Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pearls of War

Armed with nothing but a pearl necklace.............
I wonder when the reality of who the snowflakes or just plain flakes is going to set in with the screaming Cult of Hate. They have their leader, hiding in Walter Reed with his bone spurs (which curiously enough never go away without surgery and don't seem to appear on a single x-ray, ever), and their cry baby judge, afraid he won't get his bottle of beer, are all petrified of a woman armed only with a pearl necklace. Oh great white supremacist Vikings brought to their knees behind a bunch of old white chicken hawks scrambling for their lives when two women tell them to sit down and shut up armed once again, with that string of pearls.
Damn folks, perhaps we should forget restricting the purchase of AK-14's and take a good look at pearls. Those things are dangerous.
Or perhaps you might want to consider the GOP is nothing more than a bunch of cry babies who suddenly aren't able to bully or buy their way into power because someone finally said, “Enough”, and took away their safe place down at the local watering hole. Perhaps you might want to consider the hatred is fueled by equal amounts of alcohol and fear and like most rodents, will run as soon as the cat steps on stage. The cat wears pearls and they aren't fake.
Nope, unlike the Ho's in the front row of the hate fests, these pearls are the real deal, nicely understated and saying, “I have class, I have power and I have truth”. My pearls come from real wild oysters not subjugated, farmed slave oysters or the great Chinese glass pearl factory. Mine were formed in life's irritations of some poor oyster that just wanted to solve the problem of sand in its meal and now, I am going to solve the problem.

It would seem wrapping yourself in a giant flag made in China while waving a gold painted cross is about to go out of style, since someone just asked for the proof and those wooden swords don't cut well. The magic guy in the sky is nice, but steel always wins and those ladies have steel backbones.

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