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Mother of all Conspiracy Theories

The Mother of ALL Conspiracy Theories

I am not going to throw words like Deep State, New World Order, etc, around because I prefer John Lopez who lives at 6666 SW 6 Street in Hidden City, New Hole, United Psychopaths and can be reached at 666-666-6666. There is no amorphous organization meeting at midnight to sacrifice a baby before turning on their computers and contacting the Reptilian Overlords for instructions. There are very real, breathing people reading reports written by the best people money can buy making decisions designed to kill us all. The only questions are who and why and there is nothing woo-woo about it.
Fact: Humans occupy less of the world's habitable area than ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, etc. We occupy a tiny portion of the world smaller than the USA when you actually take all us and put us shoulder to shoulder.
Fact: We can feed every human on earth several times over.
Fact: We have enough resources to last ad infinium.
So why are we running in circles screaming the world is ending?
Because it is and the reason is, as Spock the Vulcan would say, fascinating.
We have all this land that no one lives on because we are social creatures that like to clump into groups but, psychologists and sociologists will tell you, not that close. Here is a fascinating fact and it involves no drugs. Our closest social model is a rat. Yes, they organize themselves into communities and families just like we do except they are actually successful at it. So what happens if you give a rat everything it desires which happens to be unlimited food and mates? You would have a happy rat. Now, what happens if you build the rat a city with everything it wants except more space? They go extinct. Now remember, they can't eat all the food, like the water, it is unlimited. Some poor lab tech cleans up after them every day. They get medical care and are healthy little suckers, so why go extinct? The answer was when the population reaches a certain density, the rats lose all interest in everything. They curl up in a ball and stop living. They stop eating and breeding. They actually become infertile for no apparent reason. They go extinct because they never recover from this.
Scientists have known this for at least a century.
So, we build cities, stack people on top of each other and make laws to prevent them from living in the countryside where they would have space and make sure the economy keeps crashing to increase the stress on city dwellers who have no way to actually take care of themselves. All anyone has to do is say, no, this is too dense a population, let's increase the living space. All ANYONE has to do is say no and NO ONE does.
Let's say you are a smart, hardworking businessman. You are making computers. They are a tad slow. Someone comes to your office and says, we can make them 5 milliseconds faster and the battery last fifteen minutes longer using the rare mineral that no one has ever heard of and increasing the price by several hundred dollars. How fast will you toss them out? First off, how did anyone even get a sample of this super rare mineral? It's so rare you don't even know the name or where it is found but it will involve invading several countries that might just fight back and all for what, a few milliseconds? You don't even know how fast a millisecond expires. Who does something that stupid? Well, that would be the current computer and telephone company heads. The men are a geniuses and they make that kind of a business decision?
The oil company executives were told over 60 years ago about global warming. The best minds in the world said there would only be one outcome if we continued to use fossil fuels: extinction. We can assume these captains of industry knew what the word extinction meant. Now, as a businessman with two brain cells functioning do you (a) start pumping as much oil as you can, pollute the environment as fast as you can and build even more inefficient vehicles to use the dwindling supply of fossil fuels OR (b) do you start looking for another industry to go into that does the same thing and doesn't use fossil fuels like, solar, wind and hydro power which is unlimited and FREE! Either the heads of the oil industry are incredibly stupid or brain damaged or there is something we don't know and it all leads to, just like the mega-cities, extinction.
Now how do we feed everyone? Simple, you stop wasting food and water feeding things to kill them to eat them. The only reason man eats meat is man is lazy. Go hunt, kill, eat but eventually you run out of things to hunt because they are all eaten, by you. That was when you started raising animals to eat but, the very people you made fun of, the vegetable growers, now have to grow vegetables to feed the animals you are growing to eat. Now, the fun fact here is that you can eat the vegetables with no problem and have plenty of water, land and food with no animals dying and no wasted resources. Unlike, say the cat, you can process vegetable protein. It actually keeps you alive longer than eating animal protein which is harder to digest and has more toxins in it. So you come up with 101 ways to cook chicken and disguise it as something new. Let's look at facts. You have chicken, beef and pork. That is three main meats and three tastes. You have potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, beets, squash, lettuce, kale, cabbage, beans …..... shall I go on? The tastes available from plant matter is almost unlimited when you add in flowers and herbs and they cost less to produce, you can grow them in your kitchen and eat for free. So, if you want to feed the world many times over, just switch to vegetables instead of meat. Vegetables don't poop and pollute.
It is simple things, like cooking oil that really get you asking questions. Grape seed oil is a high temperature oil that can be used to cook everything. It can be produced by cold press which uses little energy except for a really heavy rock in primitive times AND here is the clincher, do you have any idea how many grape seeds are in the landfills? Let me explain, take a look at that bottle of wine. Wine is made from grapes and much to your shock, small grapes with BIG seeds. You have to crush the grapes and then filter the seeds out or the wine is awful. That produces pounds of seeds that could then be crushed and the oil extracted and used for cooking and frying and the hulls can probably be used for something but the question is why grapeseed oil is so expensive when it is made from garbage from the wine industry? It is healthy. It can be used at any temperature. It is cheap to produce. But we grow rape seed to make an unhealthy oil to market cheaper than grapeseed oil and we still have the hulls except this time they are toxic. So, all you smart business people out there, do you make a product you have to grow and process and then dispose of toxic waste or make a better product out of garbage and its by products are non-toxic. That is no growing, no harvesting and nothing to get rid of....which one? Why, the rape seed of course because we are stupid.
And the choices just keep multiplying over and over.
Let's keep people from going off the grid to live on their own land because after all it is more expensive and polluting to produce large amounts of power, purify water polluted by producing the power and then try to get rid of all the poop rather than each family passively producing their own power, filtering their own water and composting their poop for fertilizer to grow the veggies they are eating without a farmer spraying the crap out of a monocrop with poisons, harvesting it and trucking it to market all with lovely fossil fuels that are causing more pollution....wait a minute! Stop the insanity! Why are we doing everything the hard way? Are we suicidal?
Are we suicidal or is someone trying to kill us?
Sustainability is a dirty word. It means living a lifestyle that sustains us, society and the planet. It means if you produce it, you use a minimum of resources and you return to the planet an equal amount of equivalent resources. We have stopped doing that and gone to taking from the planet to produce a product at the highest cost and pollution with the end product being something that can't be used again and actually poisons us. Are you going to tell me all these captains of industry are so stupid they don't know that they are killing their own future generations? What kind of world are they leaving their children and grandchildren?
No one in their right minds would do this, except psychopaths who only care about what happens to them and no one else. Fortunately, psychopathy and intelligence go together. You seldom find a stupid psychopath but on the other hand, you don't always find rich psychopaths. I proved in another series of postings that none of the billionaires of today are actually “self-made men”. They ALL come from money, have excellent educations and were given every opportunity. You do not find a rags to riches story among them and every one of them is crazy. Most of them, without rich friends or family, would be serial killers roaming the back roads of the world looking for people to dismember alive.
Harsh? Oh let's look at the infamous twins. They completely dumped their entire family leaving them with little money to produce the most defective oil pipes in the world while abusing their wives and children. I mean, what do you call it when a man who is an expert skier takes his novice wife, the love of his life and mother of his children, on a skiing trip and puts her behind him on an expert slop from which there is no exit and where she can die in a horrible accident at any moment because of her novice status? Would that be a loving husband or a psychopathic potential killer? As the MEME's say, just saying. She thinks it is pushing her potential. So would pushing her off a cliff to teach her to flap her arms and fly. I say it is abuse on many levels. Would they be a billion dollars low producing a quality product that didn't consistently leak and pollute the earth and water? No, they wouldn't. So why does anyone buy their pipes? They are the sole producer of pipes in the world. They eliminated all competition in the field. There is no choice. Why didn't someone, some government stop them? They will stop you from installing your own water piper, for your own good, of course.
Here is what we know or I know. Everyone of these psychopaths got a hand up to become the billionaires they are. Someone whispered in their ear with a deal they couldn't pass up. The only people they care about is themselves. No one else really exists. They are geniuses but like practically all geniuses, they have a single focus and are unable to see either long range effects or the effects on other things from what they do. They all have excellent educations at the best universities where most of them dropped out and followed their “dream” in Daddy's ten car garage with a small, quarter of a mil loan or more, from a relative or friend of the family using their former school mates as slave labor with the promise they might be brought on board when they made it big. The school mates are probably flinging burgers because they are nowhere it be seen. Oddly, any one of the schoolmates would have made a better product and were better people..... I wonder if that is why they are flipping burgers with a Harvard degree. Once you step on that train, there is no exit and you are expendable. You will do what you are told or everything will be removed from you or you will suffer the Epstein fate.
So whose name am I looking for that isn't New World Order or Deep State? I am looking for the person who provided the money the investors gave them to start the companies. I want the name of the person who gave some dupe the rare minerals no one has ever seen in their lives to shave those milliseconds off your download. I want the person who provided the whiskey the afternoon those captains of industry decided to run the energy industry into the ground, start wars over oil and destroy the entire planet. I want to know who the head psychopath is and why they want to kill me. Yes, it is personal and you should want to know why they want to kill you. Why have they made sure we don't have the future we were promised? Why have they made sure we are disease ridden, stressed out, poisoned and overworked? Why have they caused us to waste our lives on a hamster wheel in a rat maze with no cheese at the end? And when we find them, instead of waiting for the answer, let's just throw them to sharks and let nature take its course. Sharks have to eat, after all. It is all every environmentally friendly.

I've done a bit of the legwork for you. So here are a few hints. It's not any head of banking, industry, country or royalty. These people are the expendable public faces of the monster. Remember one thing, the kings were originally chosen in this demented economic system to rule via divine right. Now, who determined what the divine right was? Now you have your starting point so delve into some genealogy and find out who and what the current families are. For all you know, they are living next door.

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