can airlift them to a hospital or just let them die and fly in a replacement. Who's to know?
Last month, quietly and stealthily, George took my advice after a serious problem on social media, and started deleting and banning all Trump Supporters from our groups. Other group owners have quietly begun purging them, too. We have no choice. If we are going to be effective, we have to make certain these people can't emerge in our groups and commit offenses that will get the entire group taken down by the powers that be. I am going to tell to you that an inflammatory post that triggers loads of social media violations will be removed from your group before you have a chance to even see it as a moderator or member and then your entire group may be taken down over it and you can't even find out what the post was or who published it. They will demand you ban the person but refuse to tell you who. And a group of people can file complaints over nothing in your group and get it removed because after all, the members should know the guidelines are being violated, right? Those Watch Parties were the nail in the Trump Supporters' coffins. They proved these people or bots have infiltrated the entire social media platform.
So, we will be publishing less because we have to do a few things I am suggesting you do.
Number one, we have to get an intensive food and herbal garden going. From what I am seeing with Brexit, you are going to be on your own. Trucks carrying food from the EU will be sitting in line waiting to cross borders until the food spoils. Your trucking firms are moving to Ireland or going out of business. Trump has already crippled the trucking industry in this country and the largest transporter went bankrupt last month. His Cult, like your Brexit, is too stupid to figure out that is how their food gets to their grocery store. Your country is small. You will be able to individually transport food from farm to home. Our country is gigantic, the food shortages will hit and there will be no way to fix them.
Trump started “sanctioning” New York this morning over driver's licenses. Other states over other stupid crap to follow if they don't follow the party line. All the money the “Liberal States” have been paying in income taxes that feed the GOP states will be diverted to private companies. The “Liberal States” won't be getting their money back because they will be sanctioned. The Red States won't be getting it either because the social programs like food and housing assistance are now cut. The great wall and private prisons and concentration camps will be getting those dollars. Meanwhile, you will find empty grocery stores and pharmacies. It doesn't matter how good your job, benefits or 401K if there just is no food or medicine to buy.
In addition to that, we will be shoring up security around our gardens and home. There is no guarantee this isn't going to devolve into a war. I love my thorny plants and I have discovered how to multiply them like rabbits on Viagra. If you are nice, I might let you have some of my super fast growing Dragon Fruit. So far they have never bloomed but do they have thorns that break off and refuse to leave your body. They require little soil because they are mostly epiphites or air plants. They climb. Bougainvilleas are slow growing but nasty with 1 inch or greater thorns. Even the dead branches will pierce a shoe.
I never thought my hobby would become my defense but here we are. Put in fences and plant nasty hedges. You will need them. We also discovered they make silencers for BB guns which will pass under the radar and guess who knows all about them? Yes, the enemy.
I have already created, with George, a med kit that included stitches and wound care. You might want to do the same. You aren't going to be able to depend on medical care since the Evangelicals managed to take over the nursing schools and ram their students through. Now, medical personnel can very legally decide not to treat you or quietly decide to give you a deadly dose of something all accidentally, and with them controlling the courts, there will be no retribution. We are no longer a nation of laws. The rule is going to be, don't seek medical help unless you are certain of the person you are seeking it from and have enough knowledge to know if they are about to kill you.
You already know you can't trust the cops to help you. Never, ever, call for a “wellness check” on anyone! If you have someone you care about and you can't get to them, make friends with a local group who can go over and check on them. We are going to have to network better. Wellness checks have turned into legal executions and genocide.
I know a lot of survivalist groups tell you to stockpile money, i.e. cash and gold. None of that is helping you if the financial systems crashes or there just is nothing to buy. It has never happened in this country but it will. When money is devalued, with every devaluation, you have to take your cash in to be stamped with the new value. A five dollar bill becomes a one and then a quarter. In other words, cash becomes useless. Gold is equally useless because there is no way to value it. This, too, is coming. The only real currency will be food and medicine. Practically all our medicines are made in other countries. You do the math.
You need to learn to extract oils and make tinctures so you can use your herbs. Learn now before the knowledge is removed from the internet. Get the supplies now. You don't need a new phone as much as you need a really good water filter. Do you realize that an entire city can be poisoned in minutes by dumping something in your water supply? You need water test kits, too. Some poisons can be absorbed through the skin. You will need good face masks and they don't sell them in the big box stores. You need to order the good ones. You'll need boxes of surgical gloves and disinfectant. Plan now, because as organized as the Trump Supporters are, they will wreck havoc on this country before they manage to figure out they are wrecking it on themselves. This is what really scares me. They are too under educated and just plain stupid to see they are shooting themselves in the foot. All they care about is the thrill of getting/inconveniencing/killing a Liberal. They will happily set the theater on fire not considering they are standing in the center of it. They are burning the country down not realizing they are in the middle of it. Try to not help them.
Just in case you think I am over the top. I lived during the cold war and was inundated daily with the stories of oppression in Russia. The Russians had a simple system of control. Every apartment complex or community had a community leader who encouraged the fellow citizens to report on anyone not loyal or not following the regulations so they could be jailed. Those “leaders” were part of a local government and were encouraged to report on each other. The local leaders were part of a bigger regional group which policed itself right up to the national level. Now this could never happen here because we have HOA's and Condo associations with local code enforcement boards reporting to city governments which then report to counties reporting to states reporting to national....are you catching on yet? We have been organized into the old communist Soviet Union on the pretext of maintaining our “property values”. You have to step out of the ideology to recognize the system. Teach your kids at home to protect them from the secular humanists allowed the dumbing down of all religious people. They knew you couldn't teach what you didn't know and each generation would forget a bit more. Now you kids can't even count out money to pay bills. How did we go from a my generation in the 50's that cooked everything from scratch to a generation that can't boil water? They gave us TV dinners, microwaves and 60 hour weeks so we would use take out. Now you don't know that the food (veggies and fruit) in the grocery doesn't even taste like the real thing. They did it in 3 generations or less. It's going to get worse. During one hurricane the neighbors couldn't figure how we were eating well. The thought of burning all the hurricane downed trees in their barbecue to cook on never occurred to them as they lamented the scarcity of charcoal....That's how we were cooking, over an open fire. They could use a French press but never considered boiling water and pouring it over coffer in a filter was just what their Mr. Coffee did or that they could boil the coffee in water and strain the grounds out and have a French Press. Heck, they were stuck at burning twigs for a cooking fire. Two feet of snow and they have no water. We are doomed. I kept my well and used a little known law to do it. Everyone else destroyed theirs and happily pays a hundred dollars or more to water their lawns with chemicals every month. You need water collection devices or a well and pump and a generator, solar panels if you can afford them. He who has water will rule the world. Remember that.

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